The Best Pet Trackers for Cats

Cats are playful pets that love to hide inside cupboards, boxes, and other unusual places at home. They also like to roam around and even outside the yard, and sometimes it scares most of us that they may not come back. This is the reason why pet trackers are essential when you have a pet cat. Because they will enable you to know the whereabouts of your cat and easily locate them when they get lost.

If you want to purchase a tracker for your pet cats to prevent losing them, or to have a peace of mind that they are safe wherever they are hiding, then here are some of the best pet trackers for cats that we can recommend.

Where to Buy
Loc8tor TabCat Pet Tracker
Tagg Pet Cat Tracker
TrackR Bravo Pet and Item Tracker
Weenect Cats – GPS Collar for Cats
Anysun Mini GPS Tracker for Small Cats
Whistle GPS Pet Tracker


1. Loc8tor TabCat Pet Tracker

This is a popular tracking device for cats. It is lightweight and can be easily attached to your cat’s collar. It comes with a directional handset that picks up the signal from where your cat is and tells you which way you should go to find them.

When the tracker shows you a single red light, it means that you’re in range and when you get closer, the lights will go amber and then green when you’re near your cat’s location. This device is able to track your cat for up to 122 meters in clear line of sight.

It comes with a splash proof cover that will protect it from weather elements. It also has a locate button that activates a small beep on the tag. Some reviewers say that they were able to train their cats with this small beep to come back on its own.

2. Tagg Pet Cat Tracker

This is a GPS tracker that is attached to your pet cats’ collars, allowing you to keep track of them wherever they go. It also has a geo-fencing feature that will send you a text and email message when your cat wanders outside the designated zone you have set. Through a free mobile and web app, you will be able to locate your pet on a map.

This pet tracker has been recently updated and several new features were added such as a temperature sensor that notifies you when your pet is in danger of overheating on a hot day and even when they are freezing during winter seasons. Through this pet tracker, you can also monitor your cat’s activity as well as fitness levels during the day.

3. TrackR Bravo Pet and Item Tracker

This is not a dedicated pet tracker but a lot of reviews say it is useful in locating pets most especially cats. It is an affordable tracker that has no monthly cost for you to use the service.

This tracker has an app which is compatible with both Android and Apple devices which will allow you to easily track your lost items. It’s great to attach on cats’ collars because it’s only coin-sized. Also, if there are other TrackR users in your community, you can send out a lost pet alert that will notify them if your cat is near their locations. You can also make the tag or your phone ring with just a touch of a button.

4. Weenect Cats – GPS Collar for Cats

This is known as the world’s first GPS phones for cats. This means that this device will enable you to know where your cat is any time, no matter where they are. This cat tracker is connected to your smartphone via an app where you will see your cat’s real-time location on a map.

This GPS tracker has 3 modes which are Map, Compass, and Radar, and it sends an updated position every 30 seconds. You can also get the GPS chip to ring from your phone or computer.

This is an ultra-light device that weighs 25 grams. It only takes 3 hours to fully charge and the battery can last up to 4 days in standby mode.

5. Anysun Mini GPS Tracker for Small Cats

This pet tracker uses real-time GPS that sends the location to Google Maps. It is not just a tag to attach but is an actual collar. It is waterproof and can also alert you when it has a low battery. However, for you to use this tracker, you need to buy a SIM card. Meaning, it comes with a subscription fee that will depend on your carrier.

This GPS tracker can be located or monitored by SMS, the internet, and via a mobile app which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. It comes with features such as geo-fencing and real-time tracking.

6. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

If you’re looking for a more basic type of tracker for your cat, then this might work best for you. It is a simple GPS pet tracker but it is still waterproof. It is great for pets which are at least 15 pounds.

The Whistle GPS Tracker has an outstanding battery life of ten days. However, it also has a monthly subscription fee but it’s not that expensive. It has an app that offers geo-fencing. This is an affordable tracker for cats that has good battery life and uses live GPS.

Trackers are indeed essential for cat owners because most cats love to roam around, climb, and hide in different places. We hope the products we shared will help you choose the best tracker for your cat.