Essential Items Needed for Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most exciting things you can ever do in your life. Maybe you’re just starting to climb in the gym, or you’re ready to take on the challenge of climbing some real rock. If you start in a gym or climb with a guide, the essential items you need for rock climbing are usually provided, but some will require you to own a few pieces of gear. And if you’d enjoy it and decide to do rock climbing as a hobby, you’ll eventually want to own a full set of climbing gear, too.

Here are some of the essential items you need for rock climbing:

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1.Climbing clothing

Clothing for rock climbing doesn’t need to be technical. Wear clothing that is comfortable and not restrictive, so it won’t get in the way of the rope, the gears and even yourself. It must be breathable and must be able to wick sweat and dry fast. If you’re climbing in the outdoors, also bring extra clothes for changing, just as you would for hiking. Bring a jacket for chilly days or if you’re climbing on higher altitudes.

2.Climbing shoes

When climbing, you have to wear appropriate footwear to provide the friction you need for gripping footholds. Your climbing ability and the terrain where you plan to climb are both factors in choosing the right shoe. It must fit snugly but not tight, but closer-fitting shoes are more appropriate for more technically challenging climbs. Climbing shoes are lightweight and feature a pointing toe that keeps your feet from cutting on overhung sections, and also allows you to use toe hooks. Also remember, climbing shoes must be used for climbing only, as it would not be comfortable to use in walking long distances.

Here’s a great pair appropriate for climbing: La Sportiva Miura Lace Climbing Shoe

The La Sportiva Miura VS Shoes is one of the best technical climbing shoes that has a performance fit and turned-down shape. La Sportiva is a trusted sports brand that provides great quality sports shoes, so this one won’t disappoint.


Climbing harnesses are primarily designed to tie yourself into the rope efficiently and catch you when you fall, but a lot of harnesses are designed differently to cater to the varying needs of climbers. All harnesses have two basic parts such as waist belt and leg loops. The tie-in points of the harness are also for the waist and leg loops.  


A rope is very important for sport climbing. In a rock climbing gym, or when you’re just starting out, the rope will most likely be provided for you. But as you progress, you have to own your own rope. Where and what you are climbing affects the type of rope best for you. What’s important is you use a rope that will clip easily and won’t weigh you down.

If you’re looking for a rope, here’s one you might consider: Syiswei Professional Outdoor Rock Climbing Safety Rope

This outdoor rock climbing safety rope is made of high-tenacity polyester which is durable, long lasting and has good abrasion resistance. It’s lightweight and easy to carry.


Climbing helmets are important when climbing, as they can protect your head from falling rock and debris, and some are designed to provide protection in case of a fall. It’s not usually worn in a climbing gym since it’s a controlled environment, but on outdoor rock climbs, it must be worn. It must be comfortable, snuggly-fitting but not too tight.


Carabiners are strong, light metal rings with spring-loaded gates that connect the climbing rope to other pieces of climbing equipment such as nuts, bolts, and camming devices. Carabiners are used to make quickdraws, which are two non-locking carabiners connected to a sewn sling for use in lead climbing, and to attach the gear on gear loops on your harness.

7.Stick clip

Stick clips are used to secure your place to give yourself some security that you won’t deck before you clip your first bolt. It is used to place the first quickdraw with the rope clipped to it.

8.Rope bag

To easily get and store your gear, you need a rope bag that is made to hold a rope, a rack of quickdraws, shoes, and other climbing accessories. Rope bags are usually found in a utilitarian design that resembles a simple duffel bag with a rope tarp inside.

Here’s a rope bag that can contain everything you need for climbing: Uboway Rock Climbing Rope Bag

This rope bag can carry your rope while keeping you comfortable because of its ultra-lightweight. It is durable and comes with a top pocket storage for phone, keys and other small items.

9.Belay glasses

Belay glasses don’t look cool, but they help you prevent getting a sore or strained neck from belaying all day at the crag. With belay glasses, you don’t need to look up at your climber as you set up your gear.

Invest in belay glasses like this to prevent neck pain or strain: Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing

This one-size-fits-all belay glasses can fit you comfortably. It even comes with a perfect set – a durable case, a neck strap, a cleaning cloth and even a metal carabiner that you can insert into your harness.

10.Belay gloves

You need to protect your hands when belaying or rappelling. Ropes are dirty and rope handling can be rough on your hands. It is important to wear gloves for protection, and belaying gloves are specially made for extra protection and grip for rock climbing. Petzl CORDEX PLUS Gloves for Climbers

This glove offers agility without being too tight or restrictive on the hands. Plus, the leather just provides the right amount of durability and flexibility.

11.Chalk bag and chalk

For climbers, sometimes a bit of moisture on the hands can make or break a climb. In situations where going bare-handed is better, using chalk is important to absorb excess perspiration from your hands to avoid slippage and give you a better grip on rocks and boulders.

A chalk must be put in a proper container, such as in a chalk bag like this one: AMC Rock Climbing Panda Bear Design Chalk Bag

This chalk bag has a drawstring closure for easy handling and belt to prevent chalk from losing. Plus, it’s cute panda design and the fact that it’s available in different colors makes it more fun to use!

12.First aid kit

As with any sport, accidents can happen, so make sure you’re prepared when worst comes to worst. Any climber must always bring a first-aid kit for medical emergencies.

Get this first-aid kit for your next climbing trip: AIRSSON First Aid Kit Molle Medical Emergency Bag

Perfect for outdoor adventures, this first aid kit can be attached to a backpack, belt, vest or others with its attachment straps. Also, every content is labeled here, so if in case, a fellow climber should use it to help you, then they don’t need to rummage the kit to pick the appropriate medical supplies needed.

13.Water bottle

Climbing will make you sweat, so you need to stay hydrated to survive your climb. The amount of water you need depends on how high you would climb, but more or less, you’ll need a liter of water to bring with you.

Here’s a handy water bottle you can bring during your climb: Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

A water bottle designed for sporty individuals, this water bottle just needs to be opened with just one click, making it very handy especially when your hands are full of chalk and dirt.