Guide to Boat Alarms

Docking your boat securely may not be enough to ward off thieves who may want to steal your boat away from you. These thieves may know how to untangle the dock lines from the cleats on your boat and dock, and they could easily hi-jack the engine and sail with the boat if they are good at picking locks. If your boat is inside a garage, they can sometimes tow away the boat if it is on top of a trailer.

Thieves are becoming smarter and smarter nowadays, but thankfully, there are several boat security products out there that can raise the alarm or warn you if a stranger is trying to get on the boat. Here are some of the most effective boat alarms that you can purchase and install in your precious vessel.

Where to Buy
Wireless Boat Security System
TH Marine TWA-1-DP Two Way Boat Alarm System
Directed Electronics Viper 3121V Powersport Alarm Comes with Two Compact, Waterproof, 2-Button Remotes Perfect for Your ATV/UTV, Watercraft, or Motorcycle
CPVAN Motion Sensor Alarm, Remote Control Wireless Infrared Door Alarms DIY PIR Motion Detector Burglar Alarm System -125dB-Battery Operated- Indoor Ideal of Shop/Office/Home Security-CP2
Spot Trace


1. Skippers Wireless Boat Security System

If your boat has a door that leads to the control room, it is recommended that you install a security system on the door so that you will be alerted if someone is trying to open it.

The Skippers Wireless Boat Security System is an excellent unit to install in your control room door, as it has two door sensors that can detect if a thief is opening the door forcibly. You can install one door sensor on the control room door, and then you can put the other sensor on the window if your boat has one.

There is also a keypad control panel included in the package that you can place on the wall near the door or on the door itself, and this control panel has buttons where you can set up a password to open to deactivate the sensors. If someone was able to sneak past the door sensors, they can still be detected by the motion sensor that you should install inside the control room.

Along with the control panel, the Skippers alarm system also comes with a key fob remote so that you can control the alarm from a distance without touching the control panel.

If the alarm is activated, it will produce a piercing sound that has 115 dB of loudness level, which can be heard by all the people at the marina or near the dock where your boat is located.

2. TH Marine TWA-1-DP Two-Way Boat Alarm System

If you want an alarm that can produce louder sounds, then you should go for the TH Marine Two-Way Boat Alarm System, which has a loudness level of 128 dB that is higher than the sound that the Skippers alarm can create.

This alarm system is much simpler than the Skippers, as it only has a motion sensor and a siren, so you won’t spend a lot of time installing the system. In addition, its motion sensor can detect even the quietest movements as long as you set its sensitivity level to high. The system can alarm you of any intruders on your boat using the remote controller that can receive signals for up to 3000 yards away.

The remote controller does not only emit light and vibrate to alert you, but it can also create a loud sound that you can hear if you are far away from the accessory.

3. Directed Electronics Viper 3121V Powersport Alarm

The Viper 3121V Powersport Alarm can be installed not only in boats, but in motorcycles, snow bikes, and quad bikes as well due to its rigidity and durability to withstand the harshest conditions like thunderstorms and blizzards.

Besides being durable, the Viper alarm is also waterproof, making it perfect to be installed in boats as the alarm can still be activated even if the boat is filled with water. Its sensor can be activated by shock and tilting, and it also comes with a closed-loop trigger so that your valuables like helmets or life vests can also activate the alarm if they get grabbed by a thief.

4. CPVAN Motion Sensor Alarm

To improve the security of your boat, you should get a more powerful motion sensor alarm to accompany at least one of the alarm systems mentioned above, and the CPVAN Motion Sensor Alarm is the best device to have to fulfill this task.

The CPVAN Motion Sensor Alarm can detect intruders moving closer to your boat from up to 26 feet, and once the alarm is activated, it will produce a loud 125 dB siren-like sound for you and the people around the neighborhood or the marina to be alerted.

You can easily screw the sensor on your boat or inside the control room, and it can be turned on using a small remote controller that is included if you purchase the product. The accessory can control the motion sensor alarm from up to 328 feet as long as both the remote and the sensor are in an open space. If you are in a closed area like your house or garage, you can still turn on or turn off the sensor, but the range will be slightly shorter than 328 feet.

The sensor alarm has two modes that you can choose to deliver different sounds in certain situations. There is the beep mode that only produces beeps if someone is near your boat or opening a door, and then there is the alarm mode that has the 125 dB siren.

5. Spot Trace

If a thief manages to sail with your boat without activating your alarms, it is good if you have the Spot Trace device installed or screwed in your vessel so that you will know where the boat is located and alert the authorities of theft in that area using the internet.

The Spot Trace device has a built-in GPS so that you can view the boat’s location online through the Spot website. If you are using the device specifically for your boat, you can activate the Spot Trace’s dock mode so that you will be able to track the location of the vessel even if the thief submerged it in water.

Its battery can last for up to five months, so you won’t have to change its batteries constantly, and there won’t be an instance when the device doesn’t have power if ever your boat is stolen. For better effectiveness, it is best that you change its batteries every three to four months because its battery life may be too low if it is in its fifth month.

These alarm systems and devices allow you to be fully prepared if ever your boat gets stolen. Losing your boat can be truly saddening, as you spent and saved plenty of money to purchase it. Don’t let thieves sail away with your boat and install alarms so that the vessel can be completely secured and protected.