Kinds and Types of Golf Carts

Golf carts prove to be quite beneficial for golfers. With golf carts, it will be easier for the golfers to focus on their game without panting and suffering some back pains from carrying a heavily loaded golf bag while walking around the course.

If you have a heavy load of golf equipment in particular and find out that transporting all of them to each of the eighteen holes is like carrying a cross to Calvary, golf carts will save the day.

Here are the kinds and types of golf carts:

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1. Push golf carts

Push golf carts are probably the most common types of golf carts. As they are named, push carts can only be pushed as they have no motor. They are also easy to store and are quite versatile. Push golf carts usually have three wheels – one at the front and two at the back – although there are four-wheeled push golf carts as well. They can be used on all types of terrain, whether a grassy lawn or a sandy bunker. Push golf carts are easy to, well, push around the green, but it takes the right amount of effort to do it.

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2. Golf pull carts

Gold pull carts are the smallest among all the other types of golf carts. They also have the simplest construction; they resemble push golf carts but only with just two wheels, as they are meant to be pulled along rather than to be pushed. Since the construction is simple, golf pull carts tend to be the most lightweight compared to other golf carts.

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3. Electric golf carts

When the electric golf carts first came out, they took the golf world by storm. They make things a lot easier for the golfers and their caddies to transport loads of golf equipment without breaking a sweat. Since electric golf carts feature a motor, you can drive them around the verdant golf course lawns. Electric golf carts used to accommodate one passenger, but today you can find models that have two or three passenger seats. Compared to a gas-powered golf cart, electric golf carts are environmentally friendly.

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4. Gas-powered golf carts

Gas-powered golf carts work in the same way as electric golf carts, but the difference is that they are run by unleaded gasoline. While they are a little noisy and require higher maintenance compared to their electric counterparts, they provide a better option in moving across vast greens.

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5. Luxury golf carts

If you want to carry your golf carts in style, luxury golf carts will do just that. Luxury golf carts have everything that you are looking for in a golf cart – but as expected, they come with a hefty price. However, luxury golf carts have features that are not found in other golf carts – top-of-the-line features and other bells and whistles such as fog lights, premium leathered seats, shiny chrome grills, and snazzy rims on the wheels. They can also be customized. Nothing can be better than having a luxe golf vehicle to drive around the greens while enjoying a great life camping out while golfing.

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