Best Bright High Powered Flashlights

ThruNite TN36

A handy flashlight is a must-have tool in the home. A small flashlight is well and good, but sometimes, you want the brightest one available. Perhaps you’ve been tired of using flashlights that offer dim light when you needed a brighter light. Or maybe, you just want one even for no good … Read more

Facts About Fenix Flashlights


Fenix is one of the more popular flashlight brands. Many types of flashlights are made and sold by this company. They intend to offer high end flashlights at reasonable prices so customers will be satisfied with their experience. Some believe this is the best prepper flashlight company. Fenix flashlights have been sold … Read more

Bright LED Flashlights Using Single AA Batteries

brightest single AA LED flashlight

When electricity is unavailable for one reason or another, it may still be necessary to find things, or walk places, when it is dark. To provide vision and security, light is helpful. In such a situation, a simple small flashlight that takes a single AA battery can be the perfect option.  Small … Read more

JET Beam Flashlight Facts

JET Beam Flashlight Facts

One of the first questions one might ask about JETBeam flashlights is, “Are JETBeam flashlights good?” Below is a list of some of the best things about these light sources, which is considered the best JETBeam flashlight, and more about these high-end flashlights. The Company JETBeam was founded in 2004, with the … Read more

High-End Flashlights

High-End Flashlights

While there are many generic items that are just as good as the brand-name items, there are also many items for which this is not true. Flashlights are one of the latter. Some brands import cheap units from overseas and slap their brand on them, which means the quality suffers. To avoid … Read more

Best AA Battery Tactical Flashlights

Best AA Battery Tactical Flashlights

If you want an electronic companion that can light up a dark area when there is no grid power supply, then relying on a tactical flashlight is a great option. Tactical flashlights give you that extra strength and performance which ordinary flashlights simply can’t. Every household should have a good tactical flashlight … Read more

Top Tactical Super Bright Rechargeable LED Flashlights

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK]

A tactical flashlight is a great tool that you do not know you need until it is too late. If you start keeping a flashlight, you will be surprised to know how helpful it can be. From finding valuable things in the dark to assisting in self-defense, a tactical flashlight is a … Read more