Helmet Night Vision Mounts

Visibility can make the difference between surviving and thriving – or between surviving or dying, in some situations. Since survival in a disaster situation may also require having both hands available for climbing, defense, or other things, having helmet mounted night vision may be the best solution for most people.

It is possible to purchase a night vision helmet from a variety of outdoors-oriented places. Some may be able to do well with a cheap night vision helmet, but others may choose to add night vision via a helmet mount to a sturdier helmet, such as a ballistic helmet. Attaching night vision equipment to such a helmet is quick and easy with the right helmet mount.

Even though night vision can be attached to a weapon rather than a helmet, most people find this a less useful method. If one can only see when sighting through a weapon scope, then it is likely that arms will tire from holding it up to be able to see. With night vision mounted on a helmet, it can be kept in front of the eyes easily and allow vision both without a weapon and with one. It is also more stable and comfortable to have the night vision attached to a helmet than to have it separate.

The type of helmet will have some bearing on what type of mount can be used. A Kevlar helmet, for instance, is better used with strap-based mounting systems, as bolted systems require drilling holes which could compromise the protection of a ballistic helmet; night vision is important but loss of protection may not be a big enough offset.Drilling holes into Kevlar may also void any warranty it might have.

One of the original mounts, the Armasight Vega helmet mount, is now unavailable, but it offered lightweight and compact night vision with a built-in illuminator; it flipped up to get it out of the way if unneeded. Many of the current mounts have similar features.

Where to Buy
Armasight Helmet Mount #3 (MICH/PASGT)
EMERSONGEAR Tactical Adjustable Fast Helmet,MH Style Helmet with Side Rails and NVG Mount,Fast MICH Ballistic Helmet for Airsoft Paintball Hunting Shooting Outdoor Sports
DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet with Accessory Mounts
Canis Latran Tactical 3-Hole Type 2 Skeleton NVG Mount Shroud for ACH/MICH/OPS-Core Fast/Crye AirFrame Helmet
FOCUS REVISION Metal Tactical Airsoft Paintball Night Vision ACH PASGT Helmet Mount Base Lightweight Outdoor Hunting Helmet Rail Mount Helmet Accessory
Rail Mounts or Helmet Excavator Mounts Bracket Adapter for Picatinny Rails GoPro Action Camera
LIVIQILY Tactical Hunting L4G24 CNC Mount Aluminum Frame Helmet Accessories Mount Arm for PVS 15/18
Jadedragon Night Vision Goggle Mount Holding Strap for ACH PASGT MICH/M88 Helmets Set

Amasight Helmet Mount #3 (MICH/PASGT)

This strap-based system fits on any helmet, providing an easy way to attach any Armasight Spark, Vega, and Ninox goggles.

Tactical Adjustable Fast Helmet

This ABS helmet is lightweight and durable and comes in 10 different colors. It includes an adjustable internal pad and headband and outer rails and Velcro panels as well as a NVG mount on the front. Good for outdoor sports and training exercises.

Extreme Bump Helmet with Accessory Mounts

This bump helmet is made in a MICH / ACH pattern and is lightweight but ready for use in outdoor sports or activities or in simulation or training exercises. It has ventilation holes that can also be used for accessory gear. NVG mount on the front is removable and replaceable, ready to hold night vision gear, lights, or camera. Side rails provide easy attachment of other accessories.

NVG Mount Shroud

Night vision brackets from ANVIS, Norotos, Rhino, Wilcox and more will fit into this shroud. Headlamps will also attach to this shroud, as will GoPro cameras, with compatible adapters that can be purchased separately. Any helmet with a five-hole mount pattern can have this shroud installed. All mounting hardware is included.

Metal Night Vision Helmet Mount Base

This lightweight metal base installs easily to ACH, MICH, and PASGT style helmets with 3-hole patterns. Three screws for attaching the mount are included. Many night vision devices can be mounted using a (not included) mounting arm, while others will require an adapter.

Mounts Bracket Adapter

Two nylon brackets for rail and helmet are included in this set. Lightweight adapters install easily with hexagonal set screws. Connect a GoPro camera or other equipment.

Aluminum Mount Arm

This aluminum arm has a matte black finish to prevent shine in nighttime exercises. A quick release button makes it easy to install and remove with one hand, and it flips up and down easily with one hand. It has two attachment modes: one allows breakaway if put under stress while the other locks securely in place.

Night Vision Goggle Mount Holding Strap

Lightweight high-quality metal makes this mount easy to carry. It installs easily on ACH, MICH, M88, or PASGT helmets. Both PSV-7 and PSV-14 Night Vision Goggles are compatible with this mount.

Where to Buy
PSV-14 Rhino Mount Night Vision Goggles Mount NVG Mount Tactical Helmet Mount
CANIS SPORT INC J-Arm Headset Adapter PVS 14 Night Vision Mount
NEW Norotos Military Issue PASGT LWH Ballistic Helmet NVG Night Vision Goggle Mount Bracket
CANIS SPORT INC PVS 14 Night Vision Mount, NVG Weapons Mount, PVS-14 Accu-Torque Mount(Aluminum )
Superior Tactical Night Vision Head Mount Assembly for PVS-7, PVS-14, 6015, 6010, PVS-18 NVG NVD
EMERSONGEAR Night Vision Goggles Holder Bracket MICH M88 Metal Fast Helmet Mount Kit Helmet Accessories Rhino NVG PVS-7 PVS14
Shanbor Night Vision Goggles Holder, Helmet Mount, Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Action Cameras for Night Vision Goggles Cycling Riding

Tactical Helmet Night Vision Mount (Canis Sport)

This NVG mount is made to be stable and firm. A full metal mount is very durable. It offers tilt and adjustment as well as a quick release button.

J-Arm Headset Adapter (Canis Sport)

This plastic adapter is made specifically for the mount above; it will not fit properly in other mounts.

Military Issue Ballistic Helmet NVG Mount Bracket

This black bracket does not include mounting hardware but is designed to fit PASGT helmets and to be used with a PVS-7 or PVS-14 Rhino mount. Any device that mounts to a standard NVG plate will be compatible with this bracket. It is made in the USA, to meet military specifications.

PVS-14 Night Vision Mount

Made to hold a monocular for night vision, this bracket is lightweight and durable with a quick release. It attaches to a Picatinny (1913) rail. It installs without the need for tools.

Strap Mount Assembly

The straps attach comfortably to allow hands-free use of night vision equipment. Compatible with PVS-4, PVS-14, 6015, 6010, and PVS-18.

Night Vision Goggles Holder Bracket

Durable metal material is adjustable and can flip up and down for convenience. Compatible with PSV-7 or PSV-14, it is easy to install and easy to operate.

Aluminum Helmet Mount for Night Vision

This mount comes with a screwdriver for installation. It is adjustable for angle and view. Its full metal construction makes it durable and it is made to be vibration resistant for better vision.