The Ultimate Guide to Sci-Fi Car Accessories

Science fiction movies have given us many inspirations over the years, including great thrillers and ghostly moments to glimpses of future technology and a stern warning about what might come to pass if humans are not careful.

We live in a world where there are lots of possibilities for new things to be invented. It is still fun to imagine what our life would be if we had all the Sci-Fi gadgets and accessories from the movies. That is why people love science fiction as it reflects the future or how it can be. 

Ever since people started liking science fiction movies, they became the inspiration and reason for some of the coolest vehicle ideas that you can imagine, ranging from Han Solo’s Iconic Falcon to Marty Mcfly’s colorful hover board from Back to the future. 

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ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 Car Charger
Superhero Car Floor Mats, Officailly Licensed Warner Bros DC Comics, All Weather Interior Auto Protection, Heavy Duty Rubber Liners for Car Truck Van SUV
Funtaku - Iron Man Comic Superhero Funny Hitting Glass Vinyl Decal Sticker for Car/Window/Computer (4.7" x 4.4")
Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cellphone Car Mount Phone Holder, 360°Rotation Phone Holder for Car Magnetic Car Cell Phone Stand Compatible for All Smartphones (Batman)
Rad Dezigns Hogwarts Honor Student Harry Potter Sci Fi Car or Truck Window Laptop Decal Sticker - Black 6in X 5.8in
Captain America Shield Vinyl Sticker DecalSIZES (4" x 4")
Tree of Gondor Decal Sticker from Lord of The Rings for Car Window, Laptop (5.5" Inches (White)
PLX Devices New Kiwi 4 Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool for Apple and Android
Robby the Robot Keychain Vintage Toy Science Fiction Sci Fi Key Chain Key Fob Car Accessories
Fan Emblems Harry Potter Domed Chrome Car Decal - Hufflepuff Crest
Rick and Morty Run the Jewels Accordion Auto Sunshade | Rick And Morty Accessories

Best Sci-Fi Car Accessories

There are many sci-fi car accessories that you can buy. Here is a list of some of them:

Think Geek Star Wars R2-D2 Car Charger

You probably would have seen the R2-D2 droid in the Star Wars movie, which served Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker. It also has performed as a type of glorified flash drive in Rogue One. This droid can charge your smartphones or any other gadgets in your car that call for a 12V power adapter.

Rick and Morty Sunshade

Rick and Morty’s accordion sunshade is another excellent sci-fi car accessory. It is a foldable sunshade that you can apply on your car to keep your eyes from getting the intense sunlight and ultimately distracting you from the road. 

BDK’s Batman Car Floor Mats

Batman car mats are custom made mats designed with the best high-quality materials. They are made with the finest rubber and are suitable for use in all types of weather. The rug contains unique traction grips that hold it in place to avoid slipping while you get in the car or when driving.

Funtaku Iron Man Glass Decal

The pack contains a high-quality, durable, and thick vinyl decal sticker for the car. It is easy to peel and use. It can be stuck easily on the car and has dimensions of 4.7” x 4.4”.

DC Faner Magnetic Batman Car Phone Mount 

This is one of the most useful accessories for your car. The car mount allows you to attach your phone to it magnetically, holding it in place so it doesn’t fall, acting as a hands-free device. It is easily adjustable, with a powerful magnetic hold.

It looks like an L shape, but the main magnetic area is rotatable in 360 degrees, giving you the convenience and flexibility of twisting the phone at whatever angle you desire. 

Rad Dezign’s Hogwarts Honor Student Harry Potter Decal

It is another interesting decal that you can apply to your car or a truck’s window or bonnet. All the potter heads out there might want to go for these decals. The pack includes a clear application tape that makes it easy to apply. It comes in black color and is 6 X 5.8 inches.

Captain America Shield Chrome Sticker

The Captain America shield 3D sticker can be applied to your car’s window, side mirrors, or fuel cap. Indeed an excellent piece of collection for all the Captain America fans out there.

Tree of Gondor Lord of The Rings Decal

You probably know about Tree of Gondor if you have watched Lord of The Rings. This decal is way better than a bumper sticker and made of materials that can last for six years, but you have to apply it on smooth and clean surfaces. The application of this decal is similar to a regular tattoo.

Kiwi 4 Smart Wireless OBD device

The Kiwi 4 is an intelligent wireless OBD diagnostic tool that you can plug into your car’s auxiliary power outlet to get valuable insights into your vehicle’s health. It can check engine diagnostics as well as your gauges. Furthermore, it can also track your fuel efficiency and driving behavior.

Robby The Robot Key Chain

This key chain consists of the character of Robby the Robot. It is a cute accessory to add with your car keys.

Harry Potter Domed Chrome Car Decal

This one is an easy peel and stick Harry Potter theme car decal. It is weatherproof and fade-resistant with a 5-year guarantee. And if you worry that it might damage your car paint, then be at ease because it won’t harm the paint as well as the color of your car (thanks to its paint-safe automotive adhesive).

Where to Buy
Heavenly Battle Sci-fi Movie Mandalorian Car Seat Covers Accessories Set Super Soft Vehicle Seat Decoration Protector Cover Bag 2 Pieces Set
Buckle-Down Seatbelt Belt Harry Potter XL
Plasticolor DC Comics Superman Car Accessories - Superman Air Freshener Wiggler
Gold Snitch Window Splat
Superman Car Seat Covers - 100% Waterproof Front Pair Blue Black Fit Cover - Side Airbag Safe Protection for Car SUV Van Truck
3D Wireless Magnetic Car Door Step LED Welcome Logo Shadow Ghost Light Laser Projector Lamp(Star Wars Darth Vader)
Finex Silicone Batman Superhero Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover - Black - Universal Fit
WiperTags Original WipeSaber Reflective Saber for Rear Wipers (DarkForce Red)
Ambesonne Spaceship Car Seat Hoodie, Science Fiction Themed Comet Alien Atom on Starry Background Fantasy Art Print, Car Seat Cover Protector Non Slip Backing Universal Fit, 30" X 57", Multicolor
Star Trek The Next Generation Family Car Decals

Heavenly Battle Sci-Fi Car Seat Covers

It is a pair of two-car seat covers themed after the game Heavenly Battle. They’re made from the finest materials, making the seats very comfortable and flexible. It is suitable for all types of seats, including cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, etc. The covers are easy to install and clean and are dustproof, keeping the seats nice and clean.

Moreover, they are washable and durable.

Harry Potter Styled Seat Belts

It is a unique seat belt designed by the company Buckle-Down. It is themed after Harry Potter and made from the finest polyester supported with belt closures at both ends. The belt locks and fits nice and tight, making it a suitable fit for seat belts.

Superman Air Fresheners

Official DC Superman air fresheners give a fresh vanilla scent that can leave your car smelling great. It contains a superman figure that wiggles as you drive. You can use it in a car, truck, or even in the office. It comes in packs of one, three, and six. 

Gold Snitch Window Splat

Do you remember the golden snitch from Harry Potter? Well, now you can have it on your car window too. It has new and improved wings that are guaranteed to make people look at your car’s window again. It sticks firmly, and you can rotate and reposition it as desire.

BDK’s Superman Car Seat Covers

If you’re a fan of Superman, you’ll love these seat covers. They come in black and blue color with Superman’s logo in the middle. The covers are waterproof and made of Polyester, Elastane, and Neoprene materials. They are a universal fit, and the package also contains two headrest covers

3D Wireless Door Step Welcome Logo

Have you ever wanted to have a cool entrance to your car? Now you can.  The projector lamp can recreate any character of your choice. It is attached to your car’s doors. When you open the door, a logo or an image appears on the floor. This hologram type image can contain any logo or character.

The pack includes two pieces and operates on 3 AAA batteries. It is easy to install without the need to make any holes or drill. 

Finex Batman Steering Wheel Cover

This one is a cool batman steering wheel cover, made from silicone. It provides a firm grip on the wheel as you drive and comes with a universal fit. The cover is sure to make your steering wheel look awesome.

Wiper Tags Light Saber Rear Wipers

If you thought owning lightsabers were cool, wait till you install them on your car as windshield wipers. They’re easy to install and detach. They can work all year round in all types of weather. Moreover, they also glow in the dark, making everything more interesting.

You can get them in green, blue, purple, and red colors. 

Ambesonne Spaceship Car Seat Hoodie

Use this spaceship car seat to get a fantasy art print background on your car seats. It is 57 inches long and made with 100% polyester.

To install, all you have to do is slip it on your car seats. The covers will stay in place as they have a non-slip backing and elastic ties. 

Star Trek TNG Auto Decals

These are high-quality decals that you can apply on any smooth surface, such as car windows, laptops, mirrors, etc. It comes in a pack of 33 different decals of your favorite Star Trek characters in different heights like Jean-Luc, Picard, and Young Data. With these sci-fi Star War Decals, you can now show the world that your whole family loves Star Trek.