Crafting Hobbies That Won’t Break the Bank

Crafting is not only a hobby but we consider it an essential part of everyone’s life. Getting creative and designing different things helps you explore the inner self. The best part about crafting hobbies is that they don’t require a lot of money. You can start from something as small as paper and make great designs. Give your mind a healthy channel through some amazing crafting hobbies. 

Crafting Hobbies in Budget


The simplest form of art yet one that will never have you lose your interest is Origami. It is an ancient technique of folding paper in numerous ways to create different types of interesting figures and shapes. Beginners can start by creating animals and then proceed. You can find a range of Origami tutorials on Youtube. There are also guide books available at the nearest book shop. 

Origami folds can be done in a variety of ways to create some of the most intricate designs. The Japanese Paper Crane is one of the most famous ones. Although you can use any paper that is in a square shape, there is specific origami paper as well. This paper gets rigid and sturdy after it dries allowing you to create structures that last. You can also get the bone folder along with origami paper as it helps you in making a sharp crease easily. 

Origami is one of the most basic crafting hobbies that anyone can do. 

Drawing and Painting

Drawing is not only something that one would do in their free time rather it is something that can help you relax as well. Drawing allows a person to open up and explain their thoughts. No need to break the bank as all you need is a drawing board, some colors and crayons, and the paper on which you would draw. There are different fields you can choose for drawing. For example, some people prefer drawing live portraits of real humans, while others may want to create a picturesque scene. Some can also create amazing abstract art. You will eventually figure out what you want once you start drawing and see where your interest is. 

Painting is also somewhat close to drawing but relatively tough. This is because painting with a brush isn’t as easy as it seems. One needs to know regarding the different colors, their mixing, as well as the numerous brushes and their appropriate usage as well. It will take time before you actually have your handset on painting. Pablo Piccaso said, “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”

Drawing will aid your creativity skills. 

Crafting Comics

This isn’t the type of art that many may have but it sure is something that can be distinctive just to you. Creating comics can be nostalgic especially for elders that have spent their life indulging in many comic books. The best part is that creating comic books does not require any die-hard art skills, rather it requires the element of fun and engagement in a person. Jot down your ideas first on a piece of paper and then see how you can go ahead with it. 

And that’s not entirely a bad idea! Cartoonist Jim Davis started off with the Garfield comic book series that consisted of only three pictures at a time. His engagement and funny tone about the cat along with puns pushed the Garfield merchandise on a multi-million dollar level. If you don’t have good drawing skills, you can begin by using stick characters and eventually get better over time. Creating comic books does not empty your bank as all you need is some time and effort to think up something that others could find quite interesting. 

Create a new cartoon character today. 


Known as the art of beautiful writing, Calligraphy is a skill that anyone can learn with some practice. Calligraphy is a writing technique where the letters are written in a specific manner usually with a broad-tipped pen or brush. Calligraphy gives your writing life by having the words written in an expressive and harmonious manner. Calligraphy dates back to 220 BC and was initially found out in the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures. 

Modern-day calligraphy is found on gift cards, wedding invitations, and other such items. It was once considered a sign of royalty and calligraphy fonts were used for Kings only. You can start practicing it and all you would need to buy is a specific calligraphy pen. Once you get better, you can start using brushes as well that are dedicated to calligraphy. Sometimes, the art is so exceptional that the calligraphy letters may not even be readable unless you view it from a particular angle. Surely, you can have all the attention towards you once you get perfect in calligraphy. 

Modern calligraphy.

Wood Work

You might think how can someone perform woodwork without bringing a burden to the bank but it is surely possible. Just buy off some extra wood from the nearby carpenter. If you don’t have a high budget, surely the manual tools can be used and the mechanical ones won’t be needed. Start by practicing on these manual tools to see if you can go with them. 

Crafts made through wood can become the perfect decoration pieces as well as a gift for someone. Possibly, you can earn money from this hobby as well by selling your crafts online via social media or websites such as Craigslist. Items that are handmade always carry a higher value than the ones which are made with machines. Simple tools that you would need for woodwork include sandpaper, saw, jack plane, chisel set, and folding rule as well. 

Be the master creator of the wooden items. 

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Collecting your memories all in one book is what you can do with a scrapbook. These scrapbooks are the ones that you can use to preserve the memories for future generations as well. Display the different types of images in a scrapbook with multiple sections. One could be regarding your family, one for the important moments such as marriages and childbirth, and other sections for other interesting events such as trips. 

The best part? You won’t be choking your bank balance at all. Scrapbooking has gained much popularity over the past few years because it is fun and cheap. You just need a scrapbook and you can keep on adding different types of photographs to it from time to time. Decorate your scrapbook and make it presentable and colorful such that it appears attractive to the viewers as well. Recent trends suggest that delicate colors and romantic compositions are the biggest scrapbooking trends of the era. 

Scrapbooks are memorable. 

Card Making

Making cards is one of the most interesting hobbies because of the diversity associated with it. There are so many fields to begin and work from. You can design birthday cards, invitation cards, wedding cards, and so many more as well. All that is required includes chart papers, assorted pens, colors, and markets. Simply go to Youtube and find some amazing tutorials on how to make the best cards at home. 

Card making was once a major part of many cultures and traditions. People even used to wish each other on Christmas with cards but the trend slowly went down. However, you can still express yourself to others with the help of them. Other items such as colorful cardstock, stamps, and stickers are also going to be quite useful in improving the artistic design of these cards. You can simply start off by giving some of these to family members and close friends. 

Send the cards to your loved ones. 

Can Crafting Hobbies be Performed Online?

In the modern era, crafting hobbies like card making are not only dedicated to physical work rather you can practice your skills over the computer as well. Download any photoshop software such as Adobe Photoshop CC17 and start learning. You can use this tool to not only create 2D models like cards, posters, drawings, but you can also make 3D models such as the ones needed for your woodwork or 3D Cards, and others too. 

The best part about having such a tool is that it can become a potential source of income for you as well. Many people are earning a great sum of money by simply polishing up their photoshop skills and coming up with different types of graphical illustrations as required by their clients. Online crafting hobbies are easier because most of us are now hooked with the computer systems all the time and making time to specifically engage in a hobby physically might just appear like a big hassle. 

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There are many crafting hobbies that won’t break the bank which we mentioned above. Most of what we said can be done on a computer system as well although it is not our first recommendation because overexposure to the light coming from monitors is not that healthy. However, a little time for your hobbies on computers is fine. We recommend that you fill up your bank by gaining certain skills via your hobbies and practically applying them which will help in earning money.