Guide to Buying Digital Levels, Angle Finders & Protractors

Digital levels, angle finders, and protractors are convenient tools that enable you to easily and quickly discover if something is level as well as angles without requiring a scale or any other manual equipment. Though you can leverage them for a range of applications, digital levels, angle finders, and protractors often integrate smart technology and magnets into their core that make them quite useful for bevel and miter angles. While many of these ship in plastic boxes with digital displays, there are multi-purpose models that include cut calculations, LEDs, IP67 technology, levels, and protractors for better-rounded and efficient measurement.

What to Look for in A Digital Level, Angle Finder, and Protractor?

If you are searching for the right tool, you need to make several considerations. In contrast to their manual counterparts, these devices assist you via the digital screen. After you select the angle you want, the digital level and protractor will keep its position, leading to an accurate and consistent measurement.

Hence these are quite useful for home improvement and DIY projects where angles need to be measured and accurate. If you want to go through the hassle associated with improving your property, it’s better to start off on the right foot. For getting precise angles and efficient reads you’re unlikely to find anything better than these pieces of equipment.

Though there are several varieties of digital levels and protractors, all have them some basic essentials and functionality.

1. Easy to Read LCD/LED/Digital Display

If you are going to invest in a digital level/protractor, make sure to get one that comes with an easy to read LED that allows you to conveniently see what your measurements are. That’ll save you hassle and time, especially if you’re busy managing complex projects. Some models even ship with LCDs/LEDs/displays that are easy to read even in daylight. And their visibility is far superior to traditional digital angle finder displays.

2. Great Accuracy

If you require a certain measurement of an angle, it’s best to go with digital levels and protractors. These tools are highly accurate, with their measurement capability within a tenth of a degree in most instances. That’d be impossible to achieve with a manual angle finder. Also, if you’re doing a housework project like crown molding, a digital level or protractor becomes even more essential. Based on the task you have to manage, get done, or supervise, the keen accuracy could be the difference maker.

3. Cut Calculator 

Advanced digital level and protractors boast additional features like cut calculators. This particular feature ensures that every cut piece fits in an exact manner as you intended it to. Imagine making a cut only to find that you were off by an inch. That’d be a waste of effort and time. Cut calculators go a long way in doing all that for you, making sure that your piece fits on every occasion. However, the feature is only present in high-end models.

4. Battery Life & Memory Storage

In addition, seek models that come with auto-off functionality to preserve battery life. There’d be many scenarios where apparatuses will get down and the digital level/protractor won’t be needed for a while. Auto-off will allow the gadget to wind down and keep battery life. Lastly, the ideal digital level/protractor will have a good memory work for securing angles that the user has sit. That allows the buyer to prevent the task of re-measuring angles over and over again. Angles that are utilized frequently.

5. Additional Features

Some imperative components are quite handy if they’re present in digital levels/protractors. For example, you can search for a model that comes with a locking highlight that allows you to lock arms at the angle you desire. It helps in situations where the arms can’t be bolted, and you’d have to keep the arms set up, which isn’t conceivable in many instances.

Best Digital Levels, Angle Finders & Protractors

Where to Buy
Digi-Pas DWL280PRO Waterproof IP67 Digital Torpedo Level and Protractor
CO-Z Digital Angle Gauge/Level/Protractor/Angle Finder/Bevel Gauge/Inclinometer/with Backlight and Magnetic Base
Johnson Level & Tool 1886-0000 Magnetic Digital Angle Locator
Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1
Bosch GAM 220 4-1 Digital Angle Finder

1. Digi-Pas DWL280PRO Waterproof IP67 Digital Torpedo Level and Protractor, Magnet, LED Bright Display, 9 inch

This is a rugged, shock-free digital level and protractor that you can operate in all weathers. It comes with a big LED that offers crystal clear display in any type of lighting. Its large magnetic base enables risk-free attachment to surface made of magnetics for hands-free utilization. Angles are displayed in percentage of mm/m, inches/ft, degrees and slops. Digi-Pas DWl280PRO has a 0.05 degrees’ accuracy at 0 to 0 degrees. For other angles, the accuracy is 0.2 degrees. Also, users get a buzzer feature that gives off a beep noise at 0 degrees.

What makes it stand out?

Digi-Pas DWL280PRO boasts a rugged design with large rubberized end caps that allows it to bear the strongest of impacts. Also, it’s IP67 certification makes it a great digital level/protractor to use underwater.

2. CO-Z Digital Angle Gauge/Level/Protractor/Angle Finder/Bevel Gauge/Inclinometer/with Backlight and Magnetic Base

This digital level/protractor boasts ABS and aluminum alloy. Its digital angle offers accurate and fast measurement in constructional engineering, decoration, machine manufacturing, automobile, general construction, telecommunications, and much more. You get a big LCD display that features a backlight for seamless operation during night time. Also, the digital level/protractor’s magnetic base allows the buyer to attach the equipment to any kind of ferrous metal surface. Lastly, its measuring rate is 4*90 degrees, and accuracy is 0.1 degrees.

What makes it stand out?

CO-Z Digital Level/Protractor has a digital angle locator that makes it easy to do relative or absolute measurements for identifying the difference between two angles or determining a precise one.

3. Johnson Level & Tool 1886-0000 Magnetic Digital Angle Locator

This is a magnetic digital level/protractor that’s highly compact and is (±0.1) accurate. It also has a magnetic base and a digital screen that offers the results in degrees. Additionally, buyers get an automatic digit inversion functionality and a sturdy backlit. Johnson Level & Tool 1886-0000 can measure in both relative and absolute terms, which makes it an ideal buy for homeowners, plumbers, astronomers, and machinists for all kinds of leveling tasks. This digital level/protractor also has an LCD backlit with two buttons for convenient sight. For overhead measurements, the device includes an automatic digit inversion. Also, 4*90 degrees is its angle measurement working range.

What makes it stand out?

The vendor, Johnson Level, has warranted this equipment against lapses in material and craftsmanship for a year after the date of purchase. If the unit you bought doesn’t fall under normal use, contact the company for repair or replacement. The company has a great reputation for top-notch service, as well as ample respect for every day exceeding expectations for innovation and customer experience goals.

4. Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Magnetic Digital Level and Angle Finder/Inclinometer / Bevel Gauge, Latest MEMs Technology, Certified IP54 Dust and Water Resistant

This digital level/protractor offers 2-in-1 functionality – there’s a tilt gauge as well as an inclinometer to measure or set relative angles around surfaces. Besides that, the equipment also functions as a digital level where the user is dealing with tight areas. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees, and size of 2-1/4 * 2-1/4 * 1-1/4 inches. The 7437 AccuMASTER from Calculated Industries can precisely measure bevels, slopes, angles and tilts on several items around your home. And unlike previous models that drained battery just lying in a drawer, the latest model is equipped with a low-power MEMS sensor for minimal power draining and best accuracy. Moreover, it has an always-on backlit display for better usability and auto shut-off functionality that promises extended battery life.

What makes it stand out?

The equipment comes with a HOLD function (built-in) that makes it convenient for lock-in readings. Also, its inverting display flips for the user automatically instead of it doing performing the motion the other way around.

5. Bosch GAM 220 4-1 Digital Angle Finder

This equipment has four tools in one – a level, a protractor, a cut calculator, and an angle finder. Its multipurpose design enables the user to do a variety of verification and trim measurements on molding, roofing, countertop, and several other tasks. The precise angle of a project piece or current structure can be discovered by the digital angle finder. Also, measurements can be recorded over a range of uses for referencing later. Additionally, buyers can use the built-in protractor for positioning their cut line, while vial levels (horizontal and vertical) helps in keeping things level. Lastly, the cut calculator allows users to get the right fit for all measured cuts. It’s able to determine the precise miter and bevel angles and keeps a record of the measurement.

What makes it stand out?

Because the digital angle finder offers angle memory, it is able to offer the same angle measurements regardless of the place or job site. In addition, it has a rotating, easy to read flip display. 0-220 degrees of input measurement is offered by the miter cut calculation.


Now you have a brief overview of what these gadgets do, and the different variants available in the marketplace. This understanding should be a good starting point with your new digital level/protractor purchase. Regardless, make sure the digital level, angle finder and protractor you buy have all the necessary features to assist you in tackling the challenges of home improvement.