Guide To Hand Crank Phone Chargers


If you aren’t a total shut-in, you’ve probably had your phone die on you a few times when you’ve been out. And even more common than that is the fear of having a low charge remaining, forcing you to use your phone sparingly at a low brightness level. Now this can be … Read more

Guide To Hand Cranked Flashlights


Flashlights are always a handy tool to have on hand at all times. Though we may use our phones for illumination now, it can still be a good idea to have a flashlight ready. And if you’re going for a flashlight, why not go for one that is guaranteed to run even … Read more

Why You Should Have a Hand Crank Generator for Emergencies


If you are building your survival or emergency disaster kit, you must consider buying a hand crank generator. Other than a bit of elbow grease, it doesn’t need a power source to power your electronics. No matter if you’re on a camping trip or expecting a major storm or hurricane that will … Read more

Comparing the Best Hand Crank Generators

If you choose to live green or simply don’t like having to deal with smelly fuel while powering up essentials during a power outage, a hand crank generator is a great option. It’s also highly portable and safe to use anytime, anywhere. These generators can help you charge other traveling gadgets, including … Read more

Guide to Hand Crank Power Generators

Epica Digital Emergency Solar Hand Crank Charger

Nowadays, it’s easy to take our modern living for granted, like having access to electricity at any time of the day. But all these changes when you go to a place where there is no electricity – meaning, no outlet to plug your precious phone into. Bringing a power bank can be … Read more