The Best Bluetooth Pet Trackers

There are many types, shapes, and sizes when it comes to pet trackers and each of them offers different features. One of the newest addition to the types of pet trackers is the Bluetooth pet tracker. These are usually small tags that you can attach to your pet’s collar. They can also be used to track other things aside from your pets.

Bluetooth technology gives pet trackers a more stable connection and smaller power consumption. Most of the Bluetooth trackers in the market are also relatively cheap compared to other types of pet trackers. However, they have limited range which usually is a maximum of 200 feet. This is because they depend on the strength of the Bluetooth signal between your device and the tracker.

Most Bluetooth trackers make sounds or rings when you search for them using a certain device like your smartphone. They can also offer you a geo-fencing feature, allowing you to set up multiple areas where you receive notification about your pet’s activity. Also, all Bluetooth trackers offer community help. This means that they allow you to anonymously ask other tracker users for help when your pet’s tracker gets disconnected from your device.

Bluetooth pet trackers are best for those who have pets that stay in limited, everyday spaces, or for pets that do not usually go out the house or yard. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth pet tracker, here are some of the best ones we’ve found that you may like.

Where to Buy
Cat Tailer Cat Tracker - Small and Lightweight Waterproof Bluetooth Pet Collar Attachment
Pawscout Bluetooth Pet Tracker
Nutale Focus Bluetooth Key Finder Smart Tracker – Kids, Pet, Dog, Car Key, Wallet Tracker
Weewooday Smart Finder
Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2021 Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator


1. Cat Tailer Cat Tracker – Small and Lightweight Waterproof Bluetooth Pet Collar Attachment

This smart Bluetooth tracker is helpful in locating your pets inside the house or the yard and even in finding other items such as keys and wallets. It also features an alarm whenever the tracker and your phone are separated.

No more hide-and-seek with the best cat tracker without a subscription in the cat accessories category. The Cat Tailer tracker tag for cat collars attaches like any other name tag. One of the smallest animal trackers, Cat Tailer, is only 27 mm in diameter, weighs 7 grams, and has a cat decal on it. It is unobtrusive and durable enough to keep up with your pet’s excursions despite not being limited to being an animal tracker for cats only.

This pet tracker has a compact size and a lightweight design. It also consumes low energy and is very handy.

2. Pawscout Bluetooth Pet Tracker

This is a community pet finder that is made especially for cats and dogs. It works on an app where you can mark your pet as lost. It will then alert all Pawscouters who will come near your pet, for about 300 feet. It can also send you notifications about your pet’s location when they come within range of anyone with the Pawscout app.

You can also record in this tracker your pet’s medical information, as well as photos and your contact details. It also has an outdoor virtual pet leash that will send you notifications when your pet strays from your yard or when they go out of your home.

3. Nutale Focus Bluetooth Key Finder Smart Tracker – Kids, Pet, Dog, Car Key, Wallet Tracker

This Bluetooth tracker was built with six functionalities in one touch. You can use this not only to locate your pets but also to track the location of your car key, wallet, phone, kid, and it also has an Anti-Lost alarm reminder capability.  To activate this smart tracker, you should install the Nut app first which you can download in Google Play and Apple Store. Once activated, your phone will alarm the moment that the tracker goes beyond the Bluetooth connection range. The app would automatically record the location where the key finder was disconnected from your phone to help you find your pets, kids, and other valuable belongings. Another best feature of this tracker is that it only requires a low-energy battery that you can use for 10 months. 

4. Weewooday Smart Finder

A Bluetooth wireless device running the “isearching” program makes up this product. The items that are likely to be lost should be grouped together before using the product. You can use your phone’s app to make the product beep so you can find your items; double-click the product’s button to make your phone ring; and use the product to snap images within the effective Bluetooth connection range (around 25 meters/82 feet without a barrier).

The alarm is generated in both the product and your phone when the Bluetooth device is out of range, and the last location that was lost is noted on the map in the “isearching” app. Whether you use it yourself or give it to aged parents, elderly grandparents, or forgetful friends, this key finder locator is the best option.

5. LDCX Pet Finder, Key Finder, Wireless Phone Rechargeable Bluetooth Item Locator GPS Tracker

With just one click, you can activate the LDCX Item Key Smart Finder to locate your pets, wallets, purses, cameras bikes, mobile phones, and any other of your personal items. This tracker works perfectly with the GoFinder App which you can download through the provided QR code or you can get the said app directly from the App Store and Google Play.

This item comes with a 120mah rechargeable battery which you don’t need to install manually. The battery’s charging time is just 2 hours and you can already use it straight for 3 months.

6. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator

Identify the key elements in your life. Keys, purses, or even the family pet can easily be attached with Bluetooth-enabled SmartTags. Tap the ring button on your phone and follow the recognizable sound of your ringtone calling for you at the volume you set if you believe your lost item is nearby but are having trouble finding it.

Your tagged object is out of bounds. No issue! The Galaxy Find Network can use scanned data to find it for you secretly, even when you’re offline. And it’s simple to go through a history of the tag’s travels to follow it again.

These are some of the best Bluetooth pet trackers we can recommend. These trackers are great for tracking small pets. They are very convenient to use and perfect for those who are on a budget but want to keep an eye on their pet’s activities.

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