Guide to Diecast Airplane Model Collecting

Collecting diecast airplane models is not something new. People have been collecting and assembling these toys for years. Back in the day, these models were simply a crude and clunky representation of real-life airplanes but a lot of things have changed since then. Today, diecast airplanes feature comparatively better quality and features.

Furthermore, owners have relatively more choices and space to work as well. The diecast airplane models of today are created using computer-aided designs and machines. Therefore, adding to the strength and durability of the products. Users can then paint them and make unique color combinations. There are many brands that specialize in manufacturing diecast airplane models and it is only right that we discuss them, especially if you are a collector. Let’s begin.

Things to Consider when buying diecast airplane models

plane model-jpeg

Availability of Space

Thing first thing you need to consider when purchasing or collecting diecast airplane models is the amount of space you are willing to dedicate to your hobby. Since airplane models come in several varieties, you need to decide where and how much space you are going to need. For instance, if you are assembling a Dreamliner, you will be requiring comparatively more space.

Furthermore, some people tend to work on their airplane models in areas such as the garage and storage areas. This gives them the freedom to work on their models without any disturbance. Therefore, if you plan on assembling a model in your room or study room etc. you need to consider the space available.

Your Budget

When it comes to purchasing diecast airplane models, it all depends on your budget. If this is your hobby, make sure it will fit your budget. There are models that cost as low as a few hundred dollars whereas there are those that retail in thousands of dollars as well. Therefore, your budget has to play a crucial part in deciding what kind and type of airplane model you should purchase. Furthermore, if you intend to present it as a gift, then a relatively small airplane model will suffice. However, if you are purchasing it for yourself, then your budget will help narrow down your options.

Decide the Scale

The next most important factor to consider is the scale. Three popular scales include the 500, 400, and 200. 500 is the smallest, 400 being the intermediate, and 200 being the largest. Choosing the scale depends on your experience level. If you are someone who is new at this thing, you might want to consider purchasing a 500 scale model. However, the 400 scale models happen to be the most common. You can present them as gifts and they also give you sufficient room to have a firsthand experience of how the entire process looks like before you can move onto the big ones.

Where to Buy
GeminiJets GJWJA1822 Westjet Airlines B737 Max 8 C-Gzsg 1: 400 Scale Diecast Model Airplane, White
GeminiJets Delta Air Lines B777-200LR N708DN 1:400 Scale Diecast Model Airplane
Gemini200 Delta Airplane Model (G2DAL332)
GEMINI Gemini200 Turkish Airlines B777-300ER TC-JJT 1:200 Scale Model Airplane Die Cast Aircraft
Daron Skymarks SKR715 American 777-300 New Livery Airplane Model Building Kit with Gear, 1/200-Scale
Daron Skymarks Delta 747-400 Airplane Model Building Kit with Gear, 1/200-Scale
JFOX Iceland Wow Air Airbus A320 LZ-Wow 1/200 diecast Plane Model Aircraft Roatable Tires/Turnable Front Wheels/Roatable Propellers
JC Wings Mcdonnell Douglas MID-9O N901DC 1/400 diecast Plane Model Aircraft
JC WINGS Airbus A330- Beluga XL 1/400 diecast Plane Model Aircraft
NG Model KLM Airlines for Boeing B787-10 PH-BKA 100 Years 1/400 diecast Plane Model Aircraft
NG Model Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China C-919 B-001D 1/400 diecast Plane Model Aircraft
Executive Series Models Global 5000 1/55 Scale H10755 Model Kit
Executive Series Display Models G35010 United 777-200 1-100 Post Continental Merger Livery


Recommended Products

Gemini Jets GJWJA1822 Westjet Airlines

The GJWJA1822 Westjet Airlines by GeminiJets is a high-detailed diecast airplane model. It is an authentic scale model airplane that features intricate details incorporate by using computer-generated graphics. It is a 400 scale model that is ideal for an intermediate level collector.

Key Features:

  • 400 scale model
  • Highly-detailed

Gemini Jets Delta Airlines B777-2000LR

The GeminiJets Delta Airlines B7777-2000LR happens to be a very authentic airplane model of the original Delta Airlines B777-2000LR. The manufacturer has outdone itself with this product as it features realistic landing gears, doors, and windows, etc. Lastly, it is a 400 scale model making it a perfect choice for those who are slowly making their way up to the top collector’s position.

Key Features:

  • Detailed landing gear and doors
  • 400 scale model

Gemini 200 Delta Airplane Model

The Gemini200 Delta Airplane Model is as realistic as it can get. The manufacturer has employed the best designing and manufacturing techniques to allow the user to assemble the model as many times as they desire. This highlights the reliability and durability of the product. Furthermore, the model comes with a stand as well, which you can use to place the airplane model on top.

Key Features:

  • Stand included
  • Reliable and durable

Gemini 200 Turkish Airlines

The Gemini200 Turkish Airlines is a limited edition product that is highly collectible. Anyone who has been collecting airplane models knows that Gemini200 is for sure one of the best in business. They offer the best quality and designs apart from the extensively detailed products. Compromising on quality is not a choice and therefore Gemini200 offers the best value for money.

Key Features:

  • Best value for money
  • Highly collectible

Skymarks SKR715 American 777-300 Airplane Model

The Skymarks SKR715 American777-300 Airplane Model is made from solid plastic and features high-quality details. It is specifically designed and manufactured for airplane model collectors. Furthermore, the airplane model is easy to assemble and offers optimum authenticity and durability making it one of the best options out there.

Key Features:

  • Highly authentic and durable
  • Easy Assembly

Skymarks Detla 747-400 Airplane Model

This Delta 747-400 airplane model from Skymarks is another proof of the company’s attention to detail. Like other airplane models offered by the manufacturer, this one is licensed as well. You do not need to use glue to assemble the model, which comes with a stand as well. This model has been specifically designed keeping in view the original Boeing 747 and as usual, the company does not disappoint.

Key Features:

  • Licensed product
  • Solid plastic

JFOX Iceland Wow Airbus

The JFOX Iceland Wow Airbus is a 200 scale model that is highly-detailed throughout and is a highly collectible item as well. It is 7.4 inches in length and has a wingspan of 6.71 inches. Made from both plastic and metal, this airplane model is designed for the professionals who know their way around assembling airplane models.

Key Features:

  • Metal and solid plastic
  • Designed for professionals

JC Wings Mcdonnell Douglas MID-90 N901 DC

The JC Wings Mcdonell Douglas MID-90 N901 DC is a 400 scale model that measures 4.57 inches in length and 3.23 inches in wingspan. It is a new offering from the manufacturer and is a beautiful model of the original airliner. Furthermore, the company has left no stones unturned to make it the finest quality airplane model.

Key Features:

  • Metal body and plastic
  • Highly collectible

JC Wings Airbus A330-Beluga XL

This Airbus A330-Beluga XL airplane model from JC Wings is another 400 scale model aimed at intermediate level collectors. Measuring 6.21 inches in length and 1.86 inches in wingspan, this airplane model should be the number 1 choice of those who wish to promote to the big airplane models in the future.

Key Features:

  • 400 scale model
  • Historical aircraft

NG Model KLM Airlines Boeing B787-10 PH-BKA

The NG Model KLM Airlines Boeing B787-10 PH-BKA is a high-quality collectible item that surely catches the eyes of the collectors. It is a pre-assembled model that is made from plastic and metal body. You can choose to place it in your room or office according to your preference. With a length measuring 17 cm and a wingspan of 15 cm, this model is surely highly collectible.

Key Features:

  • Pre-assembled
  • High-quality product

NG Model Commercial Aircraft C-919

The NG Model Commercial Aircraft C-919 is a colorful airplane model of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. It is designed for kids who are either 14 or older. Although this is a pre-assembled airplane, ready to be displayed but it still gives enough room to intermediate level collectors to create unique color patterns.

Key Features:

  • Ready to be displayed
  • 400 scale aircraft

Executive Series Models

The Executive Series Models are as executive as they can get. The manufacturer specializes in manufacturing airplane models of private jets that are mainly used for and owned by important personalities. This airplane model of the Global 5000 1/55 is a replica of the original aircraft, which was famous for flying international ranges without needing to refuel. With a wingspan of 20 inches and a length of 20.5 inches, this model definitely needs to be in your collection.

Key Features:

  • Made in the Philippines
  • Large cabin airplane model

Executive Series G35010 United 777-200 Post Continental Merger

This high-quality replica from Executive Series Models is crafted from resin and comes with a wooden base. Therefore, making even the model appear as executive as the original aircraft. Those who have bought this model have penned positive reviews about the quality and perfection of the model. The color combination along with the remarkably crafted body makes it the best in its class.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly Detailed
  • Wooden base

Final Word


plane model silhouette-jpeg

When it comes to buying diecast airplane models, you should give utmost importance to the dimensions of the model. Remember, the general rule of thumb is that even if it is simply a model, it should look exactly like the original one and not a toy. Therefore, consider the tips mentioned above and select the best possible option.

However, if you were to ask us, we will recommend the Gemini Jets GJWJA1822 Westjet Airlines, which is an ideal 400 scale model for both beginners and intermediate level collectors. It is not only highly-detailed but gives a sufficient amount of room for collectors to come up with a uniquely assembled airplane model. But if you are looking for something bigger, then the JFOX Iceland Wow Airbus will be the perfect option. It has been designed keeping the professionals in mind who put in their best of abilities to come up with unique art and craft. Therefore, the pros cannot go wrong with this one.