Making a Replacement Part List for Drones

Drones are relatively simple gadgets that are usually easy to build or assemble. Its simplicity is one of the reasons why DIY drone kits are incredibly popular today, as many hobbyists are fascinated by the mechanisms that make drones fly and want to see if they can make those mechanisms and parts work through a DIY project.

While drones are quite easy to build, they are often difficult to repair, as some parts of the drone can get damaged easily, and the damage is usually already severe once a part gets hit by or bumps into something. During the past few years, fixing damaged drone parts has been a complicated task, but thanks to the growing affordability of drones in recent years, replacement parts are now abundant in the market. So, if a drone part gets damaged, you can easily replace it with a new part.

If your drone is experiencing multiple problems, then you may need to replace more than one part of it. Before you get into purchasing parts, you will first need to make a replacement part list so that you won’t forget anything, and you will also know which parts actually need replacing. Here are tips to make a replacement part list for drones.

Knowing the Parts of the Drone


In order to make a list of replacements, you would need to actually know the different parts of the drone first. Fortunately, the simplistic mechanism of drones allows them to have only a few parts. Here are the parts of the drone that you should know about.


The frame serves as the foundation of the drone because, without it, there wouldn’t be anything for the other parts to attach to. The frame is also the biggest part of a drone too, as it is about 80% of the drone’s body. The frame is usually the part that gets damaged the least, as it is usually made from durable materials. Because it is durable, the frame also serves as protection for the internal parts of the drone.


The propellers are also exterior parts, much like the frame, but the difference is that the propellers are used to make the drone fly in various directions while the frame protects the internal parts that are responsible for the movement of the propellers. There are different kinds of propellers that you can get today, but the most common one is the two-blade propellers that are popular for being lightweight and precise.


Motors are connected to the propellers and are actually the ones that make the propellers spin. The most common type of drone that people can buy today is the quadcopter, and because it has four propellers, it needs to have four motors as well. Motors can often vary in power and size, so you will need to purchase the correct motor that provides your drone with enough power for flight while still being lightweight.

Electronic Speed Controller or ESC

The motors wouldn’t be able to control their speed, which is essential for the drone moving in different directions, without the electronic speed controller, more popularly known as the ESC. The ESC acts like a dynamic brake that stops motors from moving whenever they need to. So, if the drone needs to go down, up, and in other directions, the ESC will be able to control the motors so that you can move the drone with precision.

Power Supply

Of course, all of the electronic parts of the drone wouldn’t move without getting energy from a power supply, which often comes in the form of a rechargeable battery. The longevity of the battery would depend on its power and capacity, so you may need to install a bigger battery on your drone if you want to fly for much longer, although a bigger battery would give more weight to the drone.



You wouldn’t really be able to see where the drone is going or what it is seeing without the camera, which is usually installed at the front of the drone or at the bottom of it. The camera is considered one of the most important parts of the drone for many photographers and videographers, as they wouldn’t be able to capture stunning aerial shots if the drone didn’t have a camera. The camera is also often used for building inspections or farm surveillance.

Transmitter, Receiver, and Connecting Cables

The camera won’t really work without a transmitter, which is responsible for sending signals to the receiver, an electronic part that would then turn the signal into a live video feed of what the drone’s camera is seeing. The transmitter is installed within the drone and is connected to the camera by cables, while the receiver can be installed on the remote controller that has a screen, or it can just be a smartphone app that will then allow your phone to be the screen of the controller.

Flight Control Board

For advanced drones, the flight control board is installed in order for the drones to remember the takeoff place so that they can go back there during emergencies or whenever the controller disconnects. Moreover, the flight control board can also give statistics and calculations of its flight through a smartphone app or a memory card inserted into the drone.

Making a Replacement Part List

Now that we know about the essential parts of the drone, making a replacement part list is quite easy, as you will have a much faster time figuring out which part is damaged and would need replacement. Check out the list below for tips on making a replacement part list.

  • Before making a list, it is crucial to clean the drone first using a cleaning kit. By cleaning the drone, you will have an easier time checking out the drone for any damage since there wouldn’t be dirt or grime blocking your view.
  • After cleaning the drone, check the different parts of the drone for damage, including its internal parts. You can also turn the drone on for a brief period of time to see which parts are still functioning. Remember to disconnect the partially disassembled drone from any electrical plug before turning it on and just use the battery.
  • If there are parts that have damage like cracks, dents, or bumps, it would always be better if you could replace them as soon as possible instead of leaving them as is. It would be much more disastrous if these damaged parts would get much worse when the drone is already in the air.
  • Make a list of the damaged parts so that you will always refer to the list when buying replacement parts.
  • Only buy replacement parts from trusted brands and stores to ensure that the parts are durable and reliable.

We hope that this simple and short article has helped you in knowing the different parts of the drone and how to make a replacement list for them, which would become essential once your drone needs to get fixed. As we have mentioned previously, buy drone parts only from legitimate hobby stores and the most trusted drone brands so that you won’t have to deal with cheaply made parts that are much more brittle than the parts that you need to replace.