Inexpensive Night Vision Helmets

While binoculars and monoculars for night vision are a great way to see things that might otherwise be hidden in the dark, it can be awkward to try to carry them while still also targeting wildlife (with a gun or a camera) or doing other things that require at least one hand. Because of this, a helmet on which the night vision equipment can be mounted is a great idea, making it much more convenient to use night vision lenses.

Night vision helmets come in sizes and qualities that vary greatly. Though some night vision helmets can cost more than $30,000, there are a large assortment that are much more affordable. When times are tight, which often happens when there is a natural disaster or other issue that puts one into survival mode, it does not change the need or desire for survival items. Night vision can certainly be considered a survival need since it may be necessary to obtain food or watch for enemies.

When using night vision connected to a helmet, it makes sense to use a monocular. Having the night vision always available in one eye is much more useful than to have to switch over to using both eyes and having to switch back to see regularly. These can be attached with a mount to a helmet to make it easy to see in the dark.

There are two types of helmets that can be used for helmet mounted night vision. Bump helmets are non-ballistic and can be used by anyone and are suitable for attaching night vision and other accessories. Ballistic helmets are usually more expensive but are protective against flying shrapnel and ricocheted projectiles. Most people do not require a ballistic helmet, night vision is generally just for viewing and not a dangerous situation. The less expensive bump helmets are perfectly serviceable for holding night vision equipment.

Mounts are often sold separately from the helmets, though some helmets may include them. If a helmet does not include a mount, it is not difficult to procure one and install it.


Where to Buy
Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Helmet with Adjustable Chin Strap
Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Tactical Helmet with Adjustable Chin Strap, Digital Camo
Eugeneq Military Tactical Helmet Airsoft Gear Paintball Head Protector with Night Vision Sport Camera Mount
LEJUNJIE Tactical MICH 2000 Fast Helmet with Clear Riot Visor Face Shield Sliding Goggles for Airsoft Paintball CS War Games Outdoor Sports.
OneTigris Tactical Helmet MICH 2001 - Airsoft Helmet with Adjustable Chin Strap, Night Vision Mount and Side Rails
Outry Tactical Helmet, Adjustable ABS Helmet with Side Rails and NVG Mount, Outdoor Protective Helmet for Airsoft Paintball Hunting Shooting Outdoor Sports
Lancer Tactical Large - X-Large Industrial ABS Plastic Constructed Maritime Helmet Adjustable Crown with 20mm Side Rail Adapter Velcro Padding NVG Shroud Bungee Retention
Tactical Military Ballistic Helmet Side Rail NVG Shroud Transfer Base Army Combat Airsoft Paintball Full Face Mask Helmet

M88 Style Helmet

Possibly the least expensive helmet available, this one is plain, lightweight, and fits most. It will need a mount added in order to use it for night vision.

Digital Camo Helmet

Made of thin ABS, this very light helmet provides little protection but does offer a surface to which a night vision mount can be attached. One size fits most.

Tactical Helmet with Mount

Durable plastic is lightweight and easy to carry. The helmet has side-mounted rails for attaching accessories and equipment. A mount for night vision is located on the front of the helmet. Adjustable strap helps to achieve a secure fit for heads 22”-24”.

MICH 2000 Helmet

Removable transparent goggles can be used to protect the face and can be set in several positions. A bracket for night vision is at the front and rails for accessories are attached to the sides. Padding is provided to offer a comfortable fit. A riot mask is attached far enough forward to allow other glasses or goggles to be worn under it and is removable if desired.

Military Style Tactical Helmet

ABS engineering plastic makes up the shell of this fully adjustable helmet, which offers general protection and mounts for night vision and other items.

Open Ear Tactical Helmet

The high sides of this helmet allow the addition of hearing protection. Included EVA padding aids in a comfortable fit. Side rails and a front mount hold night vision and other gear. ABS plastic and nylon make this helmet durable and wear resistant.Loop panels provide places to add patches or other hook-and-loop type accessories. One size fits most.

XL Maritime Helmet

A dial knob at the back of the helmet adjusts head size for a perfect fit. Mount for night vision is accompanied by goggle strap clips on a bungee style cord. Rails and spots for patches are also on the helmet and its high-quality construction is durable and lightweight.

Full Face Helmet

At the upper end of the less expensive helmets is this full face mask helmet. Its modular design allows it to be adjusted to have a different lens (PC or steel mesh) or an open mask. It is resistant to impact and corrosion. Pads aid in a comfortable fit.


Mounts may be specific to the monocular being mounted, but the end that attaches to the helmet is almost always standard.

Where to Buy
LIVIQILY Tactical Sports Helmets Mounting Bracket for Rhino NVG PVS-14/PVS-7 Night Vision Fast ACH PASGT MICH Helmets M88 (Black)
Elite Tribe Helmet Mount Tactical Night Vision Shockproof Helmet Rhino Arm Mount
New Original US ARMY Issue - Mich ACH Helmet NVG Front Bracket Mount with Screw.

Mounting Bracket for Night Vision

This mount is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. It flips up or down with one hand and releases from the helmet with a one-handed button press.

Tactical Shockproof Arm Mount

Made of alloy metal, this accessories mount is adjustable and fits neatly on the helmet plate. A level allows the angle to be changed. Compatible with PSV-7 and PSV-14 night vision.

Bracket Mount

This mount comes with a mounting screw. It will attach to the front of any ACH/MICH helmet to allow mounts to be attached. If a helmet does not already have a hole for the screw, it is possible to drill one in most helmets; securing with a single screw limits the affect on the integrity of the helmet.


The most expensive part of setting up a night vision helmet is the part that provides the night vision. Monoculars that attach to helmets also come in a range of quality and cost.

Where to Buy
Night Vision Goggles NVG Mount for L4G24 Metal Helmet Mount,Rhino Mount Full Metal Tactical Helmet Mount CNC PVS15/18 (Night Vision Goggles)
Vbestlife Night Vision Goggles, Night Vision Telescope Monocular Waterproof Infrared Scope IR Digital Monocular Device PVS-14 for Helmet

Digital Night Vision Monocular

This full metal tactical night vision monocular can be attached to a helmet or a rifle or handheld. Its fully coated lens is made to allow vision of true color even in the dark. The viewer is adjustable.

Metal Monocular

This metal monocular allows clear vision and up to double magnification so views are high resolution and daytime views are colorful while nighttime views are black and white. Infrared illumination in the dark allows vision up to 100 meters with a wide field of view. It is lightweight, portable, and waterproof.