Tips for Picking an Instant Camera

A Polaroid picture is held against a group of friends at the beach

Instant cameras offer an interesting combination of modern and vintage cameras; they allow you to immediately print the picture without having to transfer it to your computer or any other device, and are great for capturing memories on the go. However, with so many models available on the market, choosing one can … Read more

Guide to Selecting a Photography Lighting Kit

Guide to Selecting a Photography Lighting Kit

Photography is often reduced to aiming a camera at someone and pressing a button. The result, thanks to modern technology, is usually a good picture. But what makes photography an art is how the photographer uses light to their advantage. Someone practicing taking pictures knows how to use various light sources to … Read more

Tips for Selecting a Waterproof Camera

Tips for Selecting a Waterproof Camera

Waterproof cameras have come a long way. You no longer have to lug around clunky gear that you can’t fit in your pocket. Today’s waterproof cameras enable you to capture all the action out on the water or at your favorite swimming hole and do so with ease! They can take some … Read more

Tips For Picking Smartphones For Photography

female hands taking photos with smartphone

Introduction Smartphones have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and ease of use, and with the right settings, they can produce some great pictures. However, it can be difficult to find the right smartphone for your photography needs, so it is important to keep a few things in mind when shopping. … Read more

Guide to Thermal Cameras

person using a thermal camera to inspect a house

Thermal cameras detect and measure the infrared radiations emitted by various objects and display it as their heat signature on its screen. These thermal imaging devices produce detailed and accurate thermal images that you can use to identify objects in the dark, track temperature changes, and provide 24/7 monitoring, among many other … Read more

The Guide to Using Drones for Photography

A drone flying in the air against a sunset

Drones have dramatically transformed the way we capture videos and images, as they can provide newer perspectives, cover large areas quickly, and weather harsh environments, thereby opening up new avenues for photography and videography. In this guide, we will explore how drones can be used in various ways, including commercial photography, wedding … Read more

How to Become a Successful Landscape Photographer

How to Become a Successful Landscape Photographer

Becoming a landscape photographer may not be everyone’s ideal job but it can have many rewards. The market may be saturated, but not everyone does work that carries meaning. You cannot ignore the attraction of an amazing shot, which should keep you motivated.  Getting into photography is easier than it was in … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is a challenging adventure activity that most photographers don’t consider doing. But those that do are rewarded with an amazing experience and unbeatable photos. However, underwater photography has an entirely different set of challenges than regular photography (think shiny fisheye lens effects, strobes not working as they should, etc.). In … Read more

Tips for Effectively Cleaning and Maintaining Your DSLR Camera

A person cleaning their DSLR camera

DSLR cameras and their accessories are expensive. If you do not take good care of them, they will deteriorate much faster. These cameras are generally reliable but require consistent maintenance to ensure that they work optimally.  It is only natural that as you use your camera, it will be coated in microscopic … Read more

Guide to Selecting Accessories for Your Camera

A camera with various accessories on a black desk

Once you have purchased a camera, you can get right into taking pictures and shooting videos. However, to take your photography and videography to the next level, you must have some accessories. Certain items not only enhance your picture and video-taking ability but make it easier. There are certain items that make … Read more

Tips for Better Flash Photography

Tips for Better Flash Photography

When used in photography, flash refers to a brief burst of lighting provided by electronic flash units. Whether on a DSLR or smartphone, the flash is used to illuminate subjects and provide a well-lit photo. Flash photography has its own techniques and tips that can be used when executing different types of … Read more

Tips For Picking A Camera For Vlogging

Professional camera shooting biracial blogger making vlog

Believing a common photography camera would do your vlogging job nicely is the first mistake vloggers may make in their careers. Vloggers and photographers have unique needs, and even vlogging can be categorized into different forms. For example, some vloggers create videos in their stationary setups, while others are on-the-go vloggers (e.g., … Read more

Tips for Selecting a Microphone for Your Camera or Smartphone

Man holding a camera with a fluffy microphone

Poor quality sound on a video can instantly decrease its enjoyability and make it feel lackluster. Suppose you are a vlogger or a videographer and want your videos to seem professional and well put together. In that case, you should have an excellent microphone that helps you get that crisp sound.  When … Read more