Keeping Children Occupied After a Power Outage


When the power goes out during a storm, hurricane, or for any other reasons, parents have an additional dilemma on their hands. We usually discourage the use of screens to babysit kids in any case, but what happens when there’s simply no power for all your usual activities? It’s also important to … Read more

Coping Without Power


Electricity is often taken for granted in most areas of the United States (and in many other countries, as well). It is so ingrained in everyday life that living without it is unimaginable for most. With electric stoves and ovens, electric water heaters, electric lights, electric heat and air conditioning, electric washing … Read more

Surviving Without Power for a Week

It can be overwhelming to be a new prepper, with the plethora of information that is available. Some of it talks about a supply of food for a year, hand tools for anything one might desire to do, and a hideaway in the woods where there is plenty of forage available. However, … Read more