Lighting Hacks


When camping or in the dark due to a power outage, having a way to extend small light sources can be the difference between seeing and stumbling, or between dimly seeing other’s faces and reading. At the same time, sometimes it takes a hack to have light at all! Battery Operated Christmas … Read more

Illumination Options for a Survival Kit


When creating a survival kit, there are many things to consider and many of the items that need to be included have options. Because people are different, locations are different, and individual needs are different, it is a good thing to have choices. One thing that should always be a part of … Read more

Ways to Light the House After an EMP


There has been much concern about the possibility of an EMP and how such an event would affect people if it happens. The understanding is that many electrical devices – and probably the entire electrical grid – would be at least temporarily non-working. Even those who think it would be temporary still … Read more

Survival Alternatives to Candles


When things go sideways and life changes in unexpected ways, resulting in a lack of power for an extended period of time, one of the things people need is a source of light. Candles, which are consumable, can be that source for a while, but at some point, they are likely to … Read more

Top 7 Emergency Light Sources for Preppers

Have you ever been in a situation where your city was covered in darkness because all the lights were out? Yes? Kind of spooky, isn’t it? While a single night without light might be can be fun (kind of an adventure), several dark nights can result in a host of challenges, especially … Read more