Comparing Starwatcher Telescopes

BBarska is considered as one of the best manufacturers of utility gear like tactical vests and rifle bags, and also security products like safes and vaults. However, they are also known for selling high-quality precision sport optics, such as rifle scopes, binoculars, microscopes, spotting scopes, and telescopes.

For their telescopes, Barka divided the products that they make into two ranges. The first range is the Anchormaster, a line of classic-looking telescopes made for birdwatching and terrestrial viewing. The second range, which is the one we will be focusing on in this guide, is the Starwatcher, a collection of telescopes that are made with durable materials and are supposed to be beginner-friendly due to how easy they are to use.


There are 10 Starwatcher telescopes that are currently available as of 2020, and these telescopes vary in size, length, and features. To help you decide which Starwatcher telescope is the best one to own, we will be comparing each of these telescopes and enumerate their features. We will be starting the list from the smallest telescopes, and then we will be ending it at the biggest one.

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BARSKA Starwatcher Refractor Telescope

1. 133 Power Starwatcher Telescope

Kicking off the list is the 133 Power Starwatcher Telescope that has a 133mm focal length and a weight of 5.5 lbs. Since it is quite small, it will not be able to zoom in enough for you to see the surface of the moon clearly, but it is an excellent telescope for those who frequently travel because it is lightweight.

Each 133 Power Starwatcher Telescope comes with a Barska’sDeepsky Astronomy Software that can be installed on a desktop computer or laptop. The software contains a massive database where you can look for the location of specific planets, nebulae, and star clusters, so it will be easier for you to track them using the telescope.

2. 225 Power Starwatcher Telescope

The second smallest is the 225 Power Starwatcher Telescope, which is a refractor telescope that has a 300mm focal length and a 70mm objective lens that can magnify objects for up to 225X. It has two interchangeable eyepieces, and they are different in size and length.

One eyepiece is great for high magnification setting, while the other is perfect for low settings that can be used for birdwatching and sightseeing. To increase the power of the eyepieces, the 225 Telescope also comes with a 3X Barlow lens that can enhance the magnifying capabilities of the telescope. Also, the 225 has a table-top tripod, which is too small to place on the ground for comfortable viewing. The interior of the telescopes has fully-coated glass optics that enable it to zoom in on objects with clarity and brightness for a better viewing experience.

It is important to note that the Barska Software is included in all Starwatcher telescope models.

3. 231 Power Starwatcher Telescope

The 231 Power Starwatcher Telescope is the longest one out of the first five telescopes on the list, as it has a 700mm focal length, which is considered an above-average length for beginner-friendly telescopes. Furthermore, it can magnify objects for up to 231X, hence the reason why it is called the 231.

The refractor telescope comes with a travel bag where both the telescope and the included table-top tripod can fit, but it also has an added pouch where you can place the two interchangeable eyepieces and the detachable finder scope.

4. 300 Power Starwatcher Telescope

The Barska 300 Power Starwatcher Telescope is a refractor that has a 400mm focal length and a 70mm objective lens. Like the 225, the 300 Power telescope comes with two interchangeable eyepieces that vary in size. However, it only has a 1.5X Barlow lens compared to the 3X of the 225, but the telescope doesn’t really need it since it already has a 400mm focal length.

Moreover, the 300 Starwatcher Telescope comes with a table-top tripod that is all-black in color, and it also has a finder scope that can be attached to the left side of the telescope. The finder scope is a great accessory to have if you are having a hard time tracking objects while the view is magnified in the eyepiece. Since the finder scope has a wider field of view, it would be easier to use it for tracking.

5. 450 Power Starwatcher Telescope

The 450 Power Starwatcher Telescope has a focal length of 600m, which is a hundred less than the 231. However, it comes with a 3X Barlow lens that can enhance its magnifying power to the point that it can even be more powerful than the 231. It also has a slightly longer finder scope that can pinpoint objects much better than the one found on the 231 telescopes. Additionally, the 450 comes with a longer tripod that doesn’t need a table to be placed properly.

The one downside that the 450 Power Telescope has is that it doesn’t come with any travel bag, but you can easily buy one in hobby shops and online stores since the 450 has the size and length of a regular home telescope.

6. 525 Power Starwacher Reflector Telescope

We will now go to the trio of 525 Power Starwatch Telescopes with differing features, and the first one that is going to be discussed is the reflector version. Since this is using reflector optics, it is less expensive than the refractor version because of its materials, but it can magnify objects much clearer than the other variant.

The 525 Refractor Telescope has a focal length of 700mm, and you can enhance its magnifying capabilities by using the two interchangeable eyepieces that it comes with. Its finder scope has a red dot for precise tracking of objects you want to magnify, and both the red dot scope and the telescope’s features are enhanced by an altazimuth mount, which can rotate and elevate the position of the telescope.

However, it doesn’t include any travel bag, so you would have to purchase one if you plan on taking the telescope outdoors.

7. 525 Power Starwatcher Refractor Telescope

The second 525 Power Starwatcher on the list is the refractor version that can magnify objects better than the reflector but at a higher price point. The 700mm focal length telescope comes with three interchangeable eyepieces that are set to low, medium, and high magnification settings, and their power can be improved by applying a 3X Barlow lens on top of one of them that is attached to the telescope. Like the reflector version, the refractor telescope also has an extendable altazimuth mount that can be adjusted easily and is sturdy enough to carry the weight of the tool.

On the other hand, the one disadvantage that the refractor telescope has over the reflector is that its finder scope doesn’t have a red dot, but it can still do the job of allowing you to track objects easily.

8. 600 Power Starwatcher Telescope

Next up is the 600 Power Starwatcher Telescope, a refractor that has an 800mm focal length and can magnify objects that you are viewing for up 600X. The package includes three interchangeable eyepieces to customize the magnification of the telescope, and it also has an adjustable aluminum tripod with an accessory tray at the middle where you can put the eyepieces and the included 3X Barlow lens.

Similar to the 525 Reflector, the 600 Power Telescope has a red dot finder scope for precise tracking. However, the 600 doesn’t come with a travel bag like all of the last five telescopes on the list, but as previously stated, looking for a bag for long telescopes is relatively easy.

9. 675 Power Starwatcher Reflector Telescope

Two of the biggest and most powerful telescopes on the list are both named 675 Power Starwatcher, but one of them is a reflector while the other is a refractor.

For the reflector version, the telescope has a 900mm focal length and a 114mm aperture that is great for viewing nearby planets as well as star clusters and nebulae. It includes two eyepieces that are 4mm and 20mm in size, and it also has a red-dot finder scope that can be attached at the top of the telescope. In addition, the telescope is mounted on a German equatorial mount that is on top of an adjustable aluminum tripod.

10. 675 Power Starwatcher Refractor Telescope

The refractor version of the 675 Power Starwatcher has an 800mm focal length, which is 100 less than the 675 Reflector. But it comes with an altazimuth mount that is better than the equatorial mount because the telescope’s position can be adjusted much more precisely with the altazimuth.

Moreover, the 675 Refractor’s aluminum tripod has an accessory tray where you can put eyepieces conveniently if ever you want to change the telescope’s eyepiece on the fly. Speaking of its eyepieces, the 675 Refractor comes with three interchangeable eyepieces that have different lengths, and these sizes are SR4mm, H12mm, and H20mm. Along with the eyepieces, a red-dot finder scope is also included as an accessory to the telescope.

These are all of the current Starwatcher telescopes, but it is possible that Barska may release a new telescope that is more powerful than the 675 or smaller than the 133. If you are not going to buy a new one anytime soon, you should keep an eye out for Barska’s website to see if they launch any new telescopes, but for now, the current lineup of the Starwatcher is already solid.