Emergency Thermal Blanket Facts

There are a variety of names – and styles – of thermal blankets. These are known as emergency blankets, first aid blankets, space blankets, weather blankets, safety blankets, Mylar blankets, shock blankets, or heat sheets. They are handy in many situations. Here are some interesting emergency thermal blanket facts.

  1. Thermal blankets are made of plastic, in a very thin sheet.
  2. Emergency blankets are coated with gold or silver colored reflecting agent, which reflects back radiated heat – up to 97%.
  3. These blankets are often included in kits meant for survival, first aid, and emergencies.
  4. Space blankets are given to athletes after their events. Sometimes they are given before the event, as well, if the weather is cool.
  5. Space blankets were developed in 1964 by NASA.
  6. Thermal blankets can be used to combat hypothermia, as well as to prevent it.
  7. Because they are so thin, thermal blankets are lightweight.
  8. Because they are plastic, often coated in metal, these blankets are also durable.
  9. Thermal blankets are waterproof.
  10. Emergency blankets are weatherproof.
  11. Most are made from Mylar designed by NASA.
  12. Most thermal blankets are three to five feet wide bysix to seven feet long, making it possible for nearly anyone to wrap up in one efficiently.
  13. A bit of tape can convert heat sheets into sleeping bags.
  14. Most thermal blankets are individually packaged for ease in carrying.
  15. Space blankets can deflect heat from the sun; however, this should be done from a bit of a distance, as using it close to the body will still reflect and contain body heat.
  16. Thicker versions (26um) are puncture resistant as well as tearresistant.
  17. Thermal blankets are windproof.
  18. It can be twisted and used for a tourniquet in an emergency.
  19. For someone lost in the woods, a thermal blanket is reflective, which means it can be used to signal for assistance.
  20. Wrap around items in a backpack to keep them dry in inclement weather.
  21. Because it collects and reflects heat, it can be used in a winter survival situation to melt snow for fresh water.
  22. Carry water with it by gathering the corners and sides, making a bowl shape.
  23. Its waterproof nature makes it usable for shelter; tie it, lean-to style, to a couple of trees.
  24. Written on with a marker, it can be used as a poster or banner.
  25. A small hammock can be made with a thermal blanket.
  26. Its durability means that it can be used to add to rope by twisting it and tying it together.
  27. Small pieces cut from a thermal blanket could be used as lures to catch fish, because they reflect. Fish enjoy shiny items.
  28. Reflect light to increase it; this can be done with a campfire, candle, flashlight, moonlight, etc.
  29. It can be folded and tied into a sling in a pinch.
  30. Pieces of a thermal blanket can be used as scrubbing ‘cloths’ for cleaning dishes or people.
  31. It can be used as a tablecloth.
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Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets – 4-Pack

Nine different colors are available for the top side of these thermal blankets. Each set of four also comes with an additional gold-colored blanket. These are made of aluminized polyethylene mylar, military-grade. They weigh two ounces and are 52” x 82”.

Pack of 10 Mylar Thermal Blankets in Silver

Mylar material is weatherproof and waterproof, good for insulation. These blankets are 52” x 84” that fold into a compact rectangle that is packaged in a zip-top plastic bag.

Lightweight Bivy Sack Sleeping Bag

Two compact sleeping bags provide warmth in any weather, as well as protection from inclement weather. The orange colored side offers visibility to aid in rescue if necessary. It weighs 4.1 ounces, making it easy to carry. Unfolded, the size is 82” x 36” which is enough to wrap completely around nearly any person.

Emergency Bivy Sleeping Bag

This Life Bivy mylar emergency blanket sleeping bag can be used for warmth or shelter. Packaged in a handy sack, this can be carried anywhere for protection from weather in an emergency.

Pack of 12 Mylar Thermal Blankets

12 blankets offer enough to use for blankets, shelter, water, and many other uses. These thinner blankets are rip-proof but may be punctured so it is necessary to avoid pointy stones and tree branches.

Heavy Duty Insulated Emergency Blanket or Tarp

Five different colors are options on one side of these blankets and the reverse side is reflective silver. Three-ply construction results in a heavy-duty blanket that weighs about a pound and is 5’ x 7’ to fit most people and easily become a shelter. 4 metal stakes and 4 reinforced grommets make it easy to convert into shelter when desired.

Emergency Survival Poncho

Made of the same materials as an emergency blanket, this poncho retains body heat and protects from weather. The hood protects the head and aids in keeping the poncho in place. Reversible, one side has an orange coating while the other is silver.

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Rescue Guard Emergency Thermal Mylar Space Blanket: Designed for Outdoors, Hiking, Survival, Marathons Or First Aid - Solar Heat Reflective Blanket - Idael for Bug Out Bag, Car Survival Kit (5)
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Emergency Zone 71x142 Inch Oversized Emergency Blanket, Reflective Thermal Blanket. Available in Single, 2, 3, 4, 5, 30 & 120 Packs

Thermal Mylar Space Blanket – Pack of 5

Silver blankets are dual-sided and aluminized. 12-micron foil blankets are 52” x 82” and weigh 2 ounces each. These will protect wearers from wind and rain as well as keeping them warm.

Heat Reflective Survival Blanket

1 or 2 people can survive outdoors longer with this reflective survival blanket, which is made from polyethylene that is vacuum metalized. This blanket is more durable than Mylar and is rip and puncture resistant.

50 Foil Mylar Thermal Blankets

Individually wrapped mylar thermal blankets are convenient to use for a variety of applications, including relief after natural disasters, charity and homeless care, and emergency supplies.

Pack of 4 Military Survival Blankets

Four emergency blankets are perfect for people who hike, camp, or hunt or otherwise spend much outdoor time. The lightweight material is resistant to tearing and are large enough for most people to wrap up in.

Triple-Layer Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket

Emergency thermal blanket facts: three layers of foil, polyester mesh, and plastic make a sturdy blanket that is insulated, weatherproof, lightweight, and suitable for all sorts of outdoor experiences.

Oversized Emergency Blankets

Extra large blankets are 71” x 142” and are both waterproof and windproof. They are lightweight – only 4.1 ounces – and conveniently packaged to carry into the wild as needed.