Giddy up! Try horseback riding as a hobby

Horseback riding is a fun and accessible sport for people of all ages and abilities. It allows us to escape from the outside world while also exploring routes and new vistas.

Equestrian activities including jumping, dressage, eventing, and polo may also be practiced on it.

Horseback Riding Details

Category: Competition, Outdoors, Physical, Sports Time: 1-2 hrs Skill: Lots
Initial Cost: $$$$ (500+) Space: lots People: alone, small
Long-Term Cost: High Makes Money: No Location: outdoor

A History of Horseback Riding

Horses were initially wild and untamed creatures. It was not until the first person climbed up on a horse and looked out over the globe that the history of horseback riding was permanently altered. No one knows when or where horses were initially tamed and ridden, even though the two have a long and intertwined history.

Horses have a long history dating back 50 million years to a tiny North American mammal called Hyracotherium. The Bering Land Bridge, which connects the Americas and Asia at the end of the last Ice Age, was traversed by horses before spreading to Europe. It’s believed that around 10,000 years ago, all of the horse’s progenitors disappeared from North America. Early horse fossils, known as Eohippus, revealed that the herbivore was smaller than a dog.

Who pursues this hobby?

Adults and children alike will love horseback riding as a hobby or a sport. Learning to care for and control a big animal can boost your self-esteem and give you a fantastic sense of accomplishment. Riding a horse is a terrific way to experience the countryside and come in touch with nature.

Benefits of Horseback Riding

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If you ride in the countryside, you may see areas you can only go to on horseback, as we’ve previously said.

There are tons of physical and psychological advantages of participating in this sport.

Riding is unique in that it allows you to engage directly with the horse. With each ride, your synchronization between aids and your horse’s anticipated reaction improves. Horseback Riding is proper regardless of the horse’s pace. As well as strengthening abdominal muscles, back, buttocks, and legs, balance and self-confidence are also improved with regular training.

Physical benefits of horse riding

  1. The abdominal, back, buttocks, and legs are the primary areas where muscle tone is enhanced.
  2. The sense of equilibrium is improved.
  3. A release of muscle tension occurs.
  4. The back, shoulders, and chest regions are all strengthened due to the upper body’s straightness.
  5. Switching between gaits helps develop both gross and fine motor abilities, as well as quick reflexes.
  6. The overall posture of the body has been improved.

Psychological benefits of horse riding

  1. When we learn to manage a horse with aids, our confidence, emotional control, and self-esteem improve.
  2. A horse’s commanding presence enhances memory and focus.
  3. Being in charge of a horse promotes positive emotions like respect and ownership.
  4. When we ride, we face our anxieties and work through issues. Riding improves our ability to cope with disagreement.

Equipment for Horseback Riding

In the event of an accident, the safety equipment may assist in minimizing the severity of your injuries.

  1. Helmets – Buying a riding helmet is the minimum you should do if you make any additional purchases.
  2. Boots – Boots are helpful for a few things. You can keep your foot from sliding out of the stirrups by wearing a riding boot with a tiny heel. This boot will also protect your toes from being trampled.
  3. Stirrups – It’s possible to get several kinds of stirrups with features that keep your foot from slipping through when you fall.
  4. Safety Vest or Crash Vests – Safety vests provide fall protection. Preventing internal organ, spine, and rib damage is a primary goal of crash or safety vests.
  5. Mouth Guard – Mouth protectors may be an excellent idea for those who ride overleaps where it’s possible to land on your face instead of the ground.
  6. Chaps or Half Chaps – In the case of a severe accident, half chaps or chaps will not protect your legs from being scraped and scratched when trail riding, nor will they keep your legs warm while riding.
  7. Gloves – Gloves offer you additional power and grip while also protecting your hands. If your horse pulls, this will come in handy.

Cost of Horseback Riding as a Hobby

Horseback riding is costly because of the many expenses required. High costs include the horse ($1500-3000) and upkeep $300-$500/month. To ride a horse, you’ll need to make an extra expenditure of at least $800 on riding gear.


Safety Tips for Horseback Riding

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Avoiding the Fall

  • Riding a horse that fits your level of expertise is essential.
  • Make sure you’re riding in a suitable setting for your level of experience and knowledge.
  • Ride conscientiously. Before your horse reacts, look for anything that may frighten it so you can distract its attention.
  • Take charge of the situation.
  • Maintain a good seated posture.
  • Check to see whether the saddle and stirrups are the correct sizes for you.
  • To prevent the saddle from turning, make sure your girth or cinch is secure.

Prepare for a Fall

Safety gear may help you prevent severe harm.

  • Wear a helmet that meets or is beyond the requirements set out by ASTM.
  • Use safety stirrups or cages on your stirrups and 1″-heeled boots.
  • Crash vests offer additional torso protection in the event of a car accident.
  • Gloves would be helpful to protect your hands while improving your grip on the reins.
  • Recognize the proper way to dismount in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure you know how to do an emergency stop.


Overall, horseback riding is costly, although it is possible to reduce the cost. Before buying a horse, it’s a good idea to research the associated expenses of appropriate care. Making a budget for a horse’s requirements may help you determine whether it’s financially feasible for your family to acquire one.

Horseback riding may be a fulfilling experience for anyone, regardless of whether it has been a lifelong goal. Horseback riding is suitable for your physical and emotional well-being. The advantages of incorporating horseback riding into your life may outweigh the costs and effort involved in doing so.