The Essentials to Have in Your Car Bug Out Bag / Emergency Kits


Many people might have a few small tools they carry in their car — like jumper cables or a few screwdrivers, fuses, etc. But I cannot tell you how many people’s cars I’ve been in that don’t have any type of emergency or preparedness kit at all. Even emergency organizations like the Red Cross or relief agencies now advise people to have small emergency kits just in case you were to be caught in an emergency situation.

Many preppers have put together their own bug out bags (BOBs), which typically includes about 3 days worth of gear/food. But the purpose of building your own small kit is for everyone to have the most crucial items for at least 2-3 days in case of an emergency… any emergency… like a vehicle breaking down in the middles of nowhere, a terrorist attack, or even just simply getting lost in the woods.

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7 Items Under $5 That Are Essential For Bugging Out and Survival


You need to be prepared if you want to survive during an emergency. However, you don’t have to spend a ton on supplies for bugging out or simply making your life easier for the days in which you’re bugging out.

Below we’ve listed 7 survival and bug out items that will be essential to your survival and all of them are at or under $5.

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Preparing Bug Out Bags for Children


When you’re preparing to be in survival mode, focusing on bug out bags is just as important as preparing a room or basement for shelter. A bug out bag is like a survival kit that you take with you when on the go, with essentials to tide you over a few tough … Read more

Preparing Bug Out Bags for Teens


Preparing bug out bags should be a must for any family who’s serious about developing survival skills. There’s a lot more awareness these days about the need for such skills and the correct forms of preparedness. We’ve seen how people of all ages are left stranded and unable to survive properly as … Read more