Singing Machine SML385BTW Top Loading CDG Karaoke System with Bluetooth Review

If you are on the lookout for the best karaoke machine for kids you need to look at the Singing Machine Karaoke System. This karaoke machine has features that set the standard for karaoke machines on the market today.

Karaoke machines have changed and probably no one embraces this more than children. This karaoke machine really brings itself into the 21st century – but it is not limited by what it offers. This karaoke machine can play music in a variety of ways so that you can choose the method that suits you.

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Features of the Singing Machine SML385BTW Karaoke System

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Singing Machine SML385BTW Top Loading CDG Karaoke System with Bluetooth


Most suitable for…

Obviously, this karaoke machine is most suitable for kids – all it takes is one look to realize this. The colorful design is something you would probably see in a kindergarten, but it works for kids. The disco lights also appeal more to children than adults, although some adults enjoy them too.

In addition to this, it is a simple machine that is easy to use with no full-on features. Parental guidance is hardly required and kids are likely to work out how to use it themselves – once it’s been hooked up to a TV.

Set Up

Set up is an important point for karaoke machines used by kids. This particular model uses AC power and needs to be connected to a TV to display lyrics – although it can play music without connection, it will not feature the lyrics. Therefore setup can be as pretty simple depending on how you are using it.

It also means that this machine is not as convenient as ‘all in one’ karaoke machines, but it is a sacrifice work making for multiple ways to use the karaoke machine.


This karaoke machine does have some pretty great effects – the main one of which has to do with the sound. Although not the highest tech of karaoke machines for kids, it does have an echo balance feature and an auto voice control feature to adjust the voice over in a song – so that they can either sing a duet or sing alone.

Other than the this there is no real voice adapting features.

As mentioned above the disco light is another feature. This can be adjusted with a knob to change the brightness and intensity of the lights, although they are low intensity at best.

Music Source

The karaoke machine uses CDG to play video tracks with lyrics, however as it does not have its own screen and this is done through a TV. The karaoke machine also has Bluetooth to play music wirelessly – a definite pro in a wireless age.

The auxiliary port can also connect a device that does not have Bluetooth and allows you to play music through the karaoke machine.

Other Features

The karaoke machine comes in two colors – black and white. This particular model also includes Bluetooth.

There is a sample CD included with the karaoke machine, but song choices are limited and you definitely want to purchase your own. However, it is probably a good way to start off.


On a low-cost machine, we should always consider value over anything else and this machine definitely delivers value. Having said that there are a few things we noticed.

The main and most obvious is that this karaoke machine does not feature a screen of its own. This makes the idea of having a CDG player less useful in general as it requires attached to a TV.

The speaker is not the best and it is not overly loud – although is probably a benefit for parents it does reduce the karaoke machines usefulness.

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There is good and bad to everything in life and karaoke machines are no exception. Luckily, kids do not need much and so buying the most high-quality karaoke machine is a waste. Having said that this is a great karaoke machine in its own right.

It looks great and kids are sure to enjoy its shiny exterior and disco lights. However, it is clearly not huge in the feature department. Echo control and auto voice control are the major the voice effects, and whilst the speaker is fair it does not go particularly loud.

It is important to be sure the good points do outweigh the bad especially in a machine of this value. It is not bulky at all and easily moved from spot to spot. Most parents have found it easy to set up – but this does not mean it is entirely a kid only job.

The two microphone jacks mean that duets are possible, however, there is only one included.  This is not a rarity but does mean that you need to purchase an additional one for duets. We always recommend this as kids often have the most fun singing together in pairs.

Without a screen of its own, the CDG player is somewhat less useless, and no more so than a DVD player. It does play regular CD’s as well so it’s not entirely useless, but with Bluetooth, it is not particularly useful.

Whilst the karaoke machine has done a great job keeping up with changing times, it is not without its faults. For kids however, it remains a great option and a savior for slumber parties. It has the right amount of features to keep kids occupied and I’m sure it would make them more than happy.

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