Guide to Seat Organizers for Cars

What Is a Seat Organizer for Cars?

Cars can quickly get cluttered. Your things can fall to the floor and roll around as you drive, making them hard to find when you need them. A seat organizer is the best tool to purchase to prevent your car from getting messy. You can use it to keep your things separated and organized. Therefore, you can avoid rummaging around when you need to find something.

You can use car seat organizers to organize just about anything. It can be used as a trashcan, hold daily essentials, and even store snacks and devices for a trip. They allow you to keep your car mess-free and organized. 

Seat organizers come in various forms and can be attached in various configurations. To find a seat organizer that best fits your needs, you should consider what you will use the organizer for. 

Why Do You Need a Seat Organizer for Your Car?

Your car can become cluttered very quickly if you have a lot of stuff, as there are few places to store them in a car. In such cases, having a seat organizer for your car is a must. There are many different benefits of owning a seat organizer for your vehicle.

Getting Rid of the Clutter

If you have kids, they may bring various toys, snacks, and other clutter into your car. A huge pile of their stuff in the car can become a mess, and finding anything becomes difficult. In such cases, having a seat organizer allows you to organize the clutter and separate all the different items. 

You can also take this as an opportunity to teach them to be more organized and not leave their belongings in a mess. 

Some also prefer having roadside emergency gear just in case they get stranded. These can also be placed in an organizer instead of in your truck for easy access. 

Preventing Spills

If you are in a car for an extended period and are drinking a beverage, you may spill it because there is no proper place to hold onto it. Having a seat organizer gives you a space to place your cups so that they do not tip over as you are driving.

This tool is handy for kids because most cup holders do not fit their sippy cups. An extra space that can hold these cups can help prevent accidental spills. 

Keeping the Seats Clean

Kids are prone to prop their feet up on the seats, which can scuff them up and dirty them by leaving their footprints. You can invest in a car organizer with a kick mat to prevent cleaning up every time your kids exit your vehicle. This helps keep your car clean, and when the car seat organizer gets dirty, you can take it off, clean it, and put it back on. 

Creating More Space

The best seat organizer creates space for you to put your items and prevent your stuff from rolling around your car. When you have a space to put your things, your vehicle’s interior will remain clean and tidy. Additionally, you will know where everything is placed. 

Easy Access

Since seat organizers give you space to place all your necessary items, you instantly know where you can find what you need. Since all of it is in one place, you can easily find it instead of rummaging around the car. 

Types of Seat Organizers

Seat organizers come in various different forms. You can attach some to the back of the seat, on the front seat, in the middle, etc.

Hanging Backseat Organizers

Hanging backseat organizers are the most common type of seat organizer available on the market. You can hang them on the back of either the passenger seat or the driver’s seat. They are effortless to install because they come with straps that can be attached around the bottom of the seat and the headrest.

These organizers make everything easy to access, and those sitting in the backseat can use them to store all kinds of items. 

Middle Seat / Collapsible Organizer

Middle seat organizers can be placed in the vehicle’s front or back seat. They go on the floor and are collapsible. You can fold them open when you need to use them to place your items; when it is not required, you can collapse them and store them away. Such organizers can hold a variety of things. Mainly they are used to keep food, drinks, toys, etc.

These kinds of organizers are used in larger vehicles such as minivans to clear up space and store items that are not needed urgently.

Types of Pockets

Most organizers feature pockets, which are the main area where you can put your items. There are many different kinds of pockets on these organizers. 

Tablet Pockets

Tablet pockets are larger-sized pockets designed to store iPads or other larger devices. On long trips, it is essential that those in the backseat are entertained. Most parents hand their children a gadget to play with but holding it for extended periods can be tiring.

Seat organizers with tablet pockets ensure that the tablet is safe and securely placed away from your child. Thus, your child can be entertained throughout the trip.

Mesh Pockets

Most seat organizers for cars come with mesh pockets. There is usually a mix of small and large mesh pockets that can store various items. Small mesh pockets are handy for holding sippy cups when they are not in use.

Larger mesh pockets help hold larger items, such as stuffed toys, clothes, snacks, and more. You can also store books that are great to read while traveling.

Key Features to Consider

There are a variety of seat organizers available on the market. If you are in the market for one, you should consider a few key features before you purchase one. That way, you will end up with one that will be useful for you.


Seat organizers have different features, which make them useful for holding certain items but not others. Some can only hold cups and bottles, while others only have large pockets to store toys or clothes. 

Ideally, it would help if you chose a multi-purpose seat organizer that can be used to store and hold multiple items. The best way to ensure versatility is to select a seat organizer with different-sized pockets. It should have a special pocket to view your electronic devices, a small pocket for drinks, and a larger one for toys. 


Seat organizers come in different shapes and sizes. Some are designed for larger cars and are wider with longer straps. Others are narrower and shorter, with smaller straps because they are made for smaller cars. 

Thus, when choosing a seat organizer, you should consider the size. The size also determines the number of pockets and their size. Therefore, you should also consider the items you intend to place in these organizers before making a purchase. 


The seat organizer you choose should be durable and able to hold heavier items. If you intend to store light items, then the strength of the organizer is insignificant. However, you may want to keep your laptop or other heavier items. In that case, you should ensure that it is made of heavy-duty material. 

Durability is of utmost importance because you do not want the organizer to rip at the seams and drop all your items on the floor. 


The seat organizer that you choose to buy must be made using high-quality materials. It should be able to withstand wear and tear and heavy items. It is recommended that you purchase organizers made of materials such as nylon, 600D polyester, and Oxford. They are usually the most durable and hold up the longest. 

Furthermore, they are less likely to rip from the seams than car organizers made from other materials. 


Seat organizers come in various configurations. Some feature larger pockets, some have smaller and some have both. The best way to identify the kind of pockets you need is by assessing the number of items you will put in the organizers and their size. 

Such organizers also have different kinds of pockets, such as mesh, zippered, tablet, etc. 

Kids or Adults

Consider whether it is meant to store items for adults or kids when picking out a seat organizer. If adults are using the organizer, you should choose one with more muted colors and forgo the tablet pocket. 

If kids will use your seat organizer, you should choose one that is brighter and features a kick mat that can keep the car floor and seat clean. It should also have a built-in cool bag to keep drinks and food at an optimum temperature. 

Installing Process

When purchasing a seat organizer for your car, choose one that is easy to install. Some organizers have complicated straps that you need to tighten in multiple places. Those are complicated to fasten, which is why you should choose one that is straightforward. 

Your seat organizer should be strong, stable, and reliable. This feature is extremely important if you use the organizer to store essential electronics or fragile items. It should be easy to secure in place and should stay there until you unfasten it. 

Easy to Maintain

It is also essential to consider whether or not the organizer is easy to clean. The seat organizer you choose should be easy to maintain. You should be able to take it out, wash it and place it back in its place when it is dry. An easy-to-maintain organizer is essential, especially if it is used by children or used to store food and drinks.


When purchasing a car seat organizer, purchasing one within your budget is essential. Prices for such organizers range from under $10 to over $20.

Price Expected Features
Under $10 These seat organizers are usually small and have fewer pockets and features. They are also made using cheaper materials.
Between $10 and $20, They have a decent number of pockets of various sizes and can store multiple items.
Over $20 Seat organizers are usually larger and more durable in this price range. They have plenty of pockets and are versatile in their use. 

Top Brands

When purchasing a seat organizer for your car, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest one. However, these are usually not very durable and have fewer numbers and types of pockets. If you have the budget, opting for a branded seat organizer is a better option. Seat organizers from good brands are made of high-quality materials and are long-lasting. 

Additionally, they are also versatile and offer you a lot of room to pick and choose the kind of organizer you want for your car. Some popular brands that manufacture seat organizers include Munchkin, Lusso Gear, and Oasser.


Munchkin seat organizers are designed to hold a variety of items. They have a universal design that helps you organize the items in your car within its many pockets. The pockets featured on their organizers are of different sizes, meaning you can store many things simultaneously. They are also easy to clean, making their seat organizers the perfect choice if you have messy kids. 

One of their most popular seat organizers is the Munchkin Backseat Organizer.

Lusso Gear 

Lusso Gear manufactures some of the best seat organizers in the market. Their products are geared toward busy parents who need tools to help them keep organized on the go. Their most popular car seat organizers include the Lusso Gear Heavy Duty Back Seat Car Organizer and the Lusso Gear Car Back Seat Organizer. 


Oasser is a well-known Chinese brand that specializes in automotive supplies. They also manufacture some of the best seat organizers for cars. They are made using high-quality materials that are also durable. These organizers come in various shapes and sizes. They have different-sized pockets allowing you to store just about any item you want. 

Some of their most popular organizers include the Oasser Kick Mats Car Seat Back Protector and the Oasser Seat Organizer.

Pros and Cons of a Seat Organizer For Your Car

Pros Cons
They help keep everything organized and in one place. They cannot handle heavy items and are prone to splitting at the seams.
They prevent spills. If they are filled, they take up too much space.
They keep children entertained during long rides.


Are the tablet pockets on seat organizers touch-sensitive?

Yes, some tablet pockets have touch-sensitive plastic covering them to allow you to operate the gadget without removing it. It is also extremely helpful as it enables your children to use the tablet without getting it dirty or dropping it. 

Are car organizers one size fits all?

Most seat organizers are designed to be adjustable. Therefore, you can adjust it according to the size of your backseat. It is always best to check the dimensions before purchasing because only some car organizers can fit different-sized vehicles. 

How do you install a seat organizer?

To install a seat organizer, you must first wrap the top strap around the headrest. Then, make sure that it is fastened properly. To do so, pull the strap till it is snug. Next, wrap the bottom strap around the seat’s base and secure it. Once your organizer is in place, you can fill the pockets.


If you are looking to clean up the interior of your car and keep it organized all the time, a seat organizer is the best thing you could purchase. It allows you to keep all your items in one place where they are easily accessible. They are also a must-have if you go on trips or have children that bring multiple toys and gadgets with them on their journeys. 

There are many factors that you should consider before you purchase a seat organizer. Otherwise, you will end up with one that will tear easily and won’t have enough space to hold all your items. Thus, you should pay attention to the material, pockets, versatility, and brand.