Common Pitfalls and Challenges of Drones

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Although drones benefit those who use them and are expected to grow in the future, there are some drawbacks. Here is a list of some pitfalls and safety concerns of using drones:

GPS Signals Can be Blocked

Most drones are equipped with a built-in GPS, allowing them to return to the base if their signal gets lost or the batteries are about to die mid-flight. But there may be GPS reception problems if the signal is disturbed by underground cables or other sources. However, this is a problem related to the location. You can take the drone elsewhere to a place where it doesn’t have issues regarding GPS signals.

Unable to Recognize Airborne Objects

One of the primary safety concerns related to drones is their inability to recognize and avoid other aircraft and airborne objects. This concern makes them vulnerable to accidents.

Incorrect Direction While Flying

If the compass on the drone was not calibrated correctly, it might take the wrong directions during flight. Therefore, make sure to inspect your drone before each flight to avoid this problem.

Following are some additional issues related to drones:

  • In 2015, airline pilots had to change course 28 times to avoid a collision with a drone[i].
  • Drug cartels have been using drones to transport illegal drugs into the USA[ii] [iii].
  • Privacy issues.

Drones are also creating new questions for insurance companies, especially when it comes to property damage.

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