Caring Tips and Important Items for Pet Rabbits

Rabbits are great pets, and they are really fun to play with. But aside from having fun with them, pet rabbits also need as much care as a dog or a cat. They can typically live for 8 to 12 years, meaning they need a long-term commitment from their owners. If you are planning to get a rabbit as a pet in your home, there are some important things you need to consider to help them live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Here are some of the tips you can follow in order to take good care of a pet rabbit:

Set up a safe indoor housing for your pet rabbit

There are different ways to house pet rabbits inside the house. They can live freely in one room, or you can contain them in a bunny condo, a large rabbit cage, or in a puppy pen. If you choose to keep them in a cage, make sure that they have enough space so they can hop around. Also, you need to let them out of their cage or pen for at least a few hours daily to enable them to exercise. 

Make your home safe for pet rabbits

Since rabbits need space to run around and explore, you need to create a safe space for them, and at the same time, protect your belongings, as well. Therefore, you need to rabbit-proof your home. One of the things you can do is cover all the wires with plastic sleeves or flex tubing, or lift them out of reach of your rabbit. You can also cover your baseboards with plastic guards if you do not want them gnawed by your pet. It is also important to block specific areas like undersides of beds, bookshelves, house plants, and more that they can chew on. Keep in mind that your pet rabbit will try to chew everything it can reach. 

Give your pet rabbit fresh hay

Your pet rabbit’s diet should mainly consist of hay. You need to provide it with fresh hay at all times. For baby rabbits, you can give them alfalfa, while adult rabbits can be feed with timothy hay, oat hay, or grass hay. A hay feeder is also useful because it can keep large amounts of hay clean, dry, and accessible. 

Let your pet rabbit eat fresh greens and fiber-rich pellets. Give it freshwater, too

You can supplement your pet rabbit’s hay with fresh veggies and fiber-rich pellets. The pellets can be given in limited quantities for adult rabbits. Giving them fresh water daily is also important to keep your pet hydrated.

Set up a litter box for your pet rabbit

Pet rabbits have a natural disposition to poop and pee in one area. Therefore, you can take advantage of that by setting up a cat litter box or a shallow storage bin near your pet’s food or water bowls and hay feeder. 

You can put a thin layer of rabbit-safe, recycled newspaper pellet litter at the bottom of the box. Avoid using clay or clumping cat litter or wood shavings because those are not safe for rabbits. After that, put some hay on top of the litter. It’s because rabbits like to eat hay and poop at the same time, encouraging them good litter box habits. 

Provide your pet rabbit with toys

Pet rabbits can get bored easily. Aside from giving them a large space to exercise, you also need to provide them with mental stimulation. You can do this by giving them toys like cardboard castles because they love to spend their time chewing new windows and doorways. It can also provide them a quiet refuge when necessary. Aside from that, you can also give your pet rabbit different toys it can play with. 

Provide your pet rabbit with toys

Keep your pet rabbit well-groomed

Rabbits can wash themselves frequently, making them naturally clean animals. This means that there’s no need to give them baths. However, you still need to groom them regularly. Most rabbits shed twice a year. Therefore, it’s important to brush their coats to remove all the excess fur. It’s also important to clip their nails regularly to prevent them from getting snagged on things. They can also cur up into your rabbit’s paw. 

Bring your pet rabbit to the vet regularly

Since rabbits are prey animals, they have a natural instinct to hide any symptoms of illness. Therefore, regular visits to the vet are important for them. The vet can check their eyes, ears, teeth, and gut to make sure that your pet is in good health. You can also monitor at home their eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing habits. If you notice any changes, bring your pet to the vet immediately. 

Important Supplies for Your Pet Rabbit

Here are some of the most important rabbit supplies you need if you plan to get a pet rabbit soon:

Where to Buy
Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Cage 
Hay Feeder for Rabbits
Rabbit Food Pellets
Water Bottle for Rabbits
Rabbit Litter Box

1. Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Cage 

This is a large rabbit cage on four wheels, making it easy to transport indoor and outdoor. It features a 2 deeper removable pull-out tray for easy cleaning. It also has a large open waterproof asphalt roof cage that has a wooden feeder. It features four doors so you can get your pet rabbit on any side. This cage can fit up to 4 rabbits comfortably. It is made of high-quality metal, making it durable. 

2. Hay Feeder for Rabbits

This hay feeder features a specially designed metal grate that can hold fresh hay in place. This can help you keep a generous supply of hay for your pet rabbit. It is made of hard and high-quality plastic and metal. It is also non-toxic, durable, and can last long. It is also steel-edged, to keep your pet rabbit from chewing. You can easily connect this hay feeder to any wired cage. 

3. Rabbit Food Pellets

These rabbit food pellets from Supreme Foods are grain-free. It is rich in natural ingredients and does not contain corn, wheat, added sugars, and artificial flavors. It also contains linseed, to give your pet rabbit healthy skin and shiny coat. This is a natural choice for healthy rabbits. 

4. Water Bottle for Rabbits

This water bottle for rabbits by Lixit is made of weather-resistant materials. It can be easily refilled and cleaned, with its wide-mouth design. It also features a leak-proof design with its stainless steel, double ball-point tube, and special silicone seal. It is BPA-free to deliver safe drinking water for your pet rabbit. 

5. Rabbit Litter Box

This litter box for rabbits by Ruby Home is made of plastic that is strong and durable. It also has a stain and odor resistant design, making it hygienic and easy to clean. Its size is ideal for adult rabbits. It also has a cross-fixed buckle to hold it securely in the cage. 

Where to Buy
Potty-Training Litter
Nail Trimmer
Cardboard Castle
Rabbit Chew Toys
Woven Bed for Rabbits


6. Potty-Training Litter

This potty-training litter by Kaytee is made of non-toxic and 100% bentonite, which is an all-natural mineral, making it safe for rabbits. It can absorb moisture on contact and can also help control pet waste. It is designed in special pearl shaped pellets to reduce the production of dust. This litter can absorb ten times its weight in water, as well. This can help you reduce cage cleaning by 30% or more. 

7. Nail Trimmer

A nail trimmer is also important to have, so you can keep your pet rabbit’s nails clean and short. This nail trimmer by Kaytee is made, especially for pet rabbits, and it is very easy to use. 

8. Cardboard Castle

This cardboard castle for rabbits by Tokihut can give your pet tons of fun. Your pet can zip through the bridge, eat some snacks on top of the towers, and as well as take naps inside. It is a durable cardboard castle that is made of untreated birch wood. It can hold up to medium breed rabbits as they jump and play. It is also very easy to assemble, and your pet can use it in no time when you receive it. 

9. Rabbit Chew Toys

This rabbit chew toy by PETLAOO is made from 100% apple twigs and Timothy hay balls, which are all good for digestion. The chew stick included is also good for the teeth, and it can be chewed safely by your pet. 

10. Woven Bed for Rabbits

This woven bed for rabbits by Hamiledyi is an optional accessory that you can give to your pet. Your rabbit can spend time napping on it and as well as chewing on it. This item is 100% handwoven. It is an ideal accessory for rabbits that love to dig and chew. 

These are some of the best tips and items we can recommend for you to take good care of your pet rabbit. We hope these can help you in keeping your pet healthy and happy.