Fun Golf Games to Play with Your Golfing Buddies

Golf is a fun game to play to pass the time. When you know how to play golf, it’s a joy to play with your family, friends, and colleagues. Golf is one of the most popular sports ever created. If you want to add some flavor to your golf outing, here are a few entertaining and well-liked activities you can play with your favorite golfing buddies to spice up the next round.

1. The Bingo Bango Bongo Game 

This is a point-scoring game. A point is awarded to the first player in the group to land the ball on the green and it is called Bingo. A point awarded to the player whose ball is closest to the pin after all balls have been placed on the green is called the Bango. Finally, the player in the group who is the first to hole out receives a point and it is called Bongo.

Even new players will like this game because you simply have to be the first at something, especially with the Bango. More greens in regulation are likely to be struck by stronger players. A par four in two strokes or a par five in three shots. As a result, the stronger player may be forced to settle for a 20-footer or more for a birdie.

On the same hole, the weaker player may take five shots to reach the greenside and then chip up to four feet. If all three stronger players are on the green in regulation with long birdie attempts and the weaker player is within four feet for a seven, the weaker player wins the point.

2. Best Ball 

This is the most popular golf course game played by a single golfer. All you have to do is hit two or three balls every hole and only the best score counts. You frequently hit the second ball considerably better, which improves your game.

3. Worst Ball 

If you want a little more difficult version of Best Ball, turn it around and play Worst Ball. It’s quite similar, however, all you have to do is hit two or three balls every hole and take the lowest score. Check to see if you can still receive your regular score.

4. Stroke Play

Stroke play is a traditional game of golf. The number of strokes required to complete a hole is counted, and the individual with the lowest score wins. Stroke play allows you to enjoy your golf game without worrying about scoring too high or low. The purpose of stroke play is to finish with the lowest possible score, so ensure you follow all guidelines and play nice with your opponents. Before you play, record your total strokes on each hole; this will help you keep track of how well you’re doing throughout the round. Remember that patience pays dividends when it comes to stroke play. Try not to get frustrated if things don’t go as planned early in the round, and instead focus on finishing strong for a higher overall score.

5. The Wolf Golf Game

A lot of weekend warriors still enjoy playing the classic golf game Wolf. Every hole in this four-player game produces a different team, and it even occasionally results in a tense three-on-one match.

On the first tee, choose an order from one through four, and keep rolling it over for the duration of the round. Therefore, if you tee off second on the first hole, you will have the honors on the second hole, while the player who went first will be last. The cycle then repeats, with the first batter of the day reclaiming first place at the fifth tee. Choosing the order based on name or age is the simplest option.

The wolf is the golfer who tees off first on a hole. The wolf chooses a partner for the remainder of the hole after the remaining players have fired their tee shots. Pretty awesome advantage, but you must still choose carefully. If his short game is terrible, you don’t want to choose the lonesome player on the fairway. The strategy enters at this point.

Before the third player takes their tee shot, the wolf must declare whether or not they will be playing with the second player. The wolf can snag player three only before the final player hits if he passes on number two. Players have the option to play the hole as the lone wolf versus the other three if none of them manage to impress the wolf.

The wolf and his partner must finish the hole with a lesser score than the other team to win. The benefit of being a lone wolf is that you will receive double the stake if you win that hole, but you must pay double to each of the other three players if you lose.

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6. Sixes or commonly known as Hollywood or Round Robin 

Sixes is a team match-play game in which sides alternate every six holes. You can play either four-ball or Nassau-style sixes. In the Nassau version, the IN match is the first three holes and the OUT match is the last three, for a total of six holes. The players choose teams for each course third, referred to as the Front 6, Middle 6, and Back 6, before holes 1 and 7, respectively, and are automatically set for holes 13-18. The hole is won by the team with the lowest net score. Another alternative for a low net is to use the second ball or second score as a tiebreaker or to count both scores. In the latter, each hole may be worth two points.

7. Poker Chip Golf

The idea is rather straightforward. The set includes six excellent chips and six subpar chips. The majority of people value each chip at $1 per participant, and you pass chips as you go through the game. It may sound bothersome, but it can also be humorous and enjoyable. When your friend is lining up his downhill 8-footer for his third putt, for instance, you can just toss the dreaded 3-putt chip at him after his follow-through as a joke. The last hole is usually where the action takes place and believe me when I say that every player’s ears will be pulled to the sound of a tree or other hazard with every sliced shot.

8. String ball 

The golf string game is known by various distinct names, including String It Out, String Ball, and the closed-up Stringball. Instead of being awarded shots based on their handicaps, players in the golf string game are awarded a length of string, usually a foot each shot of handicap. 

Players in the golf string game can move their ball to a more advantageous location without losing a stroke. They simply measure the distance they have moved the ball and cut that length of string off their piece of string. Players can move the ball as often or as far as they want as long as there is enough string left. They can also move in whatever direction they like. As a result, if a player’s shot is just out of bounds, they can bring the ball back into play. Similarly, using a piece of string, a ball can be removed from a hazard with no penalty.

9. The Nassau

This can be done in groups of two or more people. This divides the round into three sections. The person with the highest score on the front nine receives a point. The player with the highest score on the back nine receives a point. The person with the highest overall score receives a point. You can also place a wager on each segment.

10. Foursomes

Foursomes, often known as alternate shots, is a golf pairing-playing game. This golf format is frequently used in professional team golf championships. A team consists of two golfers, while a foursome consists of two teams. A team of two golfers uses only one ball and alternates shots till the hole is completed.

Golfer A takes the first tee shot, Golfer B takes the second shot, Golfer A takes the third shot, and so on until the ball is holed. The participants also take turns teeing off. Before the round begins, the players should pick who will tee off first to ensure that the best Driver off the tee tees off on the majority of the tough holes.

To spice things up, try these games during your next round. All of these games provide a lot of variation and allow you to rediscover the game we all adore.