JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set Review

It can be hard to find some middle ground when looking to purchase a ping pong table. No one wants to overspend, but no one wants an inferior ping pong table either. This is why it is always worth purchasing from a trusted brand with a reputation for quality.

Even at the lower end of the market, JOOLA produces quality ping pong tables. With some of the best competition grade tables on the market, it is no wonder that the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is so popular. This particular table is an affordable but high-quality option for those looking for the best quality at the lowest price.

Features of the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

Where to Buy
JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set



This particular ping pong table is suitable for indoor use only, and is therefore best for an office or games room as it does not include weatherproofing.

Whilst the table is not suitable for use outdoors, in most cases, it can be comfortably stored in a garage. Long term, this may not be the best option to maintain its quality, but it is strong and durable enough to withstand this. Keep in mind that this table has been designed for indoor use and to allow it to last the longest it possibly can you, need to store it as well as possible. A cover is therefore recommended.


JOOLA generally has pretty good assembly times, and this particular table can be fully assembled in under 30 minutes. This is only slightly longer than some of the easiest ping pong tables to assemble as most parts are pre-assembled. The most time-consuming part of assembling this ping pong table is attaching the legs.


The table comes in two parts and folds flat when not in use, with each side resting on the other and attaching with a safety clamp. The two sides of the table can be attached together when the table is flat by clamping them together with the net.

It can also be positioned for solo play by positioning one side of the table upright.

Dimensions and Specifications

This is a full sized ping pong table being 108 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 30 inches in height. The table top uses a wood composite material of 5/8 of an inch thick which, although is thinner than the 1-inch standard, does result in an overall quality surface due to the high quality of the table top.


No ping pong table is without its faults, and this model includes no waterproofing and is therefore only suitable for use indoors in well-sealed areas. It would also be nice to have seen a weight reduction in a table that uses standard materials.

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For the overwhelming majority of people looking to buy a ping pong table, quality is key. We all want a long lasting table worth the money we are paying. This is what makes this table great as a quality option for regular use. You can be sure that even with regular use, this table will last.

As this is one of the most popular tables on the market, we wanted to see what makes it so popular. The table is well priced compared to some of the higher priced models for what it offers.

The table uses high-quality and well-regarded wood composite material, which has definitely paid off and offers some of the best bounce quality in its class. There are no dead spots and it performs well in use, ensuring that only the way you play will influence how well you perform.

The table features dual locking safety clamps both when in use and when in storage. These clamps ensure that the table maintains its sturdiness in either playback or storage position – something many worry about when tables are stored in separate parts.

The height levelers are a feature that gives the table added stability, especially on uneven surfaces. Each leg features a height levelers and the 3-inch casters are large enough to make moving the table pretty simple.

The table comes divided into two separate parts, which are placed together to form the full sized ping pong table. This is done by clamping together the net. Of course, this does leave a negligible gap that will not affect gameplay. The clamp style net used to attach these two sides gives the advantage of more compact storage, a reduction in weight, and makes it easier to move. This also makes it versatile in that it allows for solo play back mode.

The table divides into two separate parts placed which are placed together, leave a negligible gap that will not affect gameplay. A clamp style next is used to attach these two sides together, giving the advantage of better storage and weight reduction when moving it, allowing the table to divide into two different parts.

Each of these features works together leaving the table solid, responsive and long lasting, making this would be a great option for a long lasting and reliable ping pong table. No wonder it is so popular!

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