Compact Hammers You Can Use For Traveling

The hammer is considered by many to be a versatile tool, as it cannot only pound nails into place or pry them off, but it can also flatten uneven surfaces, break apart one item, or fix loose ends of certain objects. Because of its different uses, most hikers and campers would always bring a hammer with them along with a sharp knife that they can use for cutting. The most common type of hammer that is brought during outdoor trips is the compact hammer, which has a smaller handle and head that is perfect for backpacking. 

There are hundreds of different brands and models of compact hammers to choose from, and to help you decide which hammer is suitable for your hiking or camping needs, we are here to give you a list of the best compact hammers you can buy online or in hardware stores. Included in this list are the features or functions of each hammer.

Where to Buy
Spifflyer 8 OZ Small Claw Hammer Mini Stubby Hammers and Nails Tool, Bright Polished Head, Comfortable Soft Handle
KING 8 oz. Stubby Claw Hammer w/Fiberglass Handle and Magnetic Nail Holder 0094-0, Small Mini and Portable Hand Tool
Best Choice 8-oz. Stubby Claw Hammer with Magnetic Nail Starter
Hammer Multi-Tool, Birthday Gifts for Men Dad Him, Cool & Unique Multi-Functional 12 in 1 Mini Tools with Magnetic Wristband Bundle for Household
Sheffield 12913 Premium 14-in-1 Hammer Multi Tool, Multipurpose Tool for the Home, Camping Equipment, and Work, Hammer, Pliers, Survival Knife, & More
Vaughan SF12 12-Ounce Soft-Face Hammer, 1 3/8-Inch Face Diameter, 12 1/2-Inch Long. (Pack 2)

1. Spifflyer 8 oz Small Claw Hammer

The first one on the list is the Spifflyer Small Claw Hammer, an 8-ounce tool that is perfect for outdoor use because of its small size and lightweight construction. The Spifflyer hammer has a comfortable rubber handle that has curves at the front that allows your fingers to sit comfortably on the handle and to have a better grip. In addition, the head of the hammer is made of mirror-polished and heat-treated alloy steel, so you will be sure that it is a durable tool.

2. King 8 oz Stubby Claw Hammer

The King Stubby Claw Hammer is similar to the Spifflyer hammer since it also features a compact and portable head, but the difference between them is found in their handles. While the Spifflyer features a rubber handle, the King hammer has a handle made of fiberglass, which is supposed to have a non-slip feel to the hands while also being resistant to harsh weather and damages. The fiberglass handle is shatter-proof, a feature that is strengthened by the material’s ability to absorb shock. The shock-absorption abilities of the hammer are also beneficial for the user, as it will be able to absorb impact while pounding nails and other items, an activity that can cause arm strain.

3. Best Choice 8 oz Stubby Claw Hammer

Third on the list is the Best Choice Stubby Claw Hammer, a sturdy tool that has a head made of alloy steel and is coated with a rust-preventive clear coating that makes it a durable hammer for outdoor use. In addition, the head also has a built-in magnetic nail holder so you can have an easier time holding a nail in place before pounding it to wood or cement. The handle of the Best Choice hammer is made of rubber, similar to the material used for the Spifflyer hammer, although the grip of the Best Choice tool has more grooves that are beneficial for the shock-absorbing properties of the material.

4. RYZ Hammer Multi-Tool

The RYZ Hammer Multi-Tool may be the most versatile hammer on this list, as it has not only a hammerhead but also other tools that you can use during outdoor trips, like pliers, wire cutters, compact saw, flathead screwdriver, and more. The head of the compact hammer is made of steel, although the face and the claw of the hammer are separated by the two parts of the built-in pliers. The other tools in this multi-tool are hidden on its handle neatly, so you won’t get cut or scratched by the tools whenever you are using its hammer part. However, if you want to use the hammer, you would need to clamp down the pliers for a better grip. The RYZ hammer is perfect for those that want to only bring one tool with them during hiking or camping trips.

5. Sheffield 14-in-1 Hammer Multi-Tool

The Sheffield 14-in-1 Hammer Multi-Tool is similar to the RYZ Hammer, as it also has more tools hidden in its handle. But the difference between the two can be seen in their colors, as the Sheffield retains the silver color of the alloy steel material, while the RYZ hammer is colored in black. In addition, the RYZ hammer has a full steel handle, while the Sheffield features wooden panels on its handle, which can be helpful in getting a proper grip while using the hammer.

6. Vaughan 12 oz Soft-Face Hammer

The Vaughan Soft-Face Hammer is the most peculiar product in this list, as it features two heads that are supposed to be softer than the regular steelhead, which makes the hammer great for pounder lighter and softer items like wood. The two soft faces that come with the hammer are replaceable, so you can change them once they get worn out. Furthermore, the handle of the hammer is triple wedged and is covered with epoxy sealed “Sure-Lock” for better grip. The weight of the hammer is also fairly balanced to reduce arm strain and fatigue.

Those are six of the best portable hammers that you can buy easily in almost any hardware store or online shop. These traveling hammers will surely allow you to have a lighter backpack or luggage while also have a useful tool for different uses in the outdoors.