Ultimate Guide to Survival Knives


Whether you like to be prepared or planning a camping trip, a survival knife is a crucial tool to have. You can use it for several purposes (mentioned below), and its compact, pocket-sized structure makes it easy to carry with you anywhere you go. One thing you will notice in the survival … Read more

Guide to Belt Knives


You would think that “wearable” knives were inconceivable – after all, who would want to wear something dangerous? However, keep in mind that knives (as well as swords) have been worn for many centuries. Ancient warriors would typically wear belts with scabbards or sheaths as a means of transporting those dangerous blades … Read more

Best Axes for Survival


An ax is a primitive tool essential for survival in wooded areas. With an axe, you can chop wood, start fires, construct shelter, and even defend yourself. But if you look for survival axes in online stores, you might be overwhelmed by the multitude of results. Some axes are even part of … Read more

What is a Neck Knife?


When it comes to survival, there are many different items that are used by people. Some of these are flashlights, whistle, lighters, waterproof matches, signal mirrors, fire starters, maps, compass, first aid kits, and more. Having these items is very useful because we are not sure when exactly natural calamities and emergencies … Read more

What are Tanto Knives?


Hailing from the old Japanese Samurai era, tanto knives are a weapon that proves highly valuable during self-defense. At first glance, you would probably take Tantos just like a normal knife. But not until you get to know its highly detailed forging and folding process will you be convinced of the mightiness … Read more

Washing Clothes When You’re Off the Grid


If you’re planning to take a vacation off the grid for a substantial amount of time or just working towards self-sufficiency, you have to learn how to wash clothes without washing machines. It may seem inconvenient, but remember, people have lived without electricity and appliances for years. Even the Amish people today … Read more

Helpful Off-Grid Gadgets


Going off-grid is a whole new experience for most people. The grid – primarily electricity – is such a part of life that the thought of living without it can be daunting, at best. However, the prospect can also be surprisingly freeing. One way to cope with the differences in living on … Read more

Top 10 Survival and Prepping Books to Never be Without


In any crisis situation, you will be hard-pressed finding the information you and your family needs to make it. There will be no Internet. There will be no phone service. It will literally come down to what you have within arm’s reach that will help you get through the chaos of marshall law, … Read more

Best Dehydrators for Off-Grid


Food preservation is one of the most important factors in off grid living. Since many, if not most, off-grid locations are also somewhat remote, those who prefer not to rely on grocery stores need a way to preserve food that they grow or forage. Why Dehydrate? Because bacteria and mold tend to … Read more

Wilson Solar Grills


Cooking food outside is a common way to prepare a meal in many parts of the world. Around 55% of the people who live in sub-Saharan Africa cook with firewood, which results in smoke inhalation, and deforestation of areas around the continent. Professor David Wilson, who taught at MIT, was in Nigeria … Read more

Best Books for Off-Grid Living


Living off-grid is something that some people are eager to try. The reasons vary from wanting to be self-sufficient to wanting to be less affected by political issues. There are books about the process, about the desired results, and about all sorts of things in between. Some offer instruction, some encouragement, and … Read more