Energizer or Duracell: Which Rechargeable Battery is better?

With all the environmental changes currently taking place or looming around to affect us in the foreseeable future, it is best to make choices that leave less carbon footprint. Using rechargeable batteries is one of such choices. Whether it is a game controller or a kids’ toy, we use batteries more often than we realize in a day. Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries help save your money as they are not expensive, last longer, and most importantly, help reduce waste. 

Latest Testing 


According to a review of best rechargeable batteries by the NY Times, energizer rechargeable batteries proved to be lasting for longer times while also recharging the fastest. Energizer Recharge Universal batteries were used for this testing, which had a capacity of 2,000 mAh. The testing included keeping flameless candle lit and a radio-controlled toy car running. 

Duracell or Energizer?


If you ever find yourself in a pickle and cannot decide which rechargeable batteries you should get, then this article might come to your aid. We have compared the two leading rechargeable battery brands in terms of their life, pricing, environmental impact, etc. 

An Overview 

Duracell  Energizer 
Manufacturer  Proctor & Gamble h Energizer Holdings, Inc. 
Website  www.duracell.com  www.energizer.com 
Market Share  29% 25%
Lasts longer in  Everything  Clocks mostly 
Available Sizes  AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, miniature 9V, AA, AAA, Multi Cell, lantern, C, D, F, J, N

1. Marketing 

Duracell and Energizer both have a bunny as their main marketing mascots. However, Energizer was the first one to use to market their batteries. Duracell followed the lead in 1973 and used bunny for the first time. Before Energizer hit the market, Duracell was the trusted brand name in batteries. 

Duracell was formed by a scientist, Samuel Ruben, and a businessman, Phillip Rogers Mallory. Energizer Holdings, on the other hand, is originally traced to Eveready Battery Company. 

2. Battery Life 

  • Rechargeable AA Batteries 

An experiment by Gizmodo found out that Duracell rechargeable batteries last longer than the Energizer ones. Energizer and Duracell’s batteries were rated at about 2,200mAh and 2,000mAh, respectively. Even having a slightly lower mAh rate, the Duracell batteries lasted longer. 

An ICON LED flashlight was lit on high and low settings using the two batteries for testing. The high setting of this light usually kills any standard battery in approximately 3 hours. However, using the Energizer battery, the LED light lasted for about 3.5 hours while the Duracell one lasted about 6.5 hours to drain. Therefore, even with a tad bit of difference in the rate of electric charge, the Duracell aced this test with a huge margin. 

  • Review by Consumer Reports 

A review of Duracell and Energizer lithium batteries by Consumer Reports reveals that the latter ones performed better but are expensive than other brands, which ultimately saves a lot in the long run. Duracell rechargeable batteries also performed well but ran out faster than the Energizer lithium ones. 

3. Price 

Specifications of the rechargeable batteries of the two brands do not have much of a difference. However, the difference in prices is evident. Though you might find varying rates of the batteries of the two brands, depending on the retailer offers and promotions, Duracell batteries are a bit pricier than the Energizer. 

Where to Buy
Duracell Procell AA 24 Pack PC1500BKD09 (packaging may vary)
Energizer AA Batteries (24 Count), Double A Max Alkaline Battery

You can easily find them both in various packaging options:

4. Safety and Environmental Impact 

The main difference between lithium and alkaline batteries is the environmental impact they have on our planet. Alkaline batteries cannot be reused and have to be thrown away, thus, increasing trash and making it extremely volatile. On the other hand, lithium batteries do not need to be thrown away as they can be recharged and used again. You can get a reliable battery charger and make your investment worth every penny by recharging and reusing these batteries. 

In this regard, both the brands have impressive recycling programs that support a cleaner and greener environmental future for our planet. Duracell helps fund a battery and cellphone recycling program, while Energizer is well-known for supporting the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. Another very efficient step by Energizer was during the 1900s when they removed Mercury and Cadmium from all the household batteries. They also introduced the first mercury-less battery for household use in the United States.

5. Leakage 

Reviews and anecdotal pieces of evidence point out that sometimes the batteries leak and cause damage, posing serious safety issues. Although there are no scientific figures to state which brand falls short in this aspect, the reviews on various social media platforms suggest that Duracell batteries leak acid even when they are unopened. 

6. Battery Chargers 

One of Duracell’s biggest advantages is that they come pre-charged in the pack, which is very convenient for everyone. If you get the Duracell battery charger, it offers you the ease of USB charging on the go. The Duracell Mobile Charger can be plugged in anywhere – be it a car or a wall adapter. You can charge 4 batteries when you use this charger. So, it is better to have some extra batteries always in spare. 

However, compared to the Duracell charger, the huge Energizer family charger can easily charge D cells and 9V batteries.  

7. Technology 

Just lately, Duracell started using a unique compression process for the Quantum range of products that ultimately enhances the alkaline power of the batteries. Owing to this technology utilized by Duracell, there is more power-packed in a standard-sized Duracell battery than its counterparts in different brands. 

Moreover, Duralock Power Preserve Technology is another one used by Duracell that uses pure ingredients and triple corrosion protection in various variants, such as Ultra (AA/AAA), CopperTop (AA/AAA/C/D/9V), and Rechargeable batteries. Moreover, there is an Ion Core Technology used by Duracell that helps lengthen the battery life. 

If we consider the Energizer batteries, especially the MAX product line, they can hold up to 10 years. This is only because of the Power Seal Technology. The rechargeable technology in these batteries has considerably up their game and come up with more highly powered batteries. For instance, the Recharge Power Plus range by Energizer has proven to provide long power cycles after being recharged. There are no limited recharge cycles in these batteries. 

The Final Verdict

While it is lower prices for some people and long-lasting battery life for others, the choice is yours. You can choose to get the costly ones once in a while so that you spend a large amount on rechargeable batteries that last you long in various gadgets, or you can keep buying cheaper ones repeatedly. If you are the latter, you might spend more than you initially set aside for such expenses. 

Hence, it is best to review every aspect in depth before buying the chargers and rechargeable batteries. However, based on the reviews and most of the points mentioned above, Duracell has been shown to outperform the Energizer rechargeable batteries by many aspects. 

We hope now you know which batteries to opt for according to the application.