The Importance of Good Lighting When Photographing Hobby Models

Modeling is one of the most common hobbies all over the world. Modeling means creating different types of items such as action figures, building models, robot models, car models, and many other things as well. While modeling may seem easy, it gets quite tricky to get the right pictures for any model that you have created. One of the most important aspects to consider is the appropriate lighting when photographing hobby models. 

Important to Know

Before we move on to the importance of good lighting in photographing models, it is important to first evaluate what “Good Lighting” means. A major misconception to many is that good lighting is just too much lighting. While this may be true in a few cases that a lot of light is needed to picture a model in an ideal manner, it definitely does not mean that “good” is always “high”. You should know that the word good means appropriate. 

Specifically, this thing should be kept in mind when doing hobby model photography. This is because they are quite small and taking their pictures is quite different from taking pictures of other people or things. In certain conditions, good lighting would also mean low lighting, particularly when you are interested in giving a unique and dark aspect to your model. 

For example, you won’t take a picture of a horror-action figure with high-performance tube lights turned on. Therefore, keep in mind that the suitable light is dependent upon various factors which include model type, model size, model colors, surrounding environment, and attention to detail as well. 

Why is Good Lighting Important when Photographing Hobby Models?

Allows You to Highlight Specific Elements of the Model

One of the most important reasons why you should be concerned about the appropriate lighting for photographing hobby models is that without suitable lighting, you won’t be able to grab the viewer’s attention right away. For example, if you are picturing a model car, and you specifically want the user to be attracted towards the bumper, you need to make sure with the help of proper lighting, that the bumper is the highlighted feature in the final photograph.

Similarly, if you are a fan of making different types of building models as your hobby, you might want to highlight the top of it. This is only possible when you adjust the light accordingly so that upon taking the final photo, the top of the building is visibly shown and becomes the center of attraction. This also results in taking better pictures. 

Editing Software Don’t Always Work

Some might argue that this could also be achieved with editing software which allows you to modify all the elements of a photograph. However, all the expert photographers in the world prefer that their skill is shown with a naturally taken photograph rather than an edited one. Besides, editing software cannot always help you out. Some of this software may distort the picture or make it pixelated as well. 

Keep in mind that photo editing software is not an easy job and not everyone can do that. Therefore, if you are just taking pictures as a hobby, you might not be aware of using these software. This means that the use of proper lighting is essential and easier than using any kind of photoshop tool. Overexposure via editing software can also make it look kind of not real which is another reason for using good lighting when photographing hobby models. 

Good Lighting Sets the Mood for a Picture

Appropriate lighting gives the model a true sense of direction and mood. You might have heard someone say that from the looks of an image, it appeared as a great item. Some people who have diecast model cars don’t use a lot of lighting for their pictures. Rather, very limited lighting is used because they want to give the final image a particular mood and feeling. A car in a dark perspective would give an aggressive look and this is one feature that would attract others too. 

Good lighting is one of the best ways in which you can set the mood and feel for photographs. You can differentiate the lighting for various kinds of models and specifically discriminate every model giving them a distinct impression and image. A horrifying figure can be given a horrifying mood with dark lighting while a skyscraper can be given a gigantic image through lighting from the bottom. It is all about how well you place the light to set the mood for the picture. 

Leaves No Room for Error

While taking photographs, even the tiniest of details count whether it is lighting or any other element. Sometimes, your hobby model might be perfect but inappropriate lighting, might be making a distortion in the final image. For example, at some spots, the light could be too extra while at other spots, the light could be too little. If you have sufficient and appropriate lighting when photographing hobby models, you will be able to take maximum perfect pictures with minimum or no errors at all. 

Expert photographers say that one major mistake many youngsters make while taking photographs is to not precisely adjust the lighting. They might be taking some of the best photographs but the error comes up when the pictures are missing out in terms of suitable lighting. 

Here is one of the best lights for photographing hobby models that you can buy. 

Where to Buy
Neewer Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light 2-Pack

1. Neewer Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light 2-Pack

Neewer is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to photography tools, particularly lights. These are not the regular lights you might see in a studio. Instead, they are low-angle lights, which are perfect for photographing hobby models. Action figures, architectural buildings, and other such creations might not be too tall which is why low-angle lights are the most ideal choice for you. 

You can power these lights with a USB wall charger or a USB power strip. However, it is recommended to not use the USB function of a laptop or a tablet. This is because this way, there is not going to be much power input. The best part about these lights is that you can easily fold them or extend the tripod in case you want to. The tripod has a minimum height of 3.15 inches or 8 centimeters which is sufficient. The maximum height is 9.84 inches to 13.39 inches which helps you in taking photographs from various angles easily. 

The 2-pack is way better than a single light because it will allow you to fully throw the light on the object. There are color filters as well which are specifically good for hobby model photography. There are four color filters including white, yellow, blue, and red as well.


Good lighting is one of the most important factors when photographing hobby models. You need to make sure that the lighting is sufficient in every way. Photography of hobby models is easy once you undergo several tutorials for photography. There are plenty of them available on YouTube and you can learn from there.