Mountain Biking – A Real Adventure

Mountain Bike riding is a great sport and a fun-time activity. In the United States, the youth is active in mountain bike riding. There are special tracks designed for the mountain bikes which are called mountain bike trails. If you are also interested in mountain bike riding, then read below about some of the best mountain bike trails of the United States. Make it the goal that you will visit at least one of these once in your lifetime.

Many people enjoy mountain biking in the United States because there are many scenic areas and adventures to find. Ashville, North Carolina has proven to be one of the most enjoyable places to go when you want to get great spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The little town of Ashville is nestled between the Appalachian and the Blue Ridge Mountains giving such beautiful wonders all along the mountain bike trails.

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Best Spots for Mountain Biking

There are the Pisgah Mountains that you can enjoy with magnificent waterfalls and beautiful meadows. You will want to tour this area for the many mountain bike trails and the excellent views. The different mountain bike trails allow the riders to choose from the one they would prefer. These trails have been divided and differentiated on the basis of their distances and difficulty levels.

There are many exciting trails to follow when you go to East Burke, Vermont. This little town located between Burlington and Montreal gives you both the American and Canadian splendor of beautiful terrain. There is no doubt that you can use your mountain bike on Kingdom Trails, which provides a 100-mile long scenic tour that no motorbikes are allowed to use.

Many wild creatures are found along the pathway if you want to see them. Perhaps you just want to soak in the beautiful landscape that has been well kept along the whole terrain. The beginner will find this a very exciting starting place and want to return as well.


The experienced thrill seeker will want to do their mountain biking in Fruita, Colorado. There are hundreds of miles of trails that offer thrills for the qualified mountain bike expert. Book Cliff is a great place to ride your mountain bike as you can see the basin in Grand Valley. There are steep climbs where you can see that the descent is 2,000 vertical feet above the basin. This was designated an epic trail by the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

It is a perfect track for both, beginners and intermediates. You will have a great ride on the way back because it will be down the slope. The basin in Grand Valley stands as a magnificent form of nature itself and increases the scenic beauty of the area which appeals to many mountain bike riders.

An hour from Santa Barbara is the fantastic bike trail near Jalama Beach. It is called the Jalama Beach ride. A special trail has been made alongside the beach on a proper road. This gives a spectacular view of the beach along and is relatively easier to ride than the ones mentioned above. It is 14.5 miles in distance which is fine.

One of the best trails to ride in the United States is the Little Pan Loop. The Little Pan Loop is a very different and unique trail that has a view of its own. There are a few dangerous turns with a few easy straight tracks too. Its distance is 9 miles, and it has an elevation gain of 1020 feet which is fine enough. The Little Pan Loop is only the task of experts because it is very rocky. It is located near the Black Canyon.

Going-to-the-Sun Road is another wonderful track for mountain bikers. If you are fond of heights, this one is definitely for you. It is long and not a very easy task for the novice because of the different curves and steepness of the track. It is located in Montana and has two lakes in the scenes. It is 80 km long so make sure you have packed some snack items for a break, and you have some company with you too. There are some amazing waterfalls on the road also.

Near the DuPont State, Recreational Forest stands the Cedar Rock Trail. This Trail is popular because of the recreational forest beside it. It gives a spectacular view along with the cold breezes that would keep you running. Keep in mind that it is a rocky trail and it is not made on a proper road. The ride can be a little bumpy, and you would have to keep up with someone in case of emergency. The elevation gain for this trail is about 450 feet, and it is about 2.3 miles in distance, but the ride is not an easy one.

If you are interested in some fun, go visit the Valmont Bike Park. The Valmont Bike Park has special stunts and special types of trails designed for all skill levels. There is a special off-road trail whereas there are properly cemented trails as well. It does not cost a lot and is very affordable that makes it easier for a lot of people to visit their daily. It is a 40-acre park that has been located in Boulder, Colorado. There are jumps, stairs, slalom slopes, and many other fun activities and stunts which you can perform with your own mountain bike.

What’s more is the fact that another popular trail by the name of Big Rock Trail is also near to the Cedar Rock Trail. It is considered slightly easier in some parts whereas somewhat difficult in some parts compared to the Cedar Rock.

Keep in Mind!

Mountain biking is a great sport, but you must be in good physical condition. It is a good idea to have a complete physical checkup before you undertake to go on a mountain bike adventure. By a good physical condition, we do not mean that you should have a certain weight or height. However, you must be having good stamina and should not be facing any sort of medical problems like asthma.

Many places all over the United States and Canada are great for mountain bike adventures. You can check for mountain bike adventures in your own local community or for special places that you can go to take a vacation by using the resourceful internet search engines. It is easy to locate your place for adventure and fun on your mountain bike when you want to enjoy the great outdoors.