Essentials for Underwater Photography

Photography is one of the most popular and exciting hobbies, along with being a creative activity. People like taking pictures of beautiful sceneries, places, and things that fascinate and attract them. Similarly, some like venturing underwater to explore the beauty that lies in it, capturing the moments of their journey. But to capture those amazing moments, one must invest in some photography accessories.

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Necessary Photography Accessories for Underwater Photography

Underwater photography requires some special gears and accessories designed for use in water, along with your usual photography gear. Here is a list of some essential accessories that you would need for a smooth photography session underwater:

1. Waterproof Cameras

The first thing to make sure, before going underwater, is to see if your camera can survive the pressure and is suitable for use under the water. Some cameras are not suited for underwater use;therefore, waterproof ones are used as they’re not damaged by the water.

Two of the best waterproof cameras are none other than GoPro HERO8 Black and GoPro HERO9 Black. They are lightweight, easy to carry and provide ultra HD video and image quality, live streaming features, and full stabilization. These are all the best features for underwater photography.

2. Underwater Gear Bags

Before going underwater, you will need a lot of accessories and equipment to take with you.This is where a photography gear bag helps keep everything in, so they don’t get lost. Waterproof bags are designed for this very reason.They assist divers and underwater photographers in bringing everything with them without worrying about holding everything in hand.

Meister Mesh Duffel Backpacks and MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bags are among the most recommended ones as they are not only waterproof but also spacious enough to store all your accessories in one place and carry them with ease.

3. Lanyards

A lanyard is a stretchable strap used to hold the camera so that you don’t drop it. When underwater, you will need your hands, so with the help of a lanyard, you can secure your camera and wear it on your neck or wrist.

The strap will make it easier to move around and capture pictures at the same time. YYST diving lanyard is known for its quality as it is made of stainless steel, for heavy-duty usage, with two-side hooks and a quick buckle in and release feature.

4. Underwater Camera Cases

Due to the high pressure of water, the most important thing that you will need is a protective casing for the camera. Usually, these cases come with the camera housing, but if they do not, you will have to buy them separately.

The camera has holes where water can enter from and seep into, but the casing prevents it from happening, hence enabling its use underwater without worries.

They are available in materials like polycarbonate and aluminum and the mix of the two. The aluminum cases are more durable compared to others. There are also some other things that you should pay attention to before buying, which includes the depth rating and durability.

GoPro Hero 7 Kupton Case and TELESIN Waterproof Housing Dive Case are some examples of the best camera cases in the market right now, with immense durability to withstand the depth and the pressure of the water. If you have Hero 7 or One R action camera, you can opt for these cases.

5. Camera Mounts

Capturing epic moments of life on camera is an art, especially if it means taking pictures underwater. The only difference is, the pictures taken underwater can turn out to be shaky and blurry. The pressure of water willruin not only the fun but also the quality if proper measures are not taken.

Camera mounts are available to prevent that from happening so that you can take the best pictures underwater without having to worry about the camera shaking too much. A camera mount helps you hold the camera in place, giving you more control in taking pictures underwater as desired.

SHOOT Aluminium Alloy Mount is a high-quality camera mount that offers stability for taking pictures with anti-slip handles, making it an excellent choice for taking great pictures underwater.

6. Flashlight and Strobe Lights

The biggest challenge is to take pictures underwater, especially when they are not visible. An underwater flashlight or a strobe light helps you get the brightness you need to capture your photographs with more clarity and focus.

Strobe light provides you the light you need to capture pictures that otherwise would not have been as good. There is a wide variety of strobe lights available in the market, which are usually affordable and will last a long time.

One of the popular strobe lights is the Sea & Sea YS-01, operating on four AA batteries, with a ten level dial, offering a powerful and long-lasting luminance underwater. The lightweight design makes it very compact and easily the best-recommended strobe light.

7. Camera Ports and Extensions

If you forgot to buy camera ports, you would end up taking cloudy images or even damaging your camera. Usually, the ports come with the camera housing, but if they don’t, then you have to buy them separately.

They’re very important for helping your camera focus and capture clear and high-quality photographs without blurring them. You can refer to these ports as filters for underwater.

There are two kinds of ports that you can buy; dome ports and flat ports. Dome ports are wide-angle lenses and have larger concave surfaces. On the other hand, the flat ports are perfect for macro lenses as they are more effective in allowing the lens to zoom in on the object compared to the dome ports.

An example of the dome port would be Fantasea UWL-400F. They are wide-angle lenses, designed for 52mm threaded housings and 24mm lens.

8. Sync Cords and Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables and sync cords connect the strobe lights with the camera. They make the strobe light act as a flashlight in place of the built-in one and is one of the most useful accessories that enhance photography underwater. They help in making the pictures brighter and enabling the camera to capture detailed photos.

If we have to recommend a fiber optic cable, we will suggest that you go for Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Cable II. It is an excellent accessory that is used for connecting both the devices. Composed of 613 fibers, this fiber optic cable supports all kinds of sea housings and strobes.

9. Spare Batteries

While taking pictures, time flies by, and one can easily lose track of time underwater. Long hours of photography can drain the battery life, and before you know it, the battery is low, and your camera shuts off.

Spare batteries are necessary as there is always a chance your camera can die on you at the last minute. The batteries give you peace of mind, so instead of going back to the land and charging it, you’ll have a spare pair of batteries at hand.

10. Battery Chargers

Battery chargers also come in handy when it comes to battery life, which you would need to keep the camera running for taking pictures. Sometimes, you run out of battery and have no choice but to come back another time. But if you have a battery charger, you can charge the batteries right there and then.

APEMAN Action charger is a lifesaver. Aside from being just a charger, it also contains two 1350 mAh li-ion rechargeable batteries. They can serve the functions of both the charger and battery.