Guide to Seat Organizers for Cars

For most people, a car is their second home. So, it’s important for them to have it always looking squeaky clean from both inside and out. As for the inside, if you don’t think your car provides ample storage space to keep all your stuff and the stuff of your kids and your significant other, you should consider buying car seat organizers.

What are car seat organizers?

If you are not familiar with the term, car seat organizers are third-party manufactured compartmentalized pockets that hang on the back of your car seats and provide spaces to hold toys, bottles, electronics, smartphones, and in some cases, foldable trays to easily eat food.

In short, a car seat organizer can help you hold just about everything you can imagine to carry in your car that can help make your road trips more comfortable.

For people who are intrigued by the idea of mess-free and organized cars, seat organizers are an essential accessory to own. If you are sold on the idea and are considering buying seat organizers, you’ll find the following buying guide to be of great help.

Things to Consider When Buying Seat Organizers

Type and Placement of the Organizer

Seat organizers come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and placement options.

Mainly, there are three types.

  • Front Seat Organizer

For people who mostly travel alone, a front seat organizer is an ideal choice as it hangs on the passenger seat to keep everything under the reach of the driver.

  • Back Seat Organizer

A back seat organizer is more suited for family-used vehicles and can be hanged on the back of the front seat or the back of the backseat (SUVs only) for easy access to toys, phones, tablets, and water bottles.

  • Gap Pockets

The “gap pockets” is a good addition to any kind of vehicle. As the name suggests, the gap pockets usually fit between the gap of the seat and the center console. It’s not very spacey but has ample capacity to hold a smartphone, a coffee cup and some small things like keys or change.

It’s Color

Since these organizers are manufactured using different types of fabrics, they can be bought in different colors and accents. It’s significant that you choose one that complements the color of the interior of your car. Black is commonly available and goes well with most leather interiors. Speaking of leather interiors, here’s an article sharing its maintenance tips that you might find useful as well.

Storage Capacity

Different organizers provide different capacity storage spaces. Some are capable of holding large and heavier items while others can only house small items like smartphones, battery packs, and magazines. Consider what you want to keep in those organizers and go for one that provides space to hold, say, a laptop or tablet. Larger capacity organizers also tend to take up more space which can make the passenger sitting parallel to it, uncomfortable.

Strap Strength and Length

The last and final thing that you need to take into account before you can make a solid purchase decision, is the length of the hanging strap and its strength. If your chosen organizer has a long strap, chances are that the organizer will be hanging low or quite possibly touching the floor of the car. This will not only be discomforting for the passenger facing it but will also make it hard to reach certain pockets from the front seat.

A strong strap on the organizer is also important especially if you plan to load it to the max. If the strap can’t withstand the weight, it might break and fall, making a mess of things.

Where to Buy
ULEEKA Car Backseat Organizer with 10" Table Holder, 9 Storage Pockets Seat Back Protectors Kick Mats for Kids Toddlers, Travel Accessories, Black, 2 Pack
LucklyJone Car Seat Gap Filler, Console Side Pocket, Car Seat Pocket Organizer Catcher Caddy for CellPhones Wallet Coin with Cup Holder (2 Pack)
Car Back Seat Organizer with Larger Protection & Storage - 12 Compartments including iPad Holder, Reinforced Corners to Prevent Sag, Eco Friendly Materials - Great Travel Accessory for Kids
Fancy Mobility Car Backseat Organizer - Baby Accessories, Kids Small Toys & Travel Essentials Holder - Great Storage Bag for Road Trips - Perfect Baby Shower Gift - Includes Visor Organizer
Car Seat Pockets PU Leather Car Console Side Organizer Seat Gap Filler Catch Caddy with Non-Slip Mat 9.2x6.5x2.1 inch Black?2 Pack? Powertiger

5 best Seat Organizers For Your Car

1. Back Seat Organizer From ULEEKA

Perfect for any family car, this back seat organizer has an abundance of stretchable mesh pockets. There’s also a dedicated pocket to hold your favorite 10-inch tablet. It hangs on the back of the front seat with the help of an adjustable strap that tucks away under the headrest without becoming a hindrance. The stretchable pockets allow you to store everything from toys, snacks, and water bottles to magazines, CDs, and sunglasses. It’s made with 600D polyester and has PVC frosting for protection against dirt, mud, water, and stains. The best part, you get two organizers for the price of one with a one-year replacement warranty.

2. LucklyJone Seat Gap Filler

Made out of ABS plastic, this gap filler easily fits in most cars. However, if you find the gap to be too wide, the package contains an added padding to make the fit more accurate. It not only provides a place to hold your beverage, phone, and change but also fills the gap to keep your phone from slipping under the seat. It has a very simplified and purposeful design and comes in only black color to compliment all types of car interiors. Upon purchase, you also get a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, in case of any production defects.

3. Lusso Gear Back Seat Organizer

Targeted toward people who are looking to make the most of the open space, this car organizer from Lusso Gear provides 12 compartments to hold just about everything. All the front pockets are reinforced using a hard substance that keeps them from folding or sagging when overloaded. There’s a dedicated pocket to hold tablets while giving them access to the charging port. The whole thing is handcrafted and has adjustable straps. You can also buy it in four different colors.

4. Baby Accessories Organizer From Fancy Mobility

Specially designed to carry baby accessories, this car organizer is very well-built and includes a visor organizer as well. The built is a combination of mesh and polyester and is waterproof. It holds its place on the back of the seat very firmly thanks to the two adjustable straps, one at the top and one at the bottom. All the pockets ave elastic lining to hold everything firmly in place. It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty from the manufacturer which makes this seat organizer a safe investment for anyone who owns a car.

5. Power Tiger Leather Pockets

Another seat gap filler, these car organizer pockets are a great addition for any car. Available in three different trim colors to easily match most leather interiors, the pockets themselves are built using PU leather. The pockets also come with an add-on sliding cap to keep the contents hidden. There’s also a money-back guarantee included with the product if you find any production defects.

Final Words and Recommendation

If you mostly travel with kids and other family members, installing car seat organizers can keep your vehicle mess-free and clean. We have discussed the different types available and have also shared our top picks with you. We suggest that you should definitely buy a seat gap filler organizer as it would keep your smartphone, cigarette pack, lighter, and keys from falling under the car seat and becoming a distraction during driving. Which backseat organizer you choose as its companion is totally dependent on your choice and specific need. We hope you find this guide useful and share it with your friends.