What Is a Router?


If you do a lot of serious woodworking and cabinetry and haven’t considered a router before, then it’s time that you should get one! It will surely be a indispensable tool once you have it. A router is a power tool that is used to make hollows, or “rout out,” an area … Read more

Top 5 Plunge Routers


For most of the woodworkers, a plunge router is a blessing. It gives freedom to perform routing tasks quickly. From stopped dedos, mortising to inlay pattern work, it is a very efficient tool that a professional woodworker should keep. Plunge routers have a unique base that enables professionals to use the motor … Read more

Top 5 Variable Speed Fixed Base Routers


If you take a closer look at some of the professional tools, you will realize that a router is one of them whether fixed base or plunge base. It is quite important to know that fixed base routers are getting popular and more and more workers are going towards them to make … Read more

Top 5 Variable Speed Plunge Routers


Routers are one of the most important tools when it comes to woodwork. Carpenters usually need it for all their routing purposes. Plunge base routers have their own pros and cons whereas the fixed base routers have their own pros and cons and both are suitable for different types of applications. Getting … Read more