The Best Selfie Sticks for Android Phones

As the name suggests, a selfie stick allows you to capture the best selfies of yourself and your friends without needing anyone’s help. The best selfie stick ensures that you can click great pictures without blurring them. These sticks are designed to be lightweight and portable so you can carry them anywhere without feeling any extra weight on you. However, you need to take a lot of stuff into consideration before buying a selfie stick for your adventures or everyday use that we will cover in this article and recommend you the best selfie sticks for your android phone.

Here are some things that you need to consider before buying a selfie stick:


Before you go ahead and order the best looking or the most functional selfie stick, you should see if it is compatible with your phone or not. In this article, all the selfie sticks we have mentioned are compatible with android phones, so if you have an android smartphone, you can easily select the best one from the list that you like the most. 

Wired or Wireless

If you don’t like to deal with wires, a wireless selfie stick will suit you best otherwise some people may find it simpler to just plug their stick in the phone’s port. Wireless selfie sticks require charging and operate on batteries, but once fully charged, they can get you throughout the day. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about charging a wired selfie stick. 

It is all about your personal preference; some say that a wired selfie stick is much easier to set up while others say that a wireless selfie stick with Bluetooth is a much more convenient option, especially the one that comes with a remote.


If you will be taking your selfie stick along wherever you go, you should look for a portable and lightweight selfies stick that you can be easily carried. If you want a shorter retractable length selfie stick, you should go for the one that is around 7 to 8 inches when collapsed – you can put it in your pocket or bag. However, if you want to cover a lot more area and want a long selfie stick, look for the one that has a retractable length of around 11 inches.

Ease of Set-Up

With wired selfie sticks, you don’t have to do any pairing, all you have to do is plug it into your phone’s port, and you are good to go. While on the other hand, Bluetooth selfie sticks need to be paired with your phone, but once its done, set up is extremely easy, and you will be able to connect your selfie stick with your phone by just turning on your Bluetooth. 

Power Source

Not all the selfie sticks are powered by the same power source. Wireless selfie sticks have rechargeable batteries that need to be charged while you don’t have to charge a wired one, as it requires a minimal amount of current that it can take from your mobile phone just like your earphones.

If you will be traveling a lot and would not have access to a wall socket, you should buy a compact, wired selfie stick, so you don’t have to worry about charging it. 

Here is the list of best selfie sticks for your android phones:

Where to Buy
ACEHE Selfie Stick with Bluetooth
Fugetek FT-568 Professional High-End Selfie Stick Monopod
JETech Battery Free Selfie Stick Extendable Cable Control
CamKix Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote 
Yoozon Selfie Stick
Anker Bluetooth Highly-Extendable and Compact Handheld Monopod

1. ACEHE Selfie Stick with Bluetooth

If you are passionate about your selfies, ACEHE selfie stick with Bluetooth is a great option to consider because of its impressive features and top quality. No matter where you take it, this selfie stick won’t disappoint you in long-term. It is portable and flexible; you can extend it up to  39 inches length if needed, fitting a lot in your picture. 

It has an adjustable neck and clamp that you can adjust to 225° and 360°, allowing you to take pictures at any angle. All you have to do is connect it with your android phone or iPhone via Bluetooth and click the best photos with its built-in remote control. It has an excellent battery life, taking you throughout the day easily. The ACEHE selfie stick is designed to fit comfortably in your bag or even your pocket. 

2. Fugetek FT-568 Professional High-End Selfie Stick Monopod

The Fugetek FT-568 is a professional, high-end selfie stick with a robust aluminum frame and a non-slip grip handle for enhanced control. It is equipped with two interchangeable phone mounts that you can extend up to 4.2 inches, easily fitting all android phones from size small to large. This wobble-free selfie stick can be extended up to 49 inches and has a mirror attachment that allows you to click photos from your rear HD camera. 

Whether you have an android phone, iPhone, GoPro, or a digital camera, this selfie stick can accommodate all of them without slippages. It is lightweight enough (10 ounces only) to be easily carried without worrying about a thing. Another feature that makes it sturdier is the quick flip locks that can snap your device into place firmly. Once you fully recharge its battery, you get about 300 hours of standby. 

3. JETech Battery Free Selfie Stick Extendable Cable Control

If you are on a budget and looking for a selfie stick that won’t break easily, this one by JETech is an excellent choice to opt for. It is compatible with both android and iOS smartphones, up to 3.3 inches in diameter. It is a compact selfie stick that is 14.5 inches when collapsed and 28.7 inches when fully extended, allowing you to capture wide-angle photos with ease. The adjustable clamp can be adjusted up to 270° rotation and can hold your phone securely with the help of rubber grips. It is a wired selfie stick that you can plug into your phone’s port via a small cable that comes with it. 

4. CamKix Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote 

Camkix Selfie stick, unlike most selfie sticks, comes in three different color options to choose from according to your personality (black, green, and pink). You can fold it down to a size of 11 inches and easily carry wherever you are traveling to. It is equipped with a universal phone holder that can fit about every phone up to 3.35 inches in width. 

It is adjustable up to 180° that allows you to click perfect wide-angle photos. Also, it connects with your android phone via Bluetooth, and you can then capture pictures using the remote that comes with this selfie stick. 

5. Yoozon Selfie Stick

This selfie stick by Yoozon has got lots of great reviews from users on Amazon and other sites as well because of its amazing features that set it apart from most other selfie stick options available in the market. What we like the most in this selfie stick is that its base can split out into a tripod so you can have a solid base to take great photos and videos. 

On top of everything, it is extremely easy to use and set up. It measures 7.9 inches in length when collapsed and can be extended all the way up to 26.6 inches. It can be rotated up to 360°, allowing you to take photos in different angles.

6. Anker Bluetooth Highly-Extendable and Compact Handheld Monopod

This selfie stick by Anker is extendable up to 29.7 inches and comes with a flexible phone mount that can easily accommodate phones with width up to 3.3 inches. Capture the best moments in selfies, especially group selfies in different angles according to your desire. You can connect this selfie stick with your phone via Bluetooth and control it with a built-in remote control that has a battery life of 20 hours per charge. 

Anker has put a lot of thought into its design as well – its phone mount covers the button when you retract to avoid any accidental presses.

Final Verdict

You can think of a selfie stick as an extended arm that can click amazing photos, so you don’t have to ask any stranger to do so. All the selfie stick options that we have reviewed above are some of the best selfie sticks for android phones. You can opt for the one from the list that fulfils your requirements and budget as all the options are great and work up to par. 

If you want to capture bright group pictures outdoor when light is not sufficient, you can get yourself a portable battery-powered flash as well.