What Is a Fishing Belt?

A fisherman catching fish

Fishing belts are much more than a fashion statement. They are designed to help support the fishing rod and your back when you catch larger fish. These belts are an essential part of an angler’s gear because they make fishing and catching your fish much easier. If you are a frequent large … Read more

What is a predator call?

Predators are some of the most challenging animals to hunt because of how smart they are. The most common predators that are hunted include coyotes, bobcats, and cougars. They have an uncanny ability to hide and disappear when you see them, which makes them quite tricky to capture.  To make this task … Read more

What Is a Boonie Hat, and What Are Its Benefits for Hunting?

Boonie hats are the most popular kind of hats used by hunters. They are pretty distinct from other types of hats due to their camouflage pattern. Still, their construction is quite similar to that of bucket hats. The only difference between the two is that boonie hats are much stiffer. These hats … Read more

Tips for Picking a Hunting Crossbow

Crossbow hunting is an excellent way to try bow hunting without overcoming the learning curve that comes with compound or recurve bows. Crossbows are extremely common among hunters and are mainly used for hunting down deer, elk, bears, and other animals.  Crossbows are highly versatile. Despite their age, injury, or lack of … Read more

Guide to Slingshots

Slingshots have been used as a weapon since the early moments of history. These devices come in various different styles. You can find basic slingshots made using twigs and rubber bands and more sophisticated ones made using high-quality wood and elastic rubber bands. Slingshots go by different names in different countries, but … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Hunting Knives

Hunting knives have been used for over two and a half million years. Ever since man has been hunting for food, a tool has been needed to slice, cut, and skin the prey it captures. Over the years, humans have refined the hunting knife to what it is now. You can find … Read more

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