Office Party Games

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Awkward Turtle
What? Party Game

1. Awkward Turtle

Made for 4 or more players, the game can be played with a few or an entire office. The point of the game is to guess the word that is often awkward. With 352 words, you’ll be laughing in no time. For ages 17 and up.

2. Telestrations

Designed for small groups of 4 to 6 players, ages 6 and up, the game is a great way to share some laughs. A sense of humor and ability to draw stick figures is helpful for this game. With 800 words or phrases, you will be laughing before you know it!

3. Rollick

For ages 8 and up, in groups of 6 to 20 players, the game is a fast-paced team charades games. You have one minute to guess as many phrases as possible. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

4. Codenames

For 2 to 8 players, ages 14 and up, the game can be played in 15 minutes. Try to figure out all of your agents using only their Codenames. If there is more than one team, try figuring out who is on the other teams, as well.

5. What? Party Game

For ages 18 and up, this game is easy to play. Can be played in a large group, at office parties, or anywhere. Recommended for groups of 5 or more players for the most fun.