Infographic on the Types of Boeing Airplane Models

a Boeing airplane flying over the city

Boeing is a popular American aerospace and defense company. It is the largest in the world and also the foremost manufacturer of commercial jet transports. In addition to that, Boeing is also a leading producer of military aircraft, space vehicles, missiles, and helicopters. Being one of the top exporters from the United … Read more

A Guide to United Airlines Boeing 747-400

United Airlines Boeing 747-400 at Frankfurt Airport

Boeing Commercial Airlines is the largest aerospace company. It is the manufacturer of top-class commercial, military, and cargo aircraft. Boeing 747 was a significant hit when it was introduced in 1969. It was the first airliner with a wide body that revolutionized the aviation industry. In the following years, many variants came … Read more

LEGO City Town Center

LEGO City Road Plates 60304 Building Kit

Like many indoor hobbies and activities, LEGO building also takes a unique space in every child’s heart. While outdoor hobbies can be enjoyable and exhilarating, learning an indoor hobby or two, like building an entire LEGO train station, for example, can be equally fascinating. Speaking of which, LEGO City, the company that manufactures and produces these tiny … Read more

A Guide to Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo

Hawaiian Airlines’ first Airbus A321neo

The Airbus A321neo has a narrow body and features several in-flight entertainment facilities that ensure a peaceful journey. It is also very eco-friendly and developed under the green aviation agreement to ensure that it’s good for the environment. It is also fuel-saving and low in carbon emissions, combining safety and technology with … Read more

A Guide to American Airlines Boeing 777-8

A Boeing 777-200 (N7771) flying above the clouds

Boeing 777 is the world’s largest twinjet aircraft (a wide-body airliner), manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The first Boeing 777 took flight in June 1994. The plane was aimed to fill the gap between Boeing 767 and 747 and replace the old D and L series. The Boeing 777 later came with … Read more

A Guide to Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800

Southwest 737-800 in the Heart livery at Baltimore

Southwest Airlines is one of the biggest American airline companies based out of Dallas, Texas. It is also known as the most budget-friendly airline with the best and lowest flying rates. The airline was initially established by Herb Kelleher and Rollin King with the name “Air South West Co.” The name was … Read more

A Guide to Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

The need for air transport throughout the world is continuously increasing because of its fast speed and efficiency. That is why Boeing Commercial Airplanes started developing and producing the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. This plane is suitable for transporting cargo and passengers in a short time. Who doesn’t want their flight and the … Read more

A Guide to American Airlines Boeing 737-800

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 miniature

Boeing 737 Next Generation, commonly known as 737NG, is an upgraded version of commercial airline Boeing 737 Classic series (-300/-400/-500) manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It was first rolled out for flights in 1997, and it is the third derivative of the Boeing 737. Boeing 737NG was redesigned with wider wings, greater … Read more

A Guide to Delta Airlines Boeing 717

Delta Airlines Boeing 717 flying

McDonnell Douglas was a former American aerospace company that came into being with McDonnell Aircraft and Douglas Aircraft’s joint venture. They are known for producing some of the biggest commercial aircraft. In 1997, Boeing acquired McDonnell Douglas for $13 million. Boeing Commercial Airline is a giant company in itself. This merger allowed … Read more

Who are the Major Airplane Manufacturers?

An Airbus A321 on final assembly line 3 in the Airbus plant at Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport

Technology today has progressed to the point where we can see remote-controlled airplanes in the sky. It has become a huge market in the world with fanatics, professionals, and hobbyists trying to get their hands on one. Offered in many types and varieties, remote-controlled aircraft tend to be an expensive taste for … Read more

Choosing a Flight Attendant School

flight attendant-jpeg

A Flight Attendant is a specialized, lucrative position that will always be in demand and many people who love to travel and want to do so while making good money are looking for a flight attendant school. While all flight attendants must become certified by the FAA, and all airlines require flight … Read more

Choosing a Commercial Flight School


In order to fly any type of aircraft, you must first attend an FAA accredited commercial flight school. These schools will offer classes in everything from Private and Commercial pilot training to Flight Instructor or Glass Cockpit Training courses. There are different levels of expertise and training involved with progressive exams, certifications … Read more