The Best Drones Under $50

The drone, which was originally invented for military purposes, is now more commonly seen as a vehicle for commercial and recreational use. Several people have used drones to survey inaccessible areas,some have drones just to have fun in controlling it, and a few photographers and videographers have bought them to add aerial shots for the set of photos or videos that they sell to their clients.


Most commercial drones can be quite expensive, but there are several cheaper models that are perfect not only for newbies but also for veteran drone pilots.

Let’s take a look at some drones that you can buy for under $50. Take note of the advantages that these drones have and see which one suits your preferences.

Where to Buy
Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter, Black
Drones for Kids or Adults Mini Drone RC Helicopter Without Camera, Easy Indoor Small Flying Toys for Boys or Girls
AFUNTA Propeller Blades Protection Guard Cover Compatible X4 H107 H107L H107C H107D Quadcopter, 5 Sets Replacement Propeller Blades Props - Black/White
DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone for Kids with Altitude Hold Mode, One Key Take Off Landing, 3D Flips and Headless Mode Quadcopter Easy Fly Steady for Beginners
Mini Drone with Camera for Kids and Adults, EACHINE E61HW WiFi FPV Quadcopter with HD Camera Selfie Pocket Nano Drone for Beginner RTF - Altitude Hold Mode, One Key Take Off/Landing, APP Control
Cheerwing CW4 RC Drone with 720P HD Camera for Kids and Adults RC Quadcopter with Auto Hovering

1. Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter

For those looking for their first drone, the Hubsan X4 H107L has everything they need to start flying quadcopters for a lower price.

Priced at $23, the Hubsan X4 doesn’t need assembly as it comes ready to fly right out of the package. It has a built-in LiPO battery. The drone’s battery can last for up to nine minutes, which is quite short, but thanks to the drone’s easily customizable body, you can upgrade its battery as well as the other parts of the aircraft. If you wanted to use the drone at night, it has built-in LED lights so that you can see where it is going.

A major downside in the Hubsan X4 H107L is its propellers that are made of relatively cheap materials. These propellers can easily scuffed, scratched, or cracked once it hits a wall, a floor, or a tree, but you can improve its durability by buying AFUNTA’s Propeller Blades Protection Guard Cover that also comes with replacement propeller blades if ever you break the original ones in your Hubsan X4.

2. Syma X20 Pocket Drone

The Syma X20 Pocket Drone is the perfect gift for kids who have never flown a drone before and are fascinated by its mechanics.

Due to its compact size, the X20 Pocket Drone can fit in the pockets or bags of children easily, making them easy to transport if ever your kids want to use the drone in places other than your home. Its headless mode feature makes it beginner-friendly, as it automatically adjusts the drone’s orientation while flying, so you only need to focus on the up-down, left-right, and forward-back movements of the drone. However, if you remove its headless mode, the drone’s controller has a button that allows the aircraft to 360-degree rolls.

Along with the said feature, the X20 also has an altitude hold mode that enables the drone to stay in its altitude when it doesn’t move in the air.

Reviewers have reported that the drone’s battery can last for four to five minutes, which is shorter than the Hubsan X4’ battery life. In addition, its USB Ports are said to be fragile, so children would have to be careful in plugging the USB charger in the drone. It is recommended that parents should be the ones who will charge the drone instead of children to prevent damages from happening.

The Syma X20 Pocket Drone is priced at $35.

3. DROCON 901H Scouter Pocket Drone

Another kid-friendly drone, the DROCON 901H Scouter Pocket Drone has foldable parts that can make it more compact and portable.

The DROCON 901H also has an altitude hold mode and a headless mode like the Syma X20, but the unique feature that it has is its three speed levels that can be adjusted using the controller. For beginners, it is best that they set it to the lowest speed level, but for those who want to see how fast the drone can fly in the air, they should set its speed level from medium to high. Moreover, instead of hard plastic, the DROCON 901H has soft propeller guards that make it safer for your furniture since it won’t do significant damage or harm if the drone hits your household goods.

Also, it has a one-key takeoff/landing feature, which allows the drone to automatically land or fly with the use of only one button. The one-key mechanic also enables the drone to land safely near you as the aircraft detects where the controller is located.

It is $5 cheaper than the Syma X20, as it is priced at $30.

4. EACHINE E61HW Drone

Those who want their drone to have a camera might want to consider buying the EACHINE E61HW, a drone capable of capturing photos or videos using its .3MP camera.

Alongside its built-in camera, the EACHINE E61HW can also connect to the Wi-Fi and can show live footage using a smartphone or a tablet. The camera also allows the pilots to see the drone’s view in 360-degree VR mode, although it requires you to buy VR glasses to use the feature.

Like the drones shown in the list, the EACHINE drone also has the one-key take/landing, the altitude hold mode, and the headless mode features.

It comes with a controller to maneuver its movement, but you can also use your smartphone to control the drone. Along with the controller, the package includes a USB charging cable, four pieces of replacement propellers, four propeller guards, and one battery. The package also includes an instruction manual so that you can understand how the functions of the EACHINE drone works.

The price for the EACHINE E61HW goes for around $39.

5. Cheerwing CW4 Drone

If you want to capture higher quality videos or photos, then the Cheerwing CW4 is an excellent choice for you as it has a built-in 2MP camera.

The 2MP HD camera of the Cheerwing CW4 is capable of capturing 720p video footage at 30FPS. Videos can be stored in the Micro SD card that can be inserted in the drone’s SD slot. In addition, like the DROCON drone, the Cheerwing CW4 also has a one-key takeoff/landing feature that is great for beginners who may usually have a difficult time landing the aircraft.

If you are going to buy the Cheerwing CW4, there will be two batteries included in the package. With having two batteries in its box, you will be able to extend its flying time as you easily can swap out the depleted battery with a fully-charged one. The batteries also come with a special USB charger that allows it to charge using phone chargers, power banks, computers, and a car charger.

Priced at $49.98, the Cheerwing CW4 is not exactly a drone that can be bought for under $50, but you should be willing to spend that amount of money if you want the cream of the crop when it comes to beginner-friendly drones.