Tips for Photo Journaling Your Trips Abroad

With the technology that we have today, it seems like taking photos are part of our everyday lives, particularly when we travel. We can’t blame you, who doesn’t like documenting fun times, exquisite views, delicious foods, and making them more memorable? One of the best ways to remember a fun getaway or a special holiday trip is to create your own travel journal and fill it with other significant things such as tickets, written memories, maps, and of course, photos.

If you have never created a photo or travel journal before, it might be a bit hard for you because you don’t know where to start your journal. But luckily, you’re in the right place, we are here to give you some tips on photo journaling your trips abroad to make it a more memorable experience.  Also make sure you have the right equipment and read bestgimbal to check out options.

Why Should You Have a Photo Journal?

First of all, why should you have a photo journal for your travels rather than just having a photo album? Well, nothing’s wrong if you prefer to have a photo album. Still, a photo journal allows you to be more creative and free when it comes to adding other elements or designs on each page. Having a blank photo journal book is like having a fresh canvas, you can allow your imagination and creativity run wild while you’re thinking of different themes and design for your photo journal.

Plus, it’s fun to look back through all your travel memories on a photo journal. You can fill it with collages, notes, trinkets, and photos. All of these will bring back all your travel memories even more compared to photographs alone.

Choosing a Perfect Photo Journal

When it comes to creating a photo journal, always go for a notebook with no line marks, and have an ample room to grow in thickness without bulking. This means that when you glue things to your notebook, such as photos, maps, and other designing materials, the pages can double in thickness. Usually, spiral notebooks are the perfect choice for travel journals because they have more room to expand.

You might also want a notebook with a cover artwork or design that you like. If you can’t find one, your next option is to buy a notebook with a plain cover so that you could easily decorate it the way you like it.

Gather Inspiration

Of course, you cannot make any creative project if you don’t have any inspiration. Your photo journal should just be more than just a notebook filled with photos because that is what photo albums are for, right? That’s why you should do some research and take the time to get to know more about the things that you will like to be in your photo journal. It’s also good to have a theme that you can work on. For example, your trip was in Greece so you could make it a Mediterranean or Greek themed photo journal. You can add collages, sketches, calligraphy, diary entries, stickers, pressed flowers, and so much more. The sky is the limit when it comes to being creative.

Keep Written Records

When you’re traveling, taking photos is one of the easiest parts, especially if you’re an experienced photographer. But, have you ever thought of having written notes to be used in your photo journal? It’s like writing a caption to accompany your photos. Writing down the story behind the picture or the thing that happened the day you took the picture is one of the great ways of keeping those simple events memorable. This way, you can reminisce about it whenever you’re reading your travel journal. You can also play around with lettering or calligraphy to accompany your written records to make your travel journal visually pleasing.

Collect Other Memorable Materials

While you’re traveling, don’t forget to keep little things such as your train ticket, a map, attraction brochure, or maybe even an exciting food wrapper. This is because you can glue these things to your travel journal to add some quirkiness, color, and intrigue.

Probably one of the best things that you can bring with you during your travel is a Polaroid camera. This is because you can instantly print your photos and glue them straight into your journal. Along with these bits and pieces, you might also want to buy or collect other craft materials such as colored cardboard, pretty papers, and stickers.

Arrange Your Pages Carefully

Once you have the printed photos, memorable materials, and other crafty pieces, it’s time to arrange them onto your photo journal pages. The first trick you need to know is that you can experiment and play around with different layouts and color schemes. You can sample how things would look like by merely laying the photos and other elements down before sticking them permanently onto your photo journal. This way, you can make sure that your page will look exactly the way you want them.

Remember, there is no right answer when it comes to being creative. It all comes down to your preferences.

Always Remember to Keep It Fun

To keep your journal a surprise page after page, you might want to try mixing things up in unexpected ways. For example, you can glue envelopes of different sizes on some pages and fill them up with special mementos or notes. This way, you can turn your journal into a more attractive and exciting experience. You can also try to fold things before you glue them in, or you can fold a small seem down on one edge of your photo to make it swing back and forth like a door.

There are countless ways you can keep your photo journal fun and interactive. You can always search the internet for more ideas and inspirations.

Be Artistic

Don’t be afraid to get artistic and pick up a paintbrush, pencil, or pen. Drawing, calligraphy, and painting images on your photo journal help you to visually explain the things you may have experienced but not have photographed. It is a great way to make your photo journal more unique and personal.

Where to Buy Craft Materials for Your Photo Journal

To be more creative and crafty with your photo journal, you will need fun materials such as colored cardboard, stickers, paint, calligraphy pens, colored pens, and other bits and bobs. You might have some of these at home kept in a little box to come back to. But you can also buy these things in several shops, whether in person or online. Here are some craft materials that you can check out:

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