Ju 87 (Junkers, Germany)

No, it wasn’t pretty. The Ju 87 was designed for ground attack, and was used extensively to hunt tanks, anti-aircraft positions, and bomb just about any target. As a high precision dive bomber, it would go down on its prey at a very steep angle, release its bomb, and then climb out.

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On the other hand, the Ju 87 was very heavy, had bad handling and poor defence capabilities, making it an easy target for allied fighters (I’ve heard a British pilot say it was like turkey-shooting). Nonetheless, as a bomber, the Stuka, as it was known, would elicit terror for the civilian or soldier hearing it diving. It literally made a hell of a sound which had a terrible psychological effect on the troops. Still a reliable and rugged aircraft, it destroyed more tanks than any other plane except for the Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik (a Russian ground-attack aircraft).

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Ju 87 blueprint front

Type: Ground attack aircraft
Engine: 640hp (and, later, 1200hp) Junkers Jumo 210Ca inverted V12 liquid-cooled
Max speed: 383 km/h (238 mph)
Ceiling: 7 500m (24,600ft)
Range: 1 000km (620 miles)
Weight (empty): 2,268kg (5,000 lb)
Weight (loaded): 4,336kg (9,560 lb)
Wingspan: 13,8m (45′ 23″)
Length: 11.13m (36′ 5″)
Height: 3,90 m (13′)
Armament: Two MG17 firing forward
One MG15 in rear cockpit
500kg (1,102lb) bomb under fuselage