Learn About the Ugly Stik Brand

Fishing on the lake at sunset. Fishing background.

A good fishing rod is essential when you are fishing. If you own a good quality fishing rod, it will be much easier to have an ideal fishing setup to catch the most fish. Having a good quality fishing rod means you can target specific fish and have the upper hand in … Read more

Guide to High-Powered Slingshots

Guide to High-Powered Slingshots

A slingshot is a projectile weapon operated by the hand. Typically, it is a Y-shaped frame with two natural rubber strips fastened to its uprights that are gripped in the opposite hand. The rubber strips’ other ends connect to a compartment where the projectile is kept. Slingshots may have existed in the … Read more

Interesting Facts about Deep Sea Fishing

Underwater world with corals and tropical fish

The practice of catching fish or fishing is more than 40,000 years old. Any kind of recreational fishing in the sea below 100 feet is considered ‘deep-sea fishing’. Hunting fish in freshwater or saltwater don’t come under the category of ‘deep-sea fishing’. Deep seas are away from the land, and a boat … Read more