A delectable new hobby- Baking


Baking is one of the earliest culinary processes known to humankind, dating back hundreds of years. Fast forward, and our DVRs and Netflix queues are bursting at the seams with fresh and exciting baking competition episodes. What is it about this certain style of cooking that appeals to billions of bakers worldwide? … Read more

It’s time to carve up a new hobby-try ice sculpting

ice sculptures

Ice sculptures are part of the culinary arts. Decades ago, ice blocks ensured safe food storage. Carved from local waterways, blocks of ice found their way into underground ice houses built for storage. Blocks were delivered door-to-door and placed in the bottom of an insulated cabinet. This practice ensured food remained chilled … Read more

Do not blow your chances of learning a new hobby… Glassblowing


Glassblowing is probably not the first enjoyable activity that springs to mind when you hear the word hobby. Before you dismiss this notion, understand more about this graceful art form and why every man and woman should include it on their bucket list. One of the most beautiful, functional, and adaptable art … Read more

Thrifting as a hobby… why not?

Picture of girls thrifting

Before the industrialization of the fashion business, the lower classes relied on homespun textiles created by a time-consuming technique called hand warping. Until they were beyond repair, these objects were repaired, repurposed, reshaped, and turned into new pieces—and even then, the scraps were utilized to fill furniture. Even for the wealthy, fashion … Read more

Best Hobbies for Busy Moms

Jogging or running is one of the most important hobbies for busy moms

Moms who are working are often on a very tight schedule making very little time for themselves thereby neglecting self-care. However, without the proper care or recreation, there can be a negative impact on the work performance of the working women especially if they are mothers too. In such a case, certain … Read more

Crafting Hobbies That Won’t Break the Bank

Craft different items in your free time. 

Crafting is not only a hobby but we consider it an essential part of everyone’s life. Getting creative and designing different things helps you explore the inner self. The best part about crafting hobbies is that they don’t require a lot of money. You can start from something as small as paper … Read more

Top Hobbies for Homeschooled Kids

Let the little child play his first strike. 

In times of COVID-19, the world underwent so many major changes and one of the most impacted elements of daily life was education. With mass scale lockdowns and closure of educational institutions, many youngsters were not able to go out and roam freely. Online classes left a lot of free time for … Read more