The Best Radio Frequency Pet Trackers

Based on research, about 60 cats and dogs go missing every hour and it’s something that can be very stressful for pet owners. Most of us have pets like Silver Lab Puppies that have become part of the family. That’s why losing them can be traumatic as well, especially for children. Today, there are now technologies that we can use to keep track of our pets’ whereabouts and they are called pet trackers.

One of the popular types of pet tracking devices is the radio frequency pet tracker. This type of pet tracker works like wireless walkie-talkies. It transmits a radio signal which is received by a device similar to a car radio. They also vary because some of them have longer ranges compared to others but all of them work within an average of a few hundred feet of a receiver station.

However, one of the pitfalls of radio frequency trackers is they do not give you the exact location of your pet. It’s like a compass that will just tell you the direction going to where your pet is. But the good side of it is its battery can last for a long time or for many months. It is also a great pet tracker when you live in a rural area or when you take your pet to a hike where cellular coverage is poor.

If you’re looking for the best radio frequency pet trackers, here are some of the best ones we can recommend.

Where to Buy
Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advance Pet Tracking System
TabCat Pet Tracking System
Esky Wireless Radio Frequency Locator for Pets, Keys, and Wallet
Girafus Pet Safety Tracker


1. Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advance Pet Tracking System

This is a simple but interesting and logical radio frequency pet tracker. This tracker uses radio waves to monitor, track, and locate pets that are over 10 pounds. It has the ability to track your pet up to a 2-mile radius of a central location. The central location moves with you if you are holding the locator it comes with.

After establishing and programming the safe areas for your pet, the radio waves will be able to alert you when your pet leaves that area, allowing you to head in the right direction towards him.

This is a waterproof radio frequency pet tracker. It comes with a handheld locator, a tag for one pet, a charger, and some user guides. If you have more than one pet, you can purchase additional tags because one tracker can accommodate up to 3 pts. Its battery life can last up to 90 days. Another great thing is there is no subscription service and no monthly fees to pay.

This is a simple yet very helpful radio frequency pet tracker that will prevent you from losing your pets.

2. TabCat Pet Tracking System

This pet tracker is designed especially for cats. Pet cats are known to be fussy about the things placed around their necks and even ID tags can be too much for them. But they will not have any issue with this cat tracker because it only weighs 6 grams. The TabCat Pet Tracking System uses radio wave technology to help you find your pet cat. This means that there are also no subscriptions needed to be paid every month for this pet tracker.

This pet tracker comes with 2 simple battery-operated locators and one tracking device. You can also purchase more locators if you have more than one cat but one locator can work for two different cats. They are made with waterproof materials and are very easy to slide over your cat’s collars.

The TabCat pet tracker can cover a 200 to 400-foot range. You can use it to track the whereabouts of your pet cat indoors and outdoors as well. It has a feature where the locate button on the tracking device rings on your cat’s locator button when you press it. You can also use that feature to train your cat is going home.

3. Esky Wireless Radio Frequency Locator for Pets, Keys, and Wallet

This radio frequency tracker can cover up to 131 feet which can help you locate items and pets at most corners of your house. It is best for those who have small pets at home. It has strong signals that can penetrate through walls, floors, cushions, leather, and other surfaces.

The Esky Wireless Radio Frequency Locator includes 4 locators which you can attach to your pet’s collar or even to any other items that you want to easily locate. It also has a remote control which serves as your receiver. It has color-coded buttons for each locator. It will beep, leading you to your lost pet or item. It is also equipped with light which is useful at night. This is a simple and very easy to use radio frequency pet tracker.

4. Girafus Pet Safety Tracker

This radio frequency pet tracker is best for small cats and dogs because it probably has the smallest and lightest tags compared to other options. It has a safe 2.4 GHz radio frequency technology that can cover a range of up to 500 meters or 1,600 feet.

It comes with a direction indicator that will show you the right direction in the search area. It also features LED and signal tones which will give you the approximate distance of your pet to the transmitter. This pet tracker can be used up to 4 pets.

Aside from the indicator and one tag, it also comes with batteries, strap, hook, a silicon splash-proof case, and a user manual. It is very easy to use because it is already preconfigured. You just need to insert the batteries and the search and pet monitoring can begin.

These are some of the best radio frequency pet trackers that we can recommend. These pet trackers are very simple but they can certainly help you in monitoring and locating your pets when they’re out of your sight.