Tips for Photo Journaling Your Trips Abroad

We can record and preserve all of the precious moments in life through photography. Photography styles include macro, long exposure, portrait, and landscape.

It also enables us to capture history as it unfolds and experience the world from many angles. Photographs let us feel connected to the beauty of certain places, people, and objects. We don’t want them to get lost. 

This is how we preserve the memories of our great moments and keep them alive.

What Is Photo Journaling?

Some old Polaroid photos from the 1970s showing a journal open and a pencil

The primary purpose of photo journalistic image or narrative photos is to convey a story. They provide details about a person, a place, or an occasion. They serve a purpose and are historically significant in this sense. It essentially recreates the entire journey in front of you, helping to better capture the memories and preserve them.

What Are Some Pro Tips for Taking Pictures?

A male photographer outdoors with an SLR.

Professional photographers can use any film, digital, or smartphone to take high-quality pictures. Any camera of any type may be used by amateur photographers to capture images of a professional caliber; the only difference between cameras is any restrictions they may place on the photographer’s ability to create specific effects or image types. 

Try all the modes during your free time, then consider the environment. You’ll soon realize the ideal settings for the environment while comprehending EXIF (Exposure ISO F-number). Play with the settings and try the Auto mode. and spend some time studying shutter speed and aperture.

The most crucial guideline to learn is the rule of thirds. Turn on your grid in the camera’s settings, and aim to maintain your subject in the intersection of the lines. However, the framing composition ultimately depends on how you wish to view, capture, and present the subject to the world. The focus of your attention is more important than following the rules.

To get a better perspective on the subject, experiment with your camera’s angles and placements. Like constantly maintaining the horizon horizontal and shooting low when you are shooting high, or taking pictures at sea level or against sea level.

You’ll get the finest results when you take shots outside. 

The natural Photoshop is sunlight. However, photos taken in direct sunlight typically have a lot too much contrast—the shadows are too dark, and the highlights are too brilliant. The sun isn’t as high in the sky, thus the light is softer and more flattering in the early morning and late afternoon/early evening.

Always keep your camera close by since photo chances might occasionally arise and disappear in an instant.

Following the basics of photography, having a decent camera, using tricks and hacks, improvising, working hard, being persistent, and being determined will all lead to good photos.

Which Spaces Are Best for Storing Pictures?

The whole point of taking a picture is to capture an event or memory so that we can later look at it and remember it. It is crucial that we keep them in a manner that is both practical and secure for this reason. Here are some of the most popular methods for displaying your photos instead of keeping them on your hard drive, USB, or cabinet.

On online Social Media platforms

Online blogging platform for both men and women

Today, social media is the simplest and most common way to share your trip experiences. Several social networking networks provide digital photo galleries where you may save your photos together with captions or trip information.

On a digital picture frame

A digital picture frame is a presentation as well as a way to preserve memories. This virtual picture frame, unlike the classic picture frame, is saved digitally and features a slide show presentation to display your images. While the majority of digital picture frames require wifi, some work with USB or SD cards instead. You may set this on your table like a standard photo frame. If you consistently create backups, digital files can endure a lifetime.

On a photo book

A photo book from a family portrait with a new infant is open on a white table

Like a photo album, a photo book is made up of various photographs. However, unlike a photo album, a photo book has its photographs printed and bound to resemble a book. Photo books have the advantage over photo albums in that photo albums’ photographs tend to deteriorate over time. While a printed photo book does not, and like a book, it is timeless.

On a photo album

Photo album photographs that were taken against a wooden background in black and white

Photo albums were actual books used for storing pictures. Photos from the same event or with a similar theme would frequently be seen in the same album. The photographs would be physically adhered to the pages using various adhesives.

On a scrapbook  

A scrapbook with flattened, dried-out flora

It’s simple to record and share your greatest moments with others when you engage in the popular pastime of scrapbooking, which may bring out your most artistic side. In addition to photos, a scrapbook typically contains notes, quotations, and descriptions that explain the background of the images. The purpose of providing this information is to help you recall the important day and the activities that went place.

What Supplies Are Necessary to Create a Scrapbook?

Scrap Book Album and Refills

Old paper sheets and ring books in a set of various sizes, isolated on a white backdropFor ease, premade scrapbooks and refills are readily accessible. Although you could create it from scratch for yourself. All you need is a piece of cardboard that is sturdy enough to prevent the fragile images inside from being crumpled.

Multicolor Highlighter

Eight different hues of highlighter pensUsing highlighter pens, give your scrapbook vibrant, distinct hues. Highlighter pens can be used to add color to forms and designs to give them life in addition to marking essential details in your scrapbook.

Multicolor Yarn

Colorful threads for embroidery or needlework

As an inventive alternative to the standard fasteners, yarns can be utilized to tie your refills.

Stickers and Embellishments

Flowers and birds in a vector format for scrapbooking

It is preferable to keep to a certain theme when employing stickers and embellishments for your scrapbook. A documentary stamp is a better option than stickers and accessories for adding a unique sentiment to your work of art! It acts as a way to identify the location you visited, much like a post card.

Acid-Free Glue and Double Sided Tapes

White stock image of double-sided foam tape

Making scrapbooks with acid-free glue and or double sided tape is suggested since it won’t harm the paper or, more crucially, the priceless photos inside.

Construction Paper

A white table with colorful papers stacked on it

Construction paper in a variety of colors can be used to create a wide range of designs in addition to cutouts. Additionally, you can use these to create scrapbook refills.

Parchment Paper

Vintage aged or texture of an antique parchment paper sheet on a white backgroundAdditionally, cutouts for decoration can be made with parchment paper. Its translucent appearance and thinner texture are ideal for adding extra depth to the details in your scrapbook.

Pattern Scissors

Rainbow-colored pieces of paper are scattered with pattern scissors

Using scissors with fancy blades will allow you to add a pattern to the paper’s edges. It enhances your creation with complex designs.


Roll of stretch plastic wrapping film against a white background

Don’t forget to make a protective film out of acetate to protect your craft. Acetate can be used to bind your scrapbook’s cover and the fillers within.

Multicolor Metallic and Glitter Pens

A white background with various colored glitter gel pens

Metallic and glitter pens can be used to give your pages a dramatic impact. The shiny, sparkling, and sparkly appearance gives your work more color and texture.


Photos are far too significant since they allow you to relive special moments, and gazing at them brings back memories. It’s crucial because as we age, our thoughts and attitudes change. When we encounter them and return to that state of mind, we feel nostalgic, childlike, or other feelings that may have been hidden. Therefore, whether it be traditionally or digitally, we should always choose the finest method to preserve such a priceless treasure.