Helpful Off-Grid Living Manuals


Living off grid can be a challenge even in states where it is not discouraged. There are a lot of things that people tend to take for granted that are electrically powered that either one must replace with manual options, or one must learn to do without. There are other factors involved … Read more

Best Educational Books for Survivalist


No one wishes to be caught up in an emergency. Things like this happen unexpectedly. According to a college homework helper, knowledge and skills are two essential ingredients for survival. And that is something one can derive from educational books for a survivalist. How do you handle being stuck in a car … Read more

Top 10 Survival and Prepping Books to Never be Without


In any crisis situation, you will be hard-pressed finding the information you and your family needs to make it. There will be no Internet. There will be no phone service. It will literally come down to what you have within arm’s reach that will help you get through the chaos of marshall law, … Read more

Best Books for Off-Grid Living


Living off-grid is something that some people are eager to try. The reasons vary from wanting to be self-sufficient to wanting to be less affected by political issues. There are books about the process, about the desired results, and about all sorts of things in between. Some offer instruction, some encouragement, and … Read more

Top Ten Survival Books


Because it is impossible for one person to know everything there is to know about any subject, books are an excellent resource. Generally written by people who have experience in the wilderness and in survival situations, these books offer knowledge and wisdom about surviving in many different scenarios. Some books are better … Read more