Karaoke USA GF839 Portable System Review

We were curious to see how portable karaoke system compare, so we did a review on the Karaoke USA GF839 portable system. This system features a 7-inch color screen making it a fully equipped karaoke machine.

The karaoke system has so many great features and can be used in multiple ways, and it was easy to see why it is a popular portable option.

Read more on what makes it great below.

Features of the Karaoke USA GF839 Portable System

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Karaoke USA GF839 Portable System


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This Karaoke system is portable as it is a complete all in one system – meaning that it can display lyrics without the use of an external device. This is due to the 7-inch color screen which is clear to read – even from a distance.

This makes it the perfect option for parties as you require nothing external other than the karaoke machine itself. It also means the karaoke machine is perfect for use at home.


The effects of this karaoke machine are pretty good. They include echo control to add a live element to your sound, and the base and treble can also be adjusted.

Although there is not much else in addition to this, the sound quality is the best feature – it is strong and clear, perfect for larger spaces.

Music Source

This karaoke machine has some of the most flexibility of all karaoke systems as music can be sourced in so many ways. The main is by inserting a CDG disk and playing the lyrics via the screen. It can also be used to play CDs without the lyrics.

A device can also be attached to play music from the speaker of the karaoke machine, and a USB and SD card can also be inserted into the slots. This makes playing your favorite music easy no matter which format you choose.

Set Up

Setting up this karaoke system is easy – mostly attributed to the machines ability to be used alone. Set up does not involve much more than a connection to a power source. From there, you can insert a play or play music using one of the methods mentioned above.

It can also be attached to a TV to display lyrics on a larger screen.

Other Features

This karaoke machine has heaps of extra features that make it great, including the ability to record and playback songs.

It also includes a remote control for use from a distance. This is the base model and the more you are willing to pay, the better the features will become. There is even a model with flashing LED disco lights.

This particular model does not have Bluetooth. There is a model with Bluetooth available. Check out the Karaoke USA GF840 Portable System.


The main con is that the included songs are not great. You will definitely want to purchase your own.

The effects could also be slightly more varied. A pitch corrector would have been amazing but understandably would also have pushed the price up.


Overall it’s clear to see why this portable karaoke machine is so popular. The color screen is easy to read from a distance and plays the lyrics in CDG format. It is definitely worth ordering some of your own CDG disks however as the included songs are not great.

This portable karaoke system is actually quite impressive. The built-in speaker is of great quality and produces clear and crisp sound. The two microphones are something we don’t usually see included and when they are the quality is often lacking. However, these microphones are of pretty good quality – although of course there are better ones out there.

Depending on what you are looking for, the features you’re interested in will differ. Having said that this karaoke system is still better than most that you’ll find at a bar. Unfortunately, the voice recorder only works with raw vocals and does not record any of the effects.

In addition to the above, the karaoke system clearly looks great. It is also lightweight to carry – it only weighs around 10lbs. It offers multiple ways to play music and the USB and SD card give you even more flexibility. The echo balance gives a dramatic effect and the bass is also great.

Overall this is a fantastic portable karaoke system and a perfect option for any event.

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