Introduction to Sharpening Tools

Cutting tools are designed to be razor-sharp. But despite that, no cutting edge lasts forever. Even the sharpest of edges tend to get dull very quickly especially when you’re cutting hard materials. Re-sharpening the edges can extend the useful life of your cutting tools. There’s no big secret behind sharpening – provided that there are proper equipment and using the correct procedures, anyone can sharpen tools the right way.

Traditional hand tools are made of steel. When they go dull, they are usually brought to the shop to be sharpened. But today, most powered cutting tools (such as saw blades) have edges coated with carbide. Carbide is definitely harder than steel, and can only be re-sharpened by an advanced and special sharpening machine. In addition, carbide-tipped cutting tools are either discarded, sent to a professional sharpening service, or simply replaced with a new set.

Grinders are the usual tools for re-sharpening old and dull edges, most particularly a bench grinder that comes with two wheels which typically measure 6 to 8 inches in diameter and spinning at a rate of 3,600 rpm. Bench grinders are ideal for hardware and removing rust, but not exactly good for woodworking tools.

High-speed grinders tend to overheat the tool being sharpened, especially when they’re not used properly. They can even burn the steel of your tool’s blade, which cause it to become brittle and likely to chip. Another flaw about high-speed grinders is that their tool blade is not enough to support the tool for more accurate re-sharpening, that’s why it’s better to purchase additional tool rests to achieve the results you desire. Remember though, to wear a pair of protective googles, as any sparks could hurt you and even start fire in nearby wood dusts, chips and shavings.

But if you want better results without the risk of damaging the sharpener and/or the tool you’re sharpening, it’s better to purchase a water-cooled grinder. It comes with a grinding wheel which either runs in a trough of water or is wetted by drips of water. The water helps cool the wheel’s grinding surface, which minimizes the risks of overheating or burning. Water-cooled grinders typically spin at 100 rpm or under, significantly slower than high-speed grinders. The slow turning of the wheel won’t produce sparks or grit, so water-cooled grinders are safer compared to their high-speed counterparts. Nevertheless, they may need a bench, or at least a tray or any other receptacle to catch dripping water while the machine is running.

Sweden-based Tormek is a popular and well-recommended name especially when it comes to wet grinders. Although Tormek is pricey, it works impeccably in restoring a dull blade to its original sharpness. But Tormek is still not spared from suffering damages, so maintenance is still required using a couple of the machine’s accessories such as the stone grader and the stone truing tool.

Even after a tool has been re-sharpened, it still needs a final step in sharpening by using a flat bench stone to achieve the desired sharpness. These specially made stones are often oiled or soaked with water, and need some maintenance to prevent it from being worn-out.

Best Sharpening Tools to Buy

Where to Buy
Triton TWSS10
Ryobi P423
SKIL 3380-01
Tormek T4

1. Triton TWSS10

The Triton TWSS10 Slow Speed Wetstone Sharpener with High Grade 220 Grit Grindstone delivers a cleaned, extremely sharp edge on cutting and forming instruments. Perfect for hand instruments, blades, plane irons/cutting edges, etches and other wood-cutting devices.

It is fitted with a high-evaluation, pre-dressed, grindstone and calfskin sharpening wheel. Elastic feet keep the machine persistent and limit vibration for an ideal result. Induction motor works with a supply of 120 watts giving high endurance, smooth execution.

High-grade grindstone can be effectively re-dressed with the stone grader. Edges won’t overheat or lose their sharpness because of the water-cooled, moderate speed of the grindstone. Utilize the help arm, point guide and also, the jig to sharpen and shape a cutting edge clearly to the edge required. It also incorporates a support arm, Straight Edge Jig, Grinding Angle Set-Up Jig and stone grader.

What makes it stand out?

The brand has been known worldwide for its unmatched precision, being the very heart of Triton’s criteria since 1976, when the main Workstation was delivered. Planned in Australia, Triton devices keep on being worked with this logic at the beginning of each task.

2. Ryobi P423

The Ryobi P423 is a certified and refurbished item. It is tried and confirmed to look and work like new. The restoring procedure incorporates usefulness testing, fundamental cleaning, investigation, and repackaging.

The item sharpens knifes and all other kinds of relevant power tools. A base 90-day warranty. It also comes in a generic box. Installed spanner wrench shortens your disc replacements. This spanner is put on the grinder, so you don’t need to stress over losing it when you’re changing discs out for various applications.

The 3 position side handle aids in whatever point you’re carrying out your activity from. You’ll have the capacity to get the ideal influence with the assistance of the locally available plastic handle that changes as you need it.

The comfortable grip handle makes the process easier. An elastic overmold on the grasp keeps the grinding between the device and your hand, taking into consideration exact work in tricky conditions.

What makes it stand out?

If you have to alter the angle or depth of your cuts to suit a large variety of materials, you can do that with a push of a button. This allows a tool-free guard adjustment.


The rock solid DEWALT DW758 8-inch is perfect for all grinding tasks, including the sharpening of instruments, deburring, rust removal, forming parts and cleaning objects. It’s fueled by a 3/4 strength induction motor that keeps running at 3,600 RPM for simple and solid fast material removal.

The DW758 is accompanied by a mechanical cast iron base and engine lodging for included strength and a long life. It has a 12-1/2-inch separation between wheels for higher and bigger crushing applications, and precision-machined flexible aluminum rests enable the client to precisely position work. Back fumes ports in the wheel guards ensure a smooth working criteria. This device estimates 16 inches in length and weighs 39.5 pounds.

The DEWALT DW758-8 is supported by three-year limited warranty covering any deformities because of broken materials or workmanship (from the date of purchase). It’s likewise secured by DEWALT’s one-year free service and care contract.

What makes it stand out?

Where the maintenance of the tools and replacement of the worn-out parts will be on DEWALT, caused by ordinary use – free of cost. DEWALT DW758 8-inch bench grinder comes with these items in the package; the product itself, 36-and 60-coarseness wheels; eye shields; device rests; spark deflectors; working guidelines.

4. SKIL 3380-01

The SKIL 3380-01 is a very handy device. You’ll discover a wide range of places for the 3380 Bench Grinder with Light in your home workshop or garages. It can easily be used to smooth roughened etch edges, boring tools and blades.

You can as well pound down welded joints and bolts or clean surfaces. Including a 2.1-amp engine, this device accompanies medium and coarse wheels. There’s a helpful LED work light and a rest for each wheel for delivering maximal accuracy

Wellbeing highlights of the 3380 6-inch Bench Grinder incorporate eye shields and a strong cast-iron base with elastic feet that mounts effectively to a benchtop.

Integrated LED Work Lights make the work simpler. These advantageous LED work lights over the two wheels, helps keep the work piece lit. Medium and Coarse Wheels sustain the position during the work.

What makes it stand out?

You can easily grind down a huge list of material needs. Movable Tool Rests help in keeping the work simple and convenient. Device rests for each wheel are incorporated for precise grinding and effective results. Eye shields for expanded security are also provided. A strong cast-iron base with elastic feet that mounts effectively to a benchtop for increased reliability.

5. Tormek T4

The TORMEK T-4 8-inch Wet grinder framework is a marvelous upgrade of the T-3 display taking accuracy and steadiness to another dimension. With magnificent accuracy, the Universal Support is the establishment of the Tormek jig framework for exact honing of practically any bladed instrument.

Holding bladed gears in an exact position that’s wobble-free, the water cooled grinding wheel hones edges without shortening them. Simple Setup is the key feature of this design. Rapidly and effectively introduce the grinding wheel with its finger-turned screw and interface the water tray, filling it with water.

Enable the stone to drench up the water, refilling as required. Interface the Universal Support in the vertical or even position as required. You can carefully introduce the jig as well. Join a Tormek jig (sold independently) to the instrument to be honed and interface with the Universal Support.

What makes it stand out?

Associated with the Universal Support, the device moves along the grinding wheel with exact weight and position. Change the coarseness of the wheel for your requirements with the included stone grader. In addition to that, you can add the included honing feature to the grinding wheel to clean and complete the edge of your device.


In contrast to a dull power tool, a sharpened one is more accurate, safer to user, and often easier to work with. If you maintain the above sharpening tools well, they can give you the efficiency you need to chop down wood, make holes, etc. Like we mentioned earlier, there’s no magic to sharpening; you just need to have the proper equipment at your disposal.