The Importance of Sunglasses for Snowboarders

It is fair to say that you can’t enjoy snowboarding and skiing without wearing sunglasses or goggles. They are a significant part of any ski kit and there are a lot of good reasons for that. In fact, the choice of eyewear, their characteristics, comfort, performance and safety, together, play a vital role in making your snowboarding trip smooth and worry-free. Scroll through to learn how.

Why Is It Important To Protect Eyes?

Mostly eye injuries caused after snowboarding or skiing are because of two main reasons; firstly because of wrong choice of sunglasses and secondly, due to not using them at all! For example, if you fall during your venture while wearing a low-quality or improper eyewear, then there are chances that the lens or the frame would shatter, causing serious damage to the eyes. In addition, if you are not protecting your eyes at all; several external conditions can affect the vision, including UV rays, debris, someone’s ski pole, low branches, snow stings and more. 

In case of wrong choice of lenses; you may experience vision impairment, creating unforeseen dangers. 

Benefits of Using Sunglasses While Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a fun sport only when you are fully equipped with right tools, including a comfortable shoe pair, warm jacket, helmet, gloves and goggles or sunglasses. 

Here, we are going to discuss why use sunglasses while snowboarding or skiing. Have a look:

1. Reduce Glare

Good visibility is and should be the number one priority for a snowboarder to ensure his/her safety. Fortunately, a wide variety of eyewear is available in the marketplace with specialized lenses to provide maximum protection to the eyes without affecting the vision. Particularly on sunny days, you don’t have to squint your eyes to get a clear picture if you are using sunglasses in the daytime. 

2. Increase Contrast

Contrast is another significant factor that contributes to the visibility of a skier. Do you know the terrain can actually seem like a field of white when you are on the slopes? That’s when wearing glasses with colored lenses can help by adding contrast to the scene so the dips and bumps can stand out.

  • Rose colored lenses are good for cloudy and hazy days.
  • Brown lenses work well in dimly lit weather or a sunny day. They filter blue light waves to make the shades of green more visible (bushes and trees).
  • Amber lenses are significant for poorly lit trails, cloudy or hazy day.

3. Protect Eyes

The main and most essential part of snowboarding is to protect eyes from injuries or any external element. In short, specialized sunglasses need to be there in every skiing kit as an important gear because they:

  • Protect eyes from bright sunlight and harsh wind.
  • Prevent cold air to reach your eyes by sealing the area.
  • Block UV rays.
  • Prevent debris and airborne snow from getting into the eyes.
  • Shields from fallen branches and tree limbs.

Key Features of Snowboarding Sunglasses

Although all type of snowboarding eyewear promises to offer basic eye protection from external conditions, but there are some important specifications you should consider before purchasing one. For example:

  • Type of lenses
  • Lens color/tint
  • Frame size
  • Interchangeable lenses and more

Now let’s have a look at the key features snowboarding goggles you should seek for. 

1. UV Protection

Ultraviolet light aka UVA and UVB are proven to be responsible for pre-mature aging and several eye diseases, like:

  • Cornea damage
  • Cataracts
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Eye cancer
  • Photokeratitis – sunburn of the retina

Hence, it is essential that the glasses you are using need to ensure 100% UVA and UVB protection. Mostly, the feature is labeled on the product, but if that’s not the case; then it is wise to choose another one.

2. Polycarbonate/NXT Lenses

The type of lens is another important feature to consider. Remember that, glass or plastic lenses are not sturdy enough to withstand harsh wind or extreme weather. Therefore, for snowboarding or skiing; you need to get polycarbonate or NXT lenses (if you need the strongest ones). Both of the mentioned lenses are not only durable, but their level of resistance is phenomenal as well.

Type of lens

Key features

UV Protection


Index of refraction

Polycarbonate lenses

Strong, durable, lightweight, clear view


Fog resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance



Stronger, extremely durable, lighter than polycarbonate, less internal stress, sharper central vision


Fog resistance, scratch resistance and impact resistance


3. Material & Style of Frame

Typically there are two types of materials used for sunglasses frames; plastic and metal ones. Both of them have their own share of pros and cons. 

  • Metal frames are not well-suited for cold conditions as they can become brittle and may snap. Moreover, nose pads are likely to poke your eyes upon falling. Options in metal frame designs are limited as well.
  • Plastic frames are more suitable for snowboarding or skiing. They are available in wide variety of designs to offer wide and clear coverage. They also minimize the glare and protect the eyes from external conditions. Furthermore, they are also available with side protectors.

Tips For Choosing Right Sunglasses Frames For Snowboarding

  • Frame should be lightweight.

  • It should be comfortable enough to wear all day.

  • To prevent lens condensation or fogging during the venture, consider frames with inbuilt ventilation system.

  • No-slip nose pads and temple grips should be preferred.

  • Rubber pads can help the eyewear stay in place even while boarding on curvy terrain.New List Item

  • If you like sunglasses than goggles for skiing; it’s good to choose glasses with foam inserts and elastic straps to keep your eyes protected from snow and wind.New List Item

4. Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are also significant for snowboarders. They prevent glare on high reflecting surfaces like snow and water. Moreover, these lenses help you differentiate between ice patches and regular snow.

Tip – it is suggested to prefer mirrored lenses over polarized ones if you are concerned about the icy conditions. 

5. Photochromatic Lenses

These lenses have the ability to change color according to the light. They turn darker when the sunlight is bright and lighter when the sky is cloudy or hazy. All in all, photochromatic lenses adjust themselves to offer you optimum vision in different light conditions without you having to replace sunglasses or lenses every now and then.

6. Prescription Lenses

Last but not the least! It is important to get prescribed lenses for your snowboarding sunglasses if you have any eyesight issue because you wouldn’t want to endanger yourself due to blurry view. However, if your prescription is high, it is ideal to avoid wrapped frames as your view will be distorted. Luckily, a lot of manufacturers offer you this facility. 

  • Ensure that your prescribed sunglasses are anti-fog coated because it can block your view and result in regretful circumstances.
  • Secondly, Some goggles are also designed to fit over your regular glasses known as OTG, over the glasses goggles. However, they may not be comfortable, and you have to buy additional anti-fog spray or wipes to clear out the fog.

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Our Recommendation for Top 3 Sunglasses For Snowboarding

By this time, you must be aware of the importance of using snowboarding sunglasses. Now it’s the right time to look for the best available options. Here are our suggestions!

Where to Buy
COPOZZ Ski Goggles, OTG Snowboard Goggles
Forliver Ski Snowboarding Goggles Motorcycle Riding Googles Sports Sunglasses Wind & Dust Protection
Nubag Sunglasses Outdoor Sports

1. COPOZZ Ski Goggles, OTG Snowboard Goggles

Copozz ski goggles made it to the top of list for a lot of good reasons. Starting with the appearance, the eyewear is not only stylish, but its wide spherical structure provides broad and clear view even in extreme weather conditions.

This model comes with a bunch of interchangeable lenses that are suitable for different light and terrain conditions while snowboarding or skiing. These goggles are covered with COOL REVO coating to maximize UV protection from sharp light. Moreover, its lenses are durable and ensure anti-fog performance. If you are looking for an ‘Over The Glasses (OTG)' design, then Copozz can meet your requirements! In addition to this, they are compatible with any type of helmet and head size; from a teenager to an adult.

Copozz sunglasses offers excellent ventilation system along with smooth airflow to quickly exhaust moisture and bring fresh air in.


  • Comfortable and warm
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • OTG design and helmet compatible
  • The package includes money-back guarantee and product warranty
  • Double layered lenses
  • Highly suggested for snow sports


  • Scratch resistance is low
  • May not fit perfectly on glasses

2. Forliver Ski Snowboarding Goggles Motorcycle Riding Googles Sports Sunglasses Wind & Dust Protection

Looking for versatile sunglasses that are suitable for summer as well as snow sports? Your search is complete with the Forliver Ski Snowboarding goggles. They are suitable for cycling, running, fishing, racing, climbing, skiing, snowmobiling, trekking, hiking, outdoor activities, snowboarding and the list is literally endless!

Forliver snowboarding eyewear ensures UV400 protection and comes equipped with adjustable glasses belt. Thus, you can effortlessly change sunglasses to goggles simply by unclipping the belt. Moreover, it has a foam insert that is removable, snow proof, waterproof and prevent glasses from falling. This model is lightweight, comfortable and durable. Besides, it ensures scratch resistance as well as impact resistance.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • UV400 protective
  • Adjustable glasses' belt
  • Perfect for all types of sports, mountain boarding to snow ventures
  • Scratch resistance


  • Durability is questionable
  • May not seal wind and debris from getting into the eyes


3. Nubag Sunglasses Outdoor Sports

Snow stings hitting the face of a snowboarder is not the only danger of extreme weather conditions; the scrunching sunlight can also strain your vision during the venture. Nubag sunglasses can be your savior in similar situations! Read below to know how.

These sunglasses are light in weight just like the other two suggestions. The model is UV400 protected, which means no amount of UVA and UVB Rays can enter your eyes while wearing them. These polarized glasses are versatile in usage; you can flaunt them while skiing, cycling, snowboarding, racing, climbing, partying and different types of extreme sports. Moreover, Nubag snowboarding sunglasses come with a portable packaging so that you can carry them along and even hang them on your waist without any issue. 

You can also gift this eyewear to your friends or family members, and they will be forever grateful to you!


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with portable cover
  • UV400 protective
  • Recommended for several outdoor sports
  • Wide frame
  • Stylish and sporty design


  • May not last you a long time

  COPOZZ Ski Goggles, OTG Snowboard GogglesForliver Ski Snowboarding Goggles Motorcycle Riding Googles Sports Sunglasses Wind & Dust ProtectionNubag Sunglasses Outdoor Sports
Name of productCOPOZZ Ski Goggles, OTG Snowboard GogglesForliver Ski Snowboarding Goggles Nubag Sunglasses Outdoor Sports
ColorG1-Polarized Blue. Several lenses are available for this modelBlack and blueMulticolor
FeaturesDouble layer lens, interchangeable lenses, 1-year warranty, 30-days money back guarantee, ventilated system Inner acetate lens, outer polycarbonate lens, adjustable glasses belt, scratch resistance, impact resistance, Interchangeable lens, multicolor option, UV protection, anti-glare, Anti-reflective, Impact resistance
DesignOTG, comfortable frameSporty, lightweight frameTR90 frame, stylish
Suggested UsersUnisex, AdultWomenMen and women

Features of these sunglasses are almost the same; however, the price difference is huge. Choose what suits your budget.

Snowboarding Sunglasses Care Tips

After making the investment in the best snowboarding sunglasses, the first thing you want to do is to ensure its longevity. That is only possible with proper care and maintenance. These basic tips may help you in this regard.

  • Don’t place your sunglasses on the table or any hard surface which may cause scratches.
  • Only use a soft cloth to clean the eyewear. 
  • While using anti-fog cloth, make sure not to wipe rather dab it gently as wiping can remove the anti-fog coating on the lenses.
  • Ensure that the glasses are air dried before putting them back in the kit, after the snow venture.
  • Use a proper cover, preferably hard one, for storage.
  • Don’t dry the snowboarding glasses in direct heat or sunlight, like putting it on the car’s dashboard or hanging from the rearview mirror.

The Verdict

Snow sport is certainly fun, but there are a lot of risks of injuries involved in it. Mostly, the accident happens because of blurred out view or when a snowboarder can’t figure out about snow slops due to poor quality eyewear. That’s when you need to get your hands on sturdy snowboarding sunglasses. They will not only protect your eyes from debris, snow twigs and harsh wind, but will also offer clear and wide view for an optimum performance on the snow. Nubag Sunglasses Outdoor Sports is our top suggestion for the category. They are reasonable in price, and the quality is great as well. The best part is, the eyewear is unisex, any adult can use it, irrespective of the gender, and it won’t look bad.