How Laser Rangefinders Help a Golfer

Golf laser rangefinders are not just accessories – they have also become one of the essential gadgets that every golfer should have. It is somewhat surprising that a lot of golfers still ask whether or not they need a golf laser rangefinder. Or, whether or not it is “ethical” to use it in tournaments.

A disclaimer: a golf laser rangefinder may not improve your swing. But it provides you with helpful information that you can put to use and may bring you higher chances to become successful in your game. Both amateur and pro golfers can use the golf laser rangefinder.

First of all, what is a rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance of a target from the observer (this action is called “ranging.”). It is useful in several fields such as the military, forestry, and sports.

A laser rangefinder is a type of rangefinder that uses a laser beam to determine the distance of a target object. In golf, a player uses the laser rangefinder to have a clear idea of how far he is away from the target object.

How does a laser rangefinder work?

A golf laser rangefinder emits a laser beam, which bounces off the target object (usually a flag-stick). Then, it measures the amount of time the laser beam takes to return to the rangefinder. The rangefinder uses this data to calculate the distance to the target object. Finally, it confirms the range by flashing it on the display screen.

How helpful is a laser rangefinder to a golfer?

A laser rangefinder is very helpful to a golfer in a variety of ways:

  1. It provides accurate distance measurements between you or the next hole, or the next hazard;
  2. It helps you to know how far you really hit each with your golf clubs. 
  3. It prevents indecisions on which club to hit (since you are not really sure how far you are or far you will hit it);
  4. It provides you with better knowledge of the golf course;
  5. It can improve your score in a relatively short period.

Golf laser rangefinders are allowed in tournaments.

This is great news! The revised Rule 14-3 of the United States Golf Association (USGA) allows the use of distance-measuring devices such as golf laser rangefinders on tournaments. Scores may be posted for rounds when helped by a device that measures distance. However, scores made while using a device that measures other conditions (such as wind speed or a ground’s slope), which might affect gameplay, are not acceptable.

What are the best golf laser rangefinders on the market?

When buying a golf laser rangefinder, bear in mind that it should have these attributes: accuracy, range, user-friendliness, water resistance, battery life, storage, appearance, and price. 

The following are our picks for the best laser rangefinders for golfers of all skill levels.

Where to Buy
TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder
Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder
Garmin Approach Z80 Rangefinder

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

The TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is considered one of the best golf laser rangefinders on the market; it almost always comes first in the search results on Amazon when you’re looking for a golf laser rangefinder. Not surprisingly, this golf laser rangefinder is one of “Amazon’s Choice” items.

It provides precise readings up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode. It has the Pinsensor technology which delivers fast measurement with 1-yard accuracy, which makes this rangefinder ideal for measuring pins and obstructions. Simple and clear lens, ease of set-up and operation, reliable battery life, lightness, and portability – these are the things you need in a perfect golf laser rangefinder.

It is a very reliable rangefinder that comes with a sleek design with a price that you can afford. This golf laser rangefinder is so cheap that it allows you to buy other equipment that will further enhance your play.

2. Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder

Another “Amazon’s Choice” item, the Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder is another excellent option. It features a range of sight of up to 400 yards and provides 6x magnification. It measures within one yard of your target and can even measure distances of up to 1/10th a yard!

It is lightweight, portable, water-resistant and shock-resistant, which makes for a very durable and reliable laser rangefinder no matter your situation is at the golf course.

There are other reasons to snap up this nifty gadget: it offers a free lifetime battery replacement, a 2-year warranty, and a trade-in allowance should you want to upgrade the device in the future.

3. Garmin Approach Z80 Rangefinder

Garmin Approach Z80 Rangefinder has some features that are unique that you cannot find them in other rangefinders. Another one of “Amazon’s Choice” rangefinder picks, Garmin provides a full-color 2D overlay on the viewfinder for over 41,000 pre-loaded course maps nationwide.

It also has the GreenView feature, which provides distances to the front and the back of the green. It allows you to see accurate distances to hazards, as well. It has the image stabilization feature, which reduces shakiness, making it easier for you to spot the flag and other hazards.