Introduction to Game Room Gaming

There is no better place to unwind and have fun than a games room. A games room offers the best space to have fun with friends and family by providing everything you need to forget life’s problems. It does not take a lot of effort or money to get started on creating your dream games room – and it all starts here.

A games room is not only found at home. The perfect addition for any office is a games room by giving staff a way to unwind and bond together. It can be great for generating ideas – Albert Einstein himself said that he had his best ideas whilst shaving. Sometimes it takes something unrelated to the task at hand to jolt your best ideas.

Another great thing about having your own games room is that after the initial outlay, there are no costs. Have your friends chip in and the price of owning a games room becomes even lower.

So where can you get started?

The Best Game Room Games

To get started, you need to know which games are the best for your games room. There are several popular games that we will discuss below, but you are in no way limited to these.

The reason we recommend these games are because they are easy to play and most people have already played them before. Even if someone has not played the game before, they are easy to learn. The best part of a games room is having others join in, and having games they feel confident playing definitely helps.

Ping Pong


Ping pong is one of the easiest and funnest games to play, and nearly anyone can play it. It is a fun and easy way to kick start building an awesome games room.

Ping pong can be played with up to four players, but usually only involves two. Each player must hit the ball after it has bounced. If you miss, you lose. If you hit and the ball does not bounce, you also lose. Although this is simple enough, the game can quickly get fast and competitive.

What you will need…

  1. A ping pong table
  2. A net (most tables include this)
  3. Ping pong balls
  4. Ping pong rackets

To get started, read our guide to finding a ping pong table.

Top Ping Pong Tables

Where to Buy
JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table
STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table
JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

1. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

JOOLA is a name known for quality ping pong tables and their products have proven popular at competitive levels. The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table has proven to be a popular product itself and one of the best selling ping pong tables at that. A quick assembly time and high quality design makes it a responsive and easy to use ping pong table.

The ball bounces smoothly and responsively on the surface, and the ping pong table can be secured for solo play.

The net is also secure and includes a spring clamp tensions so that it can always stay strong. This is one of the best value ping pong tables to use indoors.

Read the full review here.

2. STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

Another name with some great ping pong tables is STIGA. What makes their tables great are that they basically come preassembled, so they are easy to unpack and set up. But there is more than just this.

The table provides a great bounce surface and when not in use folds compactly and stores away better than many. The safety latch improves both stability and safety of the table. It also comes with a secure net that stays in place during play.

This is a durable and high quality ping pong table, with the table detachable into two parts. Both sides of the table can stand on their own. This means you can use them for purposes other than ping pong.

Read the full review here.

3. JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Another table from JOOLA is the Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Outdoor ping pong tables need to be solid, and this table is thick and strong with material that speicfically resists warping.

The table is again easy to assemble, with preassembled hinges and requiring only the legs to be attached. The table is vertaible and can also be positioned for solo play. During play, the table has great bounce on the superior surface.

Providing more bounce and strength, the table is heavy but it is also easy to move on the trolley like wheels.

Read the full review here.

Pool Table


Pool is one of those classic bar games that gets everyone involved. Played on a pool table, the most popular game to play to 8-ball, but there are several other games you can play.

Pool requires a bit more skill than some other games, but it is a game that if you can practice at, the better you will be and the more fun you can have.

What you will need…

  1. A pool table
  2. Cue sticks
  3. 8-ball rack



Foosball is another easy to play game, similar to mini soccer, where you pull the bars back and forth to control the ball. A great thing about foosball is that many people can play at once, making it a great option for bigger crowds. It is also easy to play and requires little skill.

What you will need…

  1. A foosball table
  2. A foosball ball (if not included with the table)



Darts are one of the most inexpensive games to add to your games room. The aim of the game is simple – throw your dart as close to the center of the dart board as possible or on one of the high scoring spots. The winner will be the player with the highest cumulative score.

What you will need…

  1. A dart board
  2. Some darts

There are obviously other great games that you can add to your games room. Arcade style games are a great way to give your games room some nostalgic character.

This is a place to get creative and have fun, so do not be afraid to feature the things that interest you the most.